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Dropbox appointment and return travel before new petition start date

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  • Dropbox appointment and return travel before new petition start date


    I have my current H1B petition valid till May 7th 2023. We are planning to travel to India on Feb end as we have drop box appointment on March 3rd 2023 in Hyderabad location and stay in India for 5-6 weeks . As my petition is expiring soon, got my extension approved through premium and got it from May8th 2023 for 3 years till 2026.
    Now question is will I get Visa stamped based on new petition i.e., from May 8th 2023 till 2026.
    will I get stamped based on old petition which is till May 7th 2023.
    from the date of drop box till 2026.

    I want to travel back on April 7th.

    Note: Last stamping done in 2014 ,came to US in 2015 and haven't travelled to India since then.

    Thanks in Advance.​

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    I am also exactly in same situation.

    My current petition is till May 2023 and new petition approved from may 23 to may 26.

    Can we attend for Visa before 90 days of new New petition date ? and if so and good when can I return ?

    Thanks in Advance


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      Hi pt478,​
      Have you found a solution for this yet?


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