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Can I join new company after I94 expiry

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  • Can I join new company after I94 expiry

    My current employer's(Company A) H1 and i94 are valid until 21-Jul-19. They filed H1 extension and I received Receipt number.I got a new offer(Company B) and my H1 transfer got approved recently. Now I want to start my new job from 07-Aug and want to continue the current job till 2-Aug. Can you please advise whether I can continue working with old employer till Aug 2nd since extension has been filled or it will be considered as out of status.

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    Nopes if you have already applied for extension then you do have grace period of 240 days for which you are legally eligible to stay in us and since ur transfer is approved there is no harm in working upto 2 Aug and then switching to new company.