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221(g) yellow form during H1B Visa stamping

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    waiting for passport

    I received email to submit passport, but its been a week I have submitted at VFS mumbai, still waiting for the passport.

    not sure if the holiday season is causing the delay.

    anyone who has submitted passport please update about their status.
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      Still waiting on 221g

      I have been waiting since 16th nov for 221g yellow form reply (no documents asked) from mumbai , I hear here others getting thier replies soon now but nothing yet for me, lets hope they wake up on my case too
      Is there anyone who is waiting this long?


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        My Status


        I waited out my patience and resistance to call VFS helpline. For some strange reason, the rep, verified twice that VO asked me to submit no documents (she was kinda in disbelif) than she said something that has made me real upset. She said, my case in under process @ US Consulate and not DOS in Washington D.C. (?) plus she said she can not give me any time frame as my case is on HOLD (?) And it was placed on HOLD by Visa Officer (and that we are all @ VO's mercy) She asked me again, if I was told to submit any documents and when I was NOOOO! She said, Sir, The U.S. consulate may be verifying something on your case, sometimes it is a random check initiated by VO (????) And ususally if that is the case ,it takes longer.

        So, Guys. I am really disappointed. Below are the details:

        Interview date: 12/06/2010
        Handed: yellow 221 (g), no documents asked
        Working for a geniune employer since a year
        Was on F-1 Visa completed Master's from U.S.

        Days in Admin processing: 1 Month (24 working days)


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          you are very much correct that we are on mercy of VO (and not GOD). I have been waiting to get response from Delhi cons from last 48 days since I submitted by docs. Its just a way to harrass and by stop by ppl going back. One can u/s your frustation which is the case with almost every one. BoL.


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            Email Received [PIMS cleared in 11 days]

            I have received the email to submit the Passport etc to nearest VFS...Timeline is as follows for my case.
            1. Visa category: L1B 'individual' and for Family L2.
            2. I-129 Petition (under premium processing) filed by my company on 11 November and approved on 14 Dec 2010. I797 received on 21 dec 2010.
            3. Interview Date: 27 Dec 2010. Yellow slip 221.g [mentioning PIMS data pending] handed over at the end of interview, passport was given back to us at the end of the interview. VO did not ask for any additional documents for verification (certificates, marks sheet etc, experience cert). Interview lasted 5 minutes.
            4. Email from Consulate [to drop the passports] received on 06 Jan 2011.

            NOTE: 7 working days (11 calenday days): for clearing the PIMS administrative processing.
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              @ newyellow221g

              Is there something else in your profile that might have triggered the yellow slip admin. processing, such as common name issue or TAL check or your employer being a very small american firm ?

              I am also F1 to H1b working full time directly for a big firm in the US, going to Delhi for stamping soon.


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                Interview date: 3rd Dec
                H1B stamping. Had approved I797 from F1 to H1.
                No documents asked.
                Still waiting....
                Is anyone still waiting? please keep updated.


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                  your case was simply of PIMS verification delay which came in 7-10 days. 221(g) admin processing is different than PIMS verification. 221(g) with green slip is worst and takes max time. mostly given to those whose company is small or there employer->vendor->client model exists. Can be even given if co is big or there is direct client of company but such cases get clear in a mo. 221(g) with green slip and with employer->vendor->client model are suffering the most with max delay of 2-3 mo


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                    Got my Email

                    Hello Guys,

                    I got standard email from US Consulate today, really felt good. I will be submitting my passport tomorrow. Lets see what the turn around time for my passport is. Below is the summary of my case:

                    Interview Date: 12/06/2010
                    Admin Processing : Yellow 221 G, no documents asked
                    Email Date: 01/10/2011
                    Total days in Admin Processing 34 days (25 Business days)
                    Passport Submission Date: 01/11/2011
                    Awaiting Passport

                    I will keep you guys posted.


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                      Congratulation newyellow221G. I gave interview on 3rd Dec. Still waiting.....
                      Hoping I get email soon.


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                        H1B 221g yellow form DEC 2nd 2010 Mumbai

                        Hi All,

                        Congratulations to guys who admin processing completed.

                        I appeared for interview on Dec 2nd 2010 at mumbai for h1b stamping(renewal) . I was told i will get a reply in 3 - 4 days .still waiting though....

                        Keep posting any useful information you guys get



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                          H1b renewal

                          Here's my status:

                          H1B Visa Renewal
                          Interview Date: 12/20/2010
                          Admin Processing : Yellow 221 G, no documents asked, was told that interview was fine
                          Awaiting for email.


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                            you will definitely get VISA as they asked for your PP after admin processing. If they had any question, need any doc or had to reject then they wont ask for PP. it may take some more time but your VISA will come.


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                              Congrats guys, those who have got the email, I got interviewed on 2nd december, no documents asked, badly waiting for an email from consulate.

                              Pls Keep everybody posted who gets an email.


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                                same situation

                                I got the same 221g yellow form and was told to wait for the email. I work directly for this company since July 2010. Employer is super confused about the situation....and doesnt tell me clearly if i can work from india or not .....i am getting super anxious now.

                                Interview date: 12.22.2010
                                Visa: H1 B (second time)
                                Working days since interview: 12
                                Status: still waiting

                                people lets keep each other posted.
                                @newyellow221g: please keep us informed about your passport.

                                good luck everyone.
                                congratulations to everyone who finally got their emails!