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Switching jobs in the same MNC and LCA

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  • Switching jobs in the same MNC and LCA

    I was working for an MNC in 2017 in Orange County and transferred to another team within the same MNC but in New Jersey but still worked remotely from Orange County. The exact number of days I worked for the NJ Team was 55 days. I also received paychecks with the office’s NJ address on my paystubs during the 55 days (meaning I paid NJ & CA state taxes for those days). On looking online it looks like LCA is required if I work in the new location for more than 30 days (or) 60 days if I am working from the previously approved LCA location (our HQ office). Neither did I Know about this nor the company knew about it. Luckily, I quit this MNC after 55 days and joined another MNC in Orange County.

    I need to understand that this did not violate any rules and regulations for H1B. Also, yes I just realized about this that a new LCA is needed to transfer to a different state even it is for the same MNC.