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H1b transfer from India proposal - is it legal

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    Any company has to have an appropriate LCA before filing any H1 petition. Transfer is no different from any other petition.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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      Thank you everyone. I sincerely appreciate the advice given here.

      This is my opinion. Not a legal advice


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        inine technologies

        pls read review about Inine technologies.

        Tekseed is nothing but I9 now they changed name/ another company

        I wont recommend. I heard a lot of bad stories from my friend circle in Princeton, NJ area.


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          Tekseed & Inine both **** up companies

          Can u please how good to transfer H1 visa these companies


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            Its not good to suggest to join Both Tekseed and Inine companies


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              Tekseed & Inine both **** up companies

              don't believe these two **** up companies. they are cheating Employees in US . they are spoiling consultantas life in USA

              Originally posted by shervin143 View Post
              My sincere advise.. find a better employer. Paying for H1B (call it training fee or whatever) is pure illegal. And you cannot travel to U.S on one company's petition and work for another employer. Basically, you cannot travel to U.S without a job. Traveling in H1B to search for job is illegal. Let us say you show the current approval notice and the company has already revoked your H1B petition or that the officer at the POE makes a call to figure out if you are really working for the employer and if they figure out that you are not, you might get deported and it will cause all kind of mess. You will be banned from entering U.S in the future and will be kept on a close watch. I am NOT saying this to scare you off. It will be you who will get affected and not the employer. According to me, this is a very big risk and do not do anything illegal and spoil your future chances of entering U.S.

              Ask the current employer to file an H1B for you and travel when that gets approved.