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  • Ceac status update

    Hello , will the status on ceac website will be changed for sure to issued . I received email to submit my passport after a month of my interview , client verification is done . I submitted my passport on 19 March ,2020. But case status is still refused. Today I received email to collect my passport and still the status says refused on ceac but the last updated date changed to 20 March ,2020. I couldn’t collect my passport today as I got email at 3.30 pm . Please acknowledge me on whether ceac status change is must if your case is approved and stamping is done .

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    Your stamping is done. I don't see any reason why they will request your passport. CEAC status change may be pending due to the current closure of the USCIS offices in response to the pandemic.


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      Not sure they closed passport pick up till March 31st. Not sure for some people they are returning passports with slip in it .


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        You are right. I did read that some passports were returned with slips in them. I hope that is not the case with you. All the best


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          Thank you . I already got a slip earlier on March 2nd when they initially returned my passport and this time they have asked me to submit the 221g letter also along with passport . Not sure why they will give one more slip .


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            Can anyone has any status update for your case form hyderabad consulate ?


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              Please look for the 221g section in the tracker page on this website. You can see similar cases from Hyderabad consulate and timelines


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                Hello Auebfsvk,

                Mine was updated on 24th march as issued. Still waiting for the passports.