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USA Green Card Holder w/ Indian Passport
Hi - I'm a green card holder in the us with an indian passport. When I google, the top results say I need an Indian visa. It's not simple to apply for an indian visa with an indian nationality. I tried and got rejected.

My question - do I need an Indian visa if I'm traveling to India with an indian passport? Seems ludicrous to think that I'd need a visa. Hoping to find someone with first hand experience that can weigh in .
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221g- H1B Extensoin (Need suggestions)
After my dropbox submission (Dec 16th 2022), i have attended interview at New Delhi consulate (Jan 3rd 2023) and got 221g to send additional documents for administrative processing. I have submitted the requested documents on Jan 6th through email ([email protected]). In the following week, I got an email (Jan 10th) to submit my passport and submitted on Jan 12th. Yesterday (Jan 18th), I got an email to pick up.

Today, after collecting passport, I noticed another 221g yellow slip in the passport. Given slip doesn’t specify any document.

If anyone have similar experience, please let me know your suggestions.

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Paper Visa Timeline

We have a newborn in the US and we really want to travel to India for Holi and spend 2-3 months. E-Visa is currently only for 30 days and OCI might not arrive before Holi.

Does anyone have experience recently with the Paper visa? How long does it takes for the newborn and do we need to go to the consulate in person with the baby? Any recent help would be appreciated. Both parents are Indian nationals and in NYC area
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Entry visa (non-emergency)
Nov 17th - application received at the Houston consulate (sent directly to the consulate before VFS started accepting applications on Dec 13)
Dec 8th - Ministry of Home Affairs in Bengaluru called and sent my father & I a list of questions by ***
Dec 10th - FRRO (Foreigner Regional Registration Office) Bengaluru emailed my father a list of questions
Dec 17th - Called, left message, and emailed Houston consulate about status
Dec 20th - received reply from Houston consulate asking me to check status on VFS website
Dec 22nd - emailed Houston consulate, explaining that application was sent directly to the consulate
Dec 27th - reply from Houston consulate that application was under process
Dec 29th - emailed Houston consulate that we were planning to go outside the country on January 5th
Dec 29th - received reply from Houston consulate that visa would be mailed out by the end of the day
Dec 30th - received passport with visa back in self-addressed envelope

It probably took this long because my wife is not a US citizen. I have OCI and she is a green card holder.
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Visitor visa for A US CITIZEN 7 YEARS CHILD without Father's name in his Birth Certificate
I am a Green Card holder of USA and still having Indian nationality.

My Son is 7 years old and is USA CITIZEN.

On the birth Certificate of my son, my ( mother's) name is there, but there is no Father's name.

My question is , Can i apply for E TOURIST VISA for 30 days for my minor son ( 7 years old ) without Father's name on his passport as well as on his Birth Certificate?
I try to search through the internet but i didn't find any clue about it. When i try to fill the

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Entry VISA - India (Atlanta consulate)
I have to travel by Dec 2nd week. e-VISA is valid only for 30 days but my stay in India will be more than 30 days.

Anyone have recently applied for Entry VISA to INDIA? Is there a way to get the entry VISA in faster way (like TATKAL in Passport).

or What are all the options available to get the Visa stamped sooner once VISA applied/approved online?

Do we have the option to go in person to Consulate or need to send the documents only via POST?

Please share your experiences on the same will be helpful...
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I had Dropbox on Nov 8 in Mumbai and status changed to Application received on Nov 9 and it’s should your case is ready and open for fingerprints , documents and interview and if no interview is required check status after 2 days
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Visa for India
I am a US citizen with Indian origin . Can I apply for tourist visa or do I have to apply for Entry Visa? Can someone give me the link for it. How long does it take to get an Entry visa or a tourist visa whichever I am qualified for?
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US born with india tourist Visa
Does anyone know if I can travel with my kid on his tourist visa?

A kid is US Born but he has tourist visa for india.

Getting mix message that only OCI holder can travel to India right now. Is that true? Any help in topic is appreciated.
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web page which steals your money for eVisa
My experience wtih
Do not use this page please. There are many companies providing service and arrange for you the visa. I suggest to use always the government web page for e-Visa.
This company
charges 99 USD for their service. It is a very tricky web page. It is very difficult to find the amount you need to pay for their service. You fulfill the form and there is nowhere written the amount. You give your card number and they count amount you even do not know. They use the tricky thing, that people do not read things written in small letters and just click and accept conditions and submit the request for e Visa. When you complain, they do not replay within 24 hour via emails although they say that they have 24/7 service. They arrange the visa pretty fast, in 1-2 days. When you want to take your request back, no possibility. They say you that you already have the visa, because the are pretty fast but you loose 99 USD. This is not my first travel to India, I have an Indian husband, but this experience of people who were robbed this way for 99 USD is really sad and bad. You simply give your card number without any clear info about the amount in the whole application you fulfill. Please never use the web page and their service. They steal money form people!!!
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