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STEM extension denied after OPT expiration

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  • STEM extension denied after OPT expiration

    Hi! I am currently on my F1 visa and eligible for STEM extension. My OPT expired on 29th May 2019. I did send my application for STEM extension to USCIS on 16th May 2019, USICS issued me I797 which gave me a case number, the receipt reflected that my balance due was $ 0.00. However, since no money had been taken out of my bank account, I called up USCIS to confirm if they did receive my payment, to which the representatives answered I shouldn't be worried since the receipt mentions no balance due and if there is anything needed on my part, USCIS will issue a RFE (since I already have a case status). On June 5, I received a Notice of Rejection from USCIS stating that my application was denied since due to payment failure and I should submit a completely new application to use the benefit. My concern is since I am out of the application window, USCIS might straight away deny my new application without taking into account any history of the previous application which was made in time.

    For now, I have reached out to an attorney, based on her suggestion we submit a new application, along with a copy of Notice of rejection and 1797 and a cover letter explaining the whole scenario, basically asking for reconsideration. I would like to connect with people who have faced similar situations and open to any suggestions and alternatives to extend my stay in the US.

    Thank you!

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    I have run into a very similar situation. And I have taken the same steps which you have taken. Do you have any updates on your application?


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      About STEM extension denied after OPT expiration

      Hi did you hear back any good news from USCIS? I refiled my STEM OPT after my EAD expired with an attorney too.

      Please let me know. Your help is highly appreciated.
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        Hi, any update on your cases. Would appreciate if you can share your experiences. Thank you


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          Dears any update regarding your case as I am in a very much similar position. Please, reply and let us know. Thank you so much.


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            Hi ManilaKambo, mmb1996 any updates regarding your applications? I got a denial notice today and my STEM OPT has expired. Would like to learn if reapplying would be the right course of action


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              I am going through the same situation! I just went for the i290b and reinstatement of F1 as I transferred my sevis to different school.