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Correcting name On a Visa

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  • Correcting name On a Visa

    Hi! Everybody,

    My wife has her first name as "Maya Prakash Singh" on her passport and no last name or middle name. Now on her H4-visa the first name appears as 'FNU' (we don't know how) and the last name as 'Maya Prakash Singh'. visa was issued at Chennai and she is now at US. We want to have the visa corrected. Do we have to go to India for this? or can we have it done from here, contacting the Embassy via mail? Again How much time it may take?

    Thanks in adavance.



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    Don't Forget to have the Given name and Surname in Place on your passport!

    Hi! Everybody,

    We got an explanation to our situation and also got it solved. Something that tokk away the peace of mind for two weeks! Also I could find out many 'FNU friends'. All of who (like us) were trapped by the various Drivers License Offices across the USA.
    It is the US consulates rule to stamp the visa with 'FNU - First name Unknown' in place of First name or Last Name (it should have been LNU, here) if the candidates Given name or Surname is left blank on their passport (My wife's passport does not give her a surname - so the *****!). You won't be stopped by the Immigration officials - just because you are an FNU holder. But you have to fill the I-94 with the FNU in place (like your name stamped on the visa). But you will be caught by the Driving License Officials (90%), if you approch them for an identity card or driver's license. You may have to show your Birth Cert to escape from them along with the printouts of these pages below.



    Janeev Emmanuel.