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Delay in USCIS processing time - Question about DL

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  • Delay in USCIS processing time - Question about DL

    Hi Everyone

    I am currently undergoing L1A visa renewal. My organization submitted documents for renewal during July 2020 and status of my application got updated as approved by October 2020. However my employer / attorneys never received copy of approved petition and thus have raised I-824 request for duplicate copy. It seems there is a long wait period for I-824 as well.

    Meanwhile I would be completing 240 days period post I-94 expiry soon. With my renewal request approved, attorneys have informed that I can continue to stay in US.

    Question I have is around Driving License (DL). Has anyone gone through similar delay with USCIS response? If so, what happened to DL?

    My current DL is valid only till end of 240 day period. Can anyone suggest if there is a way to get DL extended further considering my petition has been approved as per USCIS website but I am yet to get new I-94 details?

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    What state are you in?

    This is my personal opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice.


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      I am based out of North Carolina