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H1 Visa - 6 year limit clock - Reset

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  • H1 Visa - 6 year limit clock - Reset


    I first came to US Dec'2005 under a H1 visa and returned back in 2008. I took a one year break returned back to US on the same H1 visa in 2009 and have been in US since then. I would have stayed in US under the H1 visa for 6 year H1B by Dec-2012.

    I switched jobs recently in US and transferred my H1 visa to my new employer. In my new I-797 my H1-B end date is printed as Mar-2014.

    I know of the clause that says the 6 year H1 stay limit clock resets after a 1 year break out of US.
    However, I am not sure whether this clause is applicable for me since I didn't get a new H1 visa when I returned back.

    What does the Mar-2014 in my I-797 mean?
    Do I have to go back to India in Dec-2012 or can continue to be in US till Mar-2014?