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  • H4 to H1 to H4

    I was on H4 visa from 2008 and got my H1 application approved in 2009 and also the SSN. Since my baby was too young, I could not start on a job yet and dont have my H1 stamped on my passport. My H4 Visa is valid till 2010 Oct and would like to go on a vacation to India in Jan 2010.

    1. I was wondering if I would be able re-enter US on my existing H4?

    2.a If no, and I have to go for H4 stamping, would it be a problem that I was on H1 from Oct 2009 to Dec 2009 without a job?

    2. b If yes, what all questions do I need to expect at the port of entry, regarding my approved H1?

    Any help would be highly appreciated, Thanks in advance!
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    1. Yes

    2a. See above

    2b.H4 should not have a problem. It should be almost same when you first entered US. Read some experiences on this site.
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      H1 and H4 Visas at same time

      Hi -

      My wife is in INDIA and her employer is processing her H1B now and she is waiting for the approval....yesterday status is RFE, and her employer is going to respond for her RFE.

      Now at this point of time can i file her H4 visa?

      If i apply for H4 now at the time of her H1 visa processing, is there anything like her H1 will be cancelled?

      Appreciate if you can let me know if H4 can be processed at the same time where H1 is getting processed already?

      Appreciate all your earlier responses. Thanks much in advance....!