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I-94 Expiring H1-B is valid....

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  • I-94 Expiring H1-B is valid....

    This is my situation.

    I was issued a H1-B visa upto august 2008. My visa expiry date is until jul-19- 2008.
    The expiry date was the same on the original I-94 which came along with the H1-B papers.

    In march 2006 i went to india and hence surrendered my I-94 at the Port of entry.
    On my return i was issued a new I-94 which has a expiry date of Dec-30-2006. The reason the expiry date changed because my passport was also expiring on Dec-30-2006.
    I already got my passport extended and now i do not know how to proceed with the extension of I-94.

    When i called USCIS and did some research they informed me about the following options.

    1) Apply for a new H1-B visa which will give me a new i-94. (which is the last thing i want to do.)
    2) Leave the country and reenter.(Not a good option for me right now)

    3) I was told about the form I-102 form. This form is used to get a new I-94 if it is stolen/Lost/damaged or if you were never issued one. Also it can be used to correct information in the I-94.
    Correction can include biographical information or period of admission.
    Can i fill this form claiming inaccurate period of admission. Infact this was one of the option suggested by the USCIS helpdesk. But I do not trust the legal expertise of the people answering these calls. And i need a second opinion.

    4) Some officer suggested at the port of entry that once you renew your passport i need not worry about the 1-94 expiration as it will automatically will get extended.

    Please Advice.
    Vinod KK

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    Hi Vinod,
    Even my situtation is of same like yours. Please let me know once you get your new I-94.