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Cannot see 'Download Interview letter' link on VFS site

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  • Cannot see 'Download Interview letter' link on VFS site

    I have no clue whats happening, I booked an appointment at US Embassy Kolkata, India for my H1B stamping. The site takes me to a page where it says "Please click on each link to download interview letter" but there is no link on the page to download. I have an appointment in few days and I am not sure what to do. It is mandatory to carry the appointment letter at the embassy and it is driving me crazy as google does not help too. I hope someone can help me on this forum.

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    Couldn't download appointment letter

    Booked appointment for my parents but couldn't find the download link. I think there is some problem on vfs site


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      Cannot Download Interview Letter

      Hello Friends,

      I booked VISA appointment for my parents today everything went fine but when I tried to download I see no links to download something really happening wrong in VFS website. So, I guess who every tried to book the slot today has this problem.
      I did sent an email to Chennai Consulate. I will let you know once I hear from them back.
      Can you guys keep me posted if you know a way to download those Interview letters.

      Thank you.


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        I got an appointment date for the visa interview but couldnt download the appintment letter. I couldnt find the link to download the appointment letter.Tried to contact the help line but it was already closed.Kindly let us know if there is a way to resolve this issue.

        Thank you


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          Same problem here

          Just few minutes ago i booked an appointment for my mother at Chennai consulate. Everything went smoothly until the Download Appointment section.
          There was no PDF link to download. I tried using 3 different browsers to see if it was a browser error, but that didn't work as well.


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            Unable to download appointment letter

            Hi all
            Is there any update on this issue? Has anyone been able to download the letter? Kindly keep us posted on any updates.


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              Not working yet

              I tried again but it is not working. I guess we will have to wait until the VFS help center opens on Tuesday, after the memorial day weekend, to inquire.


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                I scheduled an appointment at the US consulate Mumbai, and the same thing happened with me. Have mailed vfs, lets see what they reply. If anyone finds a solution, please post!


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                  Download link issue on VFS site

                  Let's keep everyone posted.... I have been trying constantly and have also emailed the US embassy at Kolkata... We can post here as soon as someone gets reply from VFS or finds a solution... Thanks in advance...


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                    Even I have encountered a similar situation.. I had booked a appointment date in Delhi Embassy and in the final stage i am not able to download teh appointment letter.. I am just waiting fro the embassy ppl to come on phone.. please reply, if anyone has got a solution for it


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                      I am also facing same problem.I have booked on 29th may.


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                        Hi all

                        I had earlier sent an email to helpdesk and they have replied me asking to send the passport and HDFC receipt details of my parents. Hope i will get a reply from them soon.



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                          Download link available now

                          Hello Everyone

                          I am seeing the download link in VFS site. Hope you all got the same


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                            I can see the download links now but when I click on guidance sheet it is giving me 404 error. But I guess this sheet is not that important.
                            Thank you.


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                              It's working (Appointment and Guidance Letter)

                              I am able to download the interview letter.

                              I initially used the Firefox browser and was not able to download the Guidance Sheet. I tried using the Google Chrome and i was able to download it.

                              Hope this helps.

                              Good luck for the visa interview.