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H1-B visa with F-1 visa

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  • H1-B visa with F-1 visa

    I'm in quite of a situation right now.
    I'm currently on a student visa (f-1). I work at a student position <20hrs a week as advised in I-20 form.
    So, now I'm in a process of getting my H1-B visa from another company. University still wants me to work on a student position, but I'm stuck here.

    Can I get my H1-B visa and still work at a univesity on a student position?
    It is possible for me to maintain F1 status as well (I mean, I can go to school full-time, if it will allow me to work at both places).

    Is it possible to do so, without university issuing me another h1-b visa? (They just cannot do it at this point).

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    Unfortunately that is not possible. Has the H1 petition already been filed? H1 cap is closed.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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      Yep. was filled in September. So, you're saying this is no possible and no legal way around it?
      What if I get a business license? Can I get business license offshore maybe?
      I mean I still going to pay taxes and stuff...but I just do not understand, why if have a proposal and already legally in the US why cant I just have additional job?


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        Once your status changes to H1B you can only work for the petitioning employer. The work authorization is limited.
        This is my opinion and not legal advice.