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Question regarding H1b stamping

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  • Question regarding H1b stamping

    I am currently in US with H1b and changed my job. My old employer H1b is stamped in my passport and valid till July,2021. New employer i797 validity I have got till Nov,2022. I need to travel to India in March,2020 . However my Passport is getting expired in March 2021. Here are my queries:

    1. Do I need to go for H1b stamping. If yes, Can I go for stamping with less than 1 year validity on my passport( ~11 months validity).

    2. Can I travel back to US without going for stamping ( with the old H1b stamped on my old passport) and with a renewed passport from India. Will there be any problem during POE. I have the i797 valid till Nov 2022.

    Any help is appreciated.