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Port of Entry

can some one suggest me, I hold my H1 and my employer was located in Florida, but i want to do my port of entry in San Francisco,CA. is that okie todo like this ? please suggest me

Thanks & Regards
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Fire Alarm
I had this worst experience when i was in hotel. While cooking the fire alarm started ringing. I was in panic what to do. But later realised and cleared the air around the fire alarm with blanket.
So whenever the alarm rings then its time to clear the smoke around the alarm.
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Travelling on H1B Visa
Hello friends, I got H1B visa,my employer place is in newjersey and my friend is staying in california.This is first time iam comming to USA., iam planning to go to my friends place (CA).Is there any problem at port-of-entry with immigration officers, please reply me.

Iam planning to stay 1 week at my friends place(CA) and next week I will go report to empoyer
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Starting a company in usa

I am Arumugam Senthil kuamr from india.i am doing all type of hindu temple works. such as hindu god idols and all type of handicrafts.i want to start a new company in usa.i search a opt person from usa to start a company in usa.if any one having interest please mail me.

thanks in advance

yours faithfully,
Arumugam Senthil kumar
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Travelling 1st time to USA
I am from Delhi and just got H1 stamped. Next month I am going to USA for the 1st time. My co. is in NJ.
Can you pls tell me some tips before I travel. What is the living cost thr and how does one gets accomodation?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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I was looking for info regarding how to get an SSN, your site was very helpful, I met great indian folks at Texas A&M at Laredo,Tx

Best Regards

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Shower curtains should be tucked-in
In most of the hotels or houses does not have indian style bathrooms for taking bath. Instead they have bath-tub with shower curtain.

The purpose of the shower curtain is not to separate the bath-tub from the other part of the toilet, but most importantly to keep the floor of the toilet dry.

The shower curtain should be drawn and the bottom end should be "inside" the bath-tub. I had seen many newcomers putting the shower curtain outside the bath-tub and wetting the whole floor. (and the house-maid at hotel was very angry...)

So remember to tuck-in the shower curtain inside the bath-tub when you are taking the bath.
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widow mother -in-law rejected

  my mother-in-law was rejected for a visitor's visa.
my mother in law is a widow, she was interviewed in feb 2007, and was rejected, she took a malayalam interview

the vo was a lady
1) she started with how may childern you
ans xx
2) what is you daughter in usa
ans xx
2)why are you going to usa
ans xx
3) where is your second daughter
ans xx
4) does she have children
ans xx
5) where is your husband
 and no more.
 then the lady told there is no visa and sent her,
kindly tell me is it adviceable send her again in april
and what are the other document's she should take again with her,we send all the document's the first time, and every thing was in order.
need some help please.
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Problem with I94- Some one have assign my I94 number
I have valid L1 visa and have different kind of issue happen for my I94.
I landed USA on Jan-28th and done immigration and customs. So, after 2 day, ie., on Jan-30 I went to SSN office to apply my ssn number. There the SSN administrative officer told me that my I94 have some problem. Ie., some one is using my I94 L1 number. They return in a paper like “Your I-94 Class L1 is assigned to someone else in the USCIS save data base; therefore you must Obtain a new I-94”, so they denied my SSN number. So, I feel panic and went to Nearest Immigration center in the international airport to get new I94. But the immigration officer also told me that he can’t help me until the data will reflect in the system, so it will take 2 weeks to get the I94 status.

Now, i feel really tensed, since I didn’t do any mistake on that then how do I’ll solve this problem. Can any please advice me that how I’ll resolve this issue.
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Hello Friends
Hello friends,

     I could see the questions, But where are the questions, is these questions answered individually, It will be better if the answers are posted in this site rather than emailed to particular person.

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