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Multiple Transfer. Please help.

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  • Multiple Transfer. Please help.


    I am on H1B visa and it is valid till Sep 2019. I got an offer from company B and they filed the paperwork for H1B transfer in normal process. Meanwhile I got another offer from company C and they also filed paper work through premium and got RFE yesterday. Both company B and C applies H1B transfer at the same time with Company A's petition. Note: According to Company C policy we cannot join without approval petition.

    Q. Can I join in company B with receipt number and stay for a month and jump to Company C after getting approved by company C?

    Q. Currently Company C petition is in RFE state. If I move to company B with receipt number. Is there any chance to get denial of Company C's petition because of changing employer?

    Note: I am not interested to stay with Employer A. I have so many concerns.

    Please Respond ASAP. Appreciate your help.
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    I have the same question & similar situation

    I have the same question & similar situation where in I'm employed with Company A on H1B with visa valid till JUN 2018, Now I got two offers from Company B & C respectively .
    B has started the transfer on regular process & C on premium , Can I join Company B & If transfer to C is approved on premium can I quit B & Join C ?Neither of the company has got the approval yet.
    Please suggest.