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dates in first week of july

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  • dates in first week of july

    Does anybody know if the dates in the first week of july - 2nd to 6th - was opened and has been filled? I was surprised to see these dates being filled up in one night. So, I am sort of skeptical about these dates. Did anybody keep track of the dates closely?


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    Yes it was opened, but I guess, for very short time. I took an appointment for 3rd July on friday.


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      keep trying


      I did have the same problem. But I kept looking for a date and got it for July 6th.

      Some times those who have reserved a date might cancel it and so appointment dates do become available.

      All the best.


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        what consulate was this and type of visa were you applying for ?

        I am trying to get an h4b visa date for Mumbai for my wife and no luck


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          Question for novice 2007


          You said you recd your H1 approval notice and that you are getting the stamping done (attending interview) on Jul 6 at Chennai.

          When are you planning to re enter the US. If re entering on H1 is it true that you can enter only 10 days before Oct 1 at the earliest?



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            You are good and you are right about the 10 day period for re-entry.

            I shall be re-entering the US only on Oct.01 so that I could save on explanation and perspiration at the POE.

            One way I could get an appointment on July 01 at Chennai was that I had saved all my applications of mine as well as the H4s of my family members and as soon as a date was available clicked on it and got it.

            I am sure too you can.
            All the best.


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              can u attend the interview in jul?

              Hi novice 2007

              I found out from my attorney that I can only attend the h1 interview 10 days before oct 1 i.e. on or after sep 20.

              U said u booked the slot in jul first week. Just ensure that its not a wasteful process. If u are anyway staying in India till Oct 1 maybe u shld attend the interview end Sep.

              Anyways, just thought I'd warn u based on what I heard.....

              Btw, I cancelled plans of going to India for now coz of the above reasons. I will attend the interview sometime after Oct only....after I start working here....