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valid h1 but fired , how long i can stay legally?

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  • valid h1 but fired , how long i can stay legally?

    I'm here in H1 B which is valid till 2002. How many days can I stay here in US before I get a new job if my present employer fired me out (suddenly)
    but hasnt revoked my h1b? since h1b is valid till 2002, whether i will be out of status the day my employer fired me?

    pls help me..

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    You have 2 weeks. The employer has to pay for all the expenses to move back to your country. Else you should file a H1 from another company before that time. If you cannot document INS ( by paycheks/ employment letters) then you will be considered out of status for this period.

    Hope this helps. Again this is only information i gathered from the boards in the last couple of years. Use it at your own discretion.


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      You can get a H1B as a independent consultant by transferring your H1B to a company who can sponsor you, but you have to place yourself and will have to pay a fee or commission of 10 to 20% of your billing rate. Hope this helps. If you have further queries, post your question here so that I can help.