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Question related to H1 extension

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  • Question related to H1 extension

    Dear Experts,

    My current H1 expires as of Sep 2018 and also my PERM has been filed as of Nov 2017. Could you please help me with the following questions.

    - Should I wait for few months to get my I 140 and then apply for extension so that I get 3 years of H1?
    - Should I start the extension now itself with my PERM application which will give only 1 year of H1?

    Ideally I would like to go with option -1 as it will give 3 years of extension. But looking at the current trend PERM application processing may take around 6 months (provided no auditing) and I 140 in two weeks if premium processed. So lets say if everything goes well and as expected I may get the I140 by June 2018. That leaves only 3 months of time before my H1 expiry. Could you please share your thoughts ? If anyone had a similar situation please share how did you go about the extension process?