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Can I travel to india when there is H1 transfer in place?

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  • Can I travel to india when there is H1 transfer in place?

    Hello There,

    Here is my situation. I am working for Company A (who is holding my H1b) since Dec 07. Now the project comes to an end by Dec 31st and I would like to go to India for a month of vacation and come back and search for a new project.

    Now that I have another employer Company B (who is a middle vendor) of my current project, eagerly and literally forcing me to apply for a H1 transfer to his company before this year end and the project end, so that he can run a payroll for me and issue a W2. I am ok to tranfer my visa to the company B. But I dont understand why he is forcing me to get me in his payroll before this year end. I just dont want to get into any trap here..

    Another thing is, I am a little worried about doing a transfer now as I have my travel plans right after my project ends. I heard that H1 transfer may take 3 to 4 months to get completed. I dont want to end up in some problems in coming back to US after a month in Feb 09 because of any issue with my transfer.

    Please let me know whether there will be any possible problems/issues that I may run into.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks a lot.


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    Travel while H1 transfer is pending is no advisable.

    Search for word "cloning" and read more. No comments on the trap issue.
    Check out H1 FAQs first!