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File a complaint with DOL

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  • File a complaint with DOL

    I have been cheated by a fraud consultant company,RIZ GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES,PA, through which i applied for my H1.
    I was asked to pay money for that application, and the company never gave me any kind of proof or document stating that i paid the money, nor did the company give me any paperwork of proof of applying for H1.

    I have been duped by this company and now I want to file a complaint against it in the Department of Labor.

    Help me with the correct procedure.

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    Dont you have any bank transaction which proves that transaction, email communications with that employer. That would help.

    I am not a lawyer and this is not a legal advice. Use it at your own risk. Consult professionals before getting into an action.


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        "Dont you have any bank transaction which proves that transaction, email communications with that employer. That would help.


        Thanks a lot!


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          You can complain to DOL with all the proofs to the wages and hour division

          Here is the website


          You will have to send the form to the exact labor department office falling under your companies district. Sometimes labor department is little slow in handling cases, so you can do a followup about your complaint.

          Please make a copy of the complaint you submit using the wh-4 form
          and sent it by registered post (FedEx or DHL or UPS ) will do.
          Submit as much information as possible.

          You have to do regular followups with the above link i had given since DOL is not smart enough to take up the case quickly. There are some issues with DOL..most of the time there inquiry will complete only in one year to two year time period. If proved fraudulent company will be penalized. All this you can do from India itself.

          I know cases with DOL where they don't do proper timely action, For example even if you point to direct violation about the employer they keep mum and this help employer to engage in further violations. Even i know cases where it was very clear that the employer was not having a proper LCA for the job , for several employees and even after naming the employees in bench without pay DOL didnt take any immediate action which they should do if they are keen on enforcing the law.

          Anyway something is better than nothing. You should definitely file the complaint with DOL. Also notice that if you are from India , Overseas affairs ministry of India is also having mechanism to trap fraudulent employers.


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            did you actually file a complaint against this company.. I am also interested in doing so


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              US Dept. of Labour, Pittsburgh address and attached files.

              See 2 pages attached too.

              US Dept. of Labour
              Wage and Hour Division

              David D. Harvilla
              Wage and hour Division

              Wellington Square Office Bldg.
              Suite 404
              1225 South Main street
              Greenburg, PA 15601

              Telephone: (724) 837-2981
              Fax: (724) 836-8348

              Good Luck...
              Attached Files


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                Hello. I came to US in Feb 2015 on H1B. I was not on project from Feb 2015 to July 2015.My employer did not run my payroll for that period. I requested him repeatedly to run the payroll but he did not. I paid him money in Nov 2015 to run back run the payroll for the period of feb to july and he did not and returned the money. My w2 shows less wage than the LCA. Will i be in trouble in future while my green card processing?
                Since on project he is paying me 60-40 % basis. I requested repeatedly to change the percentage but he refused. I am so fed up with the employer that i want to complain to DOL about the payroll and also about the less pay rate.
                Will there be any complications if i complain to DOL on this?
                Please help.
                Thank you.