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H1B/H4 stamping help

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  • H1B/H4 stamping help

    Dear friends, I am presently in the USA on H1B status,I did my masters in the USA and I am on H1B status since 2005, I never got stamped my H1B visa, I am going to get married next month and I am planning to attend chennai consulate, is there anyway me and my wife both can attend the visa together?we are not get married yet, is it ok to take an appointment?people are telling me that it is real easy to get visa dates these days, is it true?If I want to attend the consulate with my wife,what is the procedure to take an appointment?
    Thanks in advance for your help

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    go to the website and follow the procedure to book the date

    its always advisable to attend the stamping for H1 and H4 together.
    You may take the appointment now even if you are not married.
    Obviously the appointment should be after your marriage.
    Also, check the website for the documentation you would need.



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      Hi guys...
      iam also in a similar situation.
      Iam yet to complete my masters.
      I got a job... but wil be on OPT for some time.
      And iam going to marry once i graduate this june.
      I need to travel to India to get married of course

      Can we get stamped for H1 and H4 together?
      What should i do. Plz help


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        dear maverick thanks a bunch for your sugestion, there is gonna be only 5 days time between my marriage and visa stamping, can we attend for the visa in such a short time??or can I wait for a month for my wife's visa??
        one more question is do I have to take 2 different appointments for my wife and me?