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Multiple H1-B transfers while staying on approved extension

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  • Multiple H1-B transfers while staying on approved extension


    My VISA was expired in May 2015. So currently I am in US on approved extension. I have I-797A with me. Now I am planning to move to Employer B. They will apply for transfer. Once Company B starts the transfer say if I want to go to Company C, is there any problem. Can you please explain the answer for the following questions,

    1) Can I apply for many H1-B transfers as explained above?
    2) When should I apply for transfer to Company C. After getting the approval of H1B transfer of B or in-parellel to B's transfer when it is in progress(after getting receipt no)?
    3) What happens if Company A(current company) cancels my H1B in any of these steps.
    4) I have come across "Bridged petion" transfer. What is that and does my situation come under this.
    5) Are there any risks invloved with my situation?

    Kindly answer these questions.


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