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EAD or h1 help me please

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  • EAD or h1 help me please

    Hi everybody,

    our 140 is approved in 2006. in july 2007 we applied for 485. eb3 priority date 2005 india. right now i am on h1 only. its going to expire in march. we got ead for 2 more years.

    Right now i am in a confused state that shall i apply for h1 extension or shall i change to ead with out extending of h1 that is my question. my dependents also dont have any h1.

    what are the - ve points if i dont extend my h1 visa and staying on ead . what are the benifits staying on h1 . please let me know .

    may be some threads is there regarding this but i dont understand how to search .

    my mother and father in law are going for visitors visa stamping soon using my status. is that ok sending them using my ead for stamping.

    please direct me in a correct path. thank you.

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    I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.


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      thank you

      thank you for your reply.

      here i got some questions please let me know.

      After 9 years of h1 completion if primary person and dependants are on using ead , 485 rejected then in that case primary person want to extend h1 at that time is it possible ?

      what is the status of dependant at that time ?

      how long they can stay here and work here?

      please reply to me. thank you


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        As the link clearly says, if primary person is using EAD, and 485 is rejected, s/he will go out of status. And hence dependents too.