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about the software company
    This site is very good and informative , please tell me about Galaxy software solutions Inc , Michigan, USA,

How is this company please tell me,

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Port of Entry

My employer is in New York and I wanted to visit my friend in San Francisco before I head to NY. I would like to spend 2 weeks at my friend's place and then go. Will it be okay at the port of entry?? Did anybody have any issues with this kind of scenario?
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Suggestion please
Suggestion please
       I am on h1b and I just stayed US for four months then I came back to India. Now it was almost 8 months passed and I want to go back US without the knowledge of my sponsoring company. What precaution I should take to clear immigration as one other company is ready to transfer my hib as soon as I reach there.
Thanks in advance
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Port-Of-Entry Suggestion
hi US friends,

  Recently i got H1B Visa. My employer place at NJ. And brother is

staying at CA. This is the first time i am coming to US. I am planning to go at my brother place (CA). Is there any problem at port-of-entry with immigration officers.

I want tell to them, "I will stay here with my friends for a week, Next week i will report to my employer".

Please give me suggestions...........
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Strongly recommended to book Taxi (Cab) with "TAXI" symbol and Taxi number on it
Dear new comers,

I had bad experience on my first trip to USA. I was travelling from JFK airport to Washington DC. I need to catch a taxi from JFK to 303 West street, New York city, NY. I was afraid to take unknown cab. So I trusted on Indian taxi driver. (There was announcement by airport people that only take Taxi infront of airport). I trusted on Indian CAB and he charged me $200 and it was expected to have $50- $100. When I asked, "how much it could be before I go in his taxi?" He told it will be $50. At the end of trip, he asked $265. He told that I told you it would be around 250 not 50. I bargained with him and he cahrged $200.

So only catch yellow taxi and Taxi No and "Taxi" symbol written on it unless you book in advance a taxi for long trip. Even dont book taxi from airport person (AIR india or other airlines). Persons over there get commission and book taxi for you with higher rate...

In short, please book only taxi with "TAXI" symbol and with Taxi number on it to save money.
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Gambling reviews
Hi. Images are not loading.
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Stamp on passport when you come to USA
what happen if immigration officer forgot to stamp on your passport? I mean to ask when you come from some other countries to USA and if they forget to stamp about Arrival date. In this case what we need to do? Is there any problem when you return to your native country?

do they stamp on you passport when you are going back? Because I have seen usally when we come from somewhere else to USA then tehy have to put stamp on your passport. I have seen first case when they forgot to put Arrival Stamp on Passport. I know they have all records when we came and when we are going back but I think this is for our reference that we need to know and we have to keep all the records for us.

so please if anyone know about it then please let me know. In this situation what we need to do?

Thanks and I hope I can know very soon from you.

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I advise any asians especialy muslims not to come to travel to the USA as airport security and imigration tend to hold up citizens from Europe and Asia for over 3 Hours.

They do not care if they ruin your holiday, dont care if your wife is pregnant, dont care about you missing a connecting flight.

Not only that they ask you stupid questions and the police tend to be very racist.

I have traveled to USA several times and I always get held up for no reason
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travelling to US - any issues at the clearance???
This site has been very informative.
Pls answer this query.

This is my first time travel to US and I am leaviing to US shortly on
H1 visa with the validity period up to 2008.
These are my travel details.
CHICAGO ->RDU(United Airlines).

My questions....

1.Can you please tell me where will be the actual immigration clearance

2.My place of emplyement is Richmond? Will this create any problems at
the immigration clearance as I have a flight to chicago and then
RDU.Will immigration create any problems for me .

3.What documents should one take / can be asked at the immigration
clearnace.Please list out.

4.Do I require a transit visa ?

Please clarify.

Thanks in Advance
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Secured Credit Card
Credit card plays Vital role in USA. If you don't have credit card;

Its advisable to take Secure Card (Credit Card) with Bank of America. It allows the limit to use this card on the basis of your deposit on your card. As you use this card, It builds your credit history and also will help you to get the regular credit card.
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