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L1A to H1b conversion (cap quota) after spending 6 yrs on L1A

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  • L1A to H1b conversion (cap quota) after spending 6 yrs on L1A

    Hello all,
    I would be really grateful if you can answer below question - here is my situation

    1. I have been in US on L1a since Aug 2014. I will be completing 6 yrs in Sep 2020 and 7 yrs in Sep 2021. My L1A extension (2nd) approved till Sep 2021.
    2. I also have approved I-140 (approved in Oct 2019).
    3. My employer registered my H1b application for FY21 H1b cap quota, it got selected in a lottery.
    4. Now my immigration team is checking with legal team whether H1B can be filed beyond 6 years based on approved I-140 or not, since I will be completing 6 years on L1A by September 2020.

    As per my understanding, L to H conversions could take place under H1B cap quota regardless of the number of years spent in L1a status..

    So I really need an advice from someone here, if I can go ahead with H1b full petition filing for FY21 cap quota? I would be very grateful if you could respond urgently by tomorrow.
    Pls let me know if you need more information. Many thanks in advance!
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