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Excellent Service for 10 year visa
Applied for renunciation & visa on April-02. All documents sent from Detroit to Chicago.

Documents have been dispatched for return to Detroit on April-06 and should arrive on April 09th as per Fedex tracking number.

They sent email and text alerts at every step.

Very positive experience so far.

Anyone applying - make sure you read instructions thoroughly.
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Need help about child visa for school in India
Could anyone help with following scenarios? I need to confirm before i decide to take British citizenship for my daughter.

I and my daughter (12 years old)holding UK Passport (British National) and my wife holding Indian passport( Indian National). Because of of some personal reason (parents health issue) my wife and daughter need to go back to India immediately permanently (may be for 5-6 years).

Now if my daughter OCI card in progress stage (after application it will take 2-3 months) , then what type of VISA she needs to that legally should able to go to school in India while OCI in progress?

I thought its entry Visa , however in the "document required" section of VFS site is asking to submit letter of recommendation(on letter headed paper from the employer of the person holding the Employment visa ). However she is travelling with her mother(Indian national), how can I get such document?

or some different type of VISA is needed(for admission into secondary school)?

Please help.
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Reapplying for visa: Control number
I applied for an Indian visa in 2015 but the request was denied. I am again applying for an eVisa and there is a question that asks: Has permission to visit or to extend stay in India previously been refused? Then, it asks for details: date and control number. I can give a date, but I have no idea what the control number is. Does anyone know how to complete this question, and what a "control number" is or where I get it? Thank you!
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Someone Please provide an alternative to CKGS
I wish i could have given negative ratings to this company.
Shame on the name of Indian governments extended service.
They literally push u to a corner to opt for a courier service to make some extra bucks!!!
I work 2 blocks away from this visa center and yet they pushed me to pay for courier as one midget manager came out said "Its instructed by the embassy" You cant come and pick up?
I mean come on, give a better excuse.
I RELUCTANTLY paid for courier to get my passport in fedex mail after visa is issued and guess what?
These idiots have no clue where my passport is and keep on making stories even after 15 days !
I was told that my visa is already issued and passport will be mailed out but nothing happened since then and CKGS staff and manager looks baffled and clueless on what further excuses to give me.
They dont even have guts to say we LOST IT !

I have already lost $4k on cancellation of my entire itinerary to India and I will take some legal action. I wish i can get some more people join me in suing these CKGS retards.
If anyone in Indian government is reading this please replace these people OR we are more than happy to come directly to the Indian consulate or embassy.

The manager at the office a little fellow who looks like Asian ( I am sorry but he never bothered telling me his name) was so pathetic in telling me to just wait and cant say anything!
Even after 15 days ???

Even government services have improved in India but these sort of money sucking private enterprises are bringing bad name to India and its industries abroad.
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f4 visa India
My sisters PD April 2004
all paperwork completed March 2016
60 day letter received in March 2016

waiting for interview
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Name different by one letter between indian passport and US passport
I am going through the renunciation process for my indian passport and my last name is different by one letter between my indian passport and everything else. It was mis-spelt and I didn't catch it at the time the indian passport was created in 1987.
Now I am being asked for a notarized statement explaining the difference. Is this simply a letter written by me and notarized, or does this have to be a special format form to be filled by me, or is it a special letter I need to pay a lawyer to create?
Please help.
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US passport expired but valid PIO card
My daughter is in India but her US passport is about to expire. She is a US citizen. Can you please let me know if she can still be in India if US passport is expired but VISA (PIO Card) is still valid?

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Shipping Documents to and from CKGS
Note: I am writing this before I have shipped my documents to CKGS but after spending some time reading about it. My desire is to reduce confusion in this area. If any of this is not correct, please make corrections. Thanks.

1. After generating documents on the CKGS online site, they have to be sent to a CKGS center along with passport, etc. And they have to be sent back to the applicant after processing.

2. The safest way seems to be to purchase CKGS courier service both ways. Once you do this, you can print labels.

3. In order to ship to CKGS, take the label to a FedEx center. Have them use the free FedEx envelopes. You have only paid for this (and not for shipping in any other envelopes for which Fedex will charge CKGS more).

4. You don't need to include any envelopes for shipping back to you.
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bringing dear friend to the U. S.
I am a U. S. citizen and I have a very dear friend from India. He is currently living and working in London. I am blind and I would like him to come to live with me to assist me as well as work another job while he is here. How can I make this happen? I would appreciate any assistance and suggestions. James
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India visa application via Cox & Kings website
Applying for Indian visa through CKNG (Cox & King Global Services) website is the most frustrating experience. I have never seen such convoluted and poorly designed forms to enter the necessary information for applying for the VISA.

It will really help the people who are applying for Indian VISA if the forms can be simplified and made intuitive by integrating the instructions and help text within the forms. That is really how forms are designed for information/data entry.

There are only two pages of information to enter for the VISA application, but because the way forms are designed, it takes for ever to enter the information. None of the forms are intuitive and the instructions to enter the forms not at all straightforward. The navigation of these forms are designed by some entry level people, a lot more improvements are needed to make these forms efficient, user friendly and easy to enter.

There is so much duplication in the forms and when an error is made while entering the data, many of the information that is already entered get erased and the defaults selected are not at all helpful. Standard website design principles and techniques are not at all used while designing these forms.

What happened to the IT knowledge and expertise that Indians claim to have??

I called the phone number for help several times and most of the people are not knowledgeable and those who have some know-how have too much ego to give any good help.

It is shameful for the Indian Consulates and the Indian Government to let something like this to be given to the VISA applicants, it is really a torture for those who fill the VISA applications. I hoping that the Indian Consulate and the Indian Government will take the necessary steps to improve this.
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