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  • H1B for Project Management

    Is there any challenge during H1B petition or VISA processing if I apply as "Project Manager" ?

    My concern is that - will I be discouraged during VISA stamping that why your client needs "project manager" from India, why can't your client recruit an US Manager from US market ?

    My background - I was working in US from 2007 to 2010 under L1B visa as specialized skilled resource - I returned back to India, and taken Managerial role now. I have an opening to travel back to US for the same client - whom I am been associated for the past 6 years.

    I am wondering if I should apply in Managerial role (that I will be actually performing) or to be on a safer side just apply as "technical role" - which I can easily defend like I have strong technical skills that US market does not have? Don't know how far it matter for H1B VISA type?

    please advice. thanks in advance.


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    Any thoughts or suggestion? Since I am on duel role - I am just thinking to choose the best possible approach.

    please suggest from your experience.


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      I think you are worrying unnecessarily. There is no such discrimination where Indian can only be techies and not managers. If you pose the require skills to be a manager, then there will be no issues in getting the petition and H1B visa. Why the company is hiring a manager from India rather than from U.S is their issue, not yours.
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