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I visa extention question

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  • I visa extention question

    I'm here in New York thoroughly enjoying my trip as a journalist.

    The thing is I would like to extend my stay here. My visa lasts until 2012 but I would like to know what is the best way of going about finding employment. I am contract to return to London in a couple months time.

    Would I need an employer to sponsor me even though I have an I Visa?

    Can I extend my visa and work using that? I applied for a Social Security Card and it says that I can work but I'm not sure?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated - I'm scheduled to return to London at the end of May so I need to start taking action now..

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    Your experience

    I'am interested in learning about your experience on an I visa.


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      If everything is in order and you were allowed to work, then you have a document for this, and in which case, you can use it as evidence


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        Originally posted by KokoJum6o
        The database knows more about you than your mother, girlfriends and wife combined together - it’s a saying.
        This is a bit funny, but at the same time sad Yes, the authorities sometimes know more about us than our closest people.


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          You can work if you can present a Social Security Card or a Notice of Award and a recent work permit. You need to know that if you are non-resident both your employer and yourself (if you are independent contractor) will be liable to pay $2,000 fine to the government if you are caught working.