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H-1B outside of USA for 1 year

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  • H-1B outside of USA for 1 year

    Hi experts,

    I am on H-1B visa with my I-140 approved. This is my 10th year on the visa. My wife is on H-4 EAD. I am at a executive level post in my present company. I came to USA in 2007 and my GC was filed in 2013 (Priority date March 2013). My GC has been filed in EB-2 category and the wait, as we all know, is endless. I do not qualify for EB-1 even though there are people from 4 different countries that report into me as I am still qualified as domestic manager and have gone up the ranks after coming here to the US. A lot of my friends who came here to the US (as managers) long time after me, have already got their GC via EB-1. With uncertainty over H-4 EADs looming which may impact my wife's work status, I have requested my company to transfer me out of the US for a year and then bring me back and file my case in EB-1. Few questions:

    1) During the one year stay outside of US, can I come and visit US for meetings? Are there any rules governing the length of the visits?
    2) If I can enter US, then can I do that on my H-1B visa or I have to do that through another visa?

    My next 3 year extension is due in July 2018 so I want to go and come back before that date.

    Let me know your thoughts.


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    Please help

    Hi Experts,

    Any thoughts?



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      Help Please

      Any thoughts on the question below?