• Form ETA 750 Part B.
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of latest I-94 card(front and back).
  • Copy of your current employer's H-1B Approval, Form I-797 which is Notice of Action.(front and back).
  • Copies of all degree certificates (high school upwards). For foreign degrees, copy of credentials evaluation may also be needed.
  • Copies of all transcripts/mark sheets.
  • Copies of experience letters (from each employer(s) or clients) from previous employers. For computer professionals, experience letters must have length of stay, project outline, software, hardware and operating system used Other professionals should have similar kind of information which is standard in particular profession.
  • Latest resume indicating employer name, client name, project dates, hardware, software, operating systems used and salary earned during each employment.(This is an example for computer professionals). If you have more than 6 years of experience, it is enough to include only latest 6 years of experience.
  • If applicable, please tell your lawyer the exact dates of unauthorized employment or unemployment in the US.
  • If your company has advertised for your position in the last six months, copies of all ads.
  • Brief description of your position and the skill sets that you work with.
  • A draft job advertisement for your position. If you cannot document your experience, it is recommended not to mention that period or the skill set in your job ad.

Any documents not in English must be translated into English by any person who is competent both in English and in the foreign language. The translation does not need to be notarized. Only full and complete translations are accepted. Summary or extract translations are not acceptable.

Please have copies of all documents for your reference.

In case the employer requires US equivalent foreign degree, and proper credential evaluations by evaluation service stats that combination of several education credentials such as diplomas, degrees or credits earned at the education institutions are evaluated to be equivalent to the US degree in a given specific field of study, department of labor would accept that.