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Petition of i-130 Alien Relative - Applicant is married now.
My father has filled the petition as a US Citizen for my sibling.

Timeline of his application process:
Sep 2016: Filed the petition as Single, Over 21.
Mar 2019: He got married.
Oct 2020: His petition was approved.
Apr 2023: The National Visa Center (NVC) requested documents, including the Form DS-260.

Question: Currently, he wishes to update his status to married on the application, although his family does not intend to accompany him. He plans to sponsor them through a separate petition after obtaining his green card. I'm inquiring whether selecting 'No' for specific fields and maintaining this stance during the interview will allow him to retain his original priority date and category.
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Immunization Records
Hi, I am about to file DS260 for parents. Can someone provide some guidance on how did one get the immunization records and police report done? They do not have the vaccinations report so how does one get that or will the medical appointment doctor will help resolve the situation? for police report, how do we get that scheduled?
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NVC Process
Hello, I am petitioning Green Card for my parents through Consular processing. I got the DQ letter in August 22 and waiting for the IL. Can my parents chose the medical test centre/city or the medical test centre will be given to you? Parents live in Kolkata but want to go through the Medical test in Ahmedabad Apolo Hospital (since we lived in Ahmedabad several years ago). Can we chose Ahmedabad Apolo hospital when its time to schedule the Meducal test ? Thankyou in Advance
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*****I-130 approve, Can not log in CEAC website pay fee F2A after received notices case Number and invoice Number via email *****
Hi everybody !

I have received the welcome email from NVC on July 11, 2022 with “NVC case number and Invoice ID number”. I waited 3 days for my account to be activated then I tried to log in day 3rd, day 4th & 5th but was not successful. I only received the message "The selected Case Number and Invoice Identification Number combination you entered does not match our records. Please try again or contact the National Visa Center for further assistance. "

Does someone have the same issue like me, please give me some advice. Do I need to keep log in everyday or send/call a (require) to NVC ?

Thank you so much!
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Is Mumbai consulate scheduling interview for IR 5
My DQ dt is 2-72021 when can I expect IL from NVC.
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Hello dear all. In October 2013, my American citizen father filed a petition for me being single. in December 2019 the petition was approved by the USCIS. I started the steps of the NVC being married since 2016. NVC has even downgraded my category to F3. unfortunately, against some misunderstandings with my wife, we divorced in September 2021. I was asked to inform NVC of my change in marital status so that NVC could update my category to F11. since October 2021 I have been sending emails to the nvc to have this done but nothing. What would you advise me? I don't know if anyone has been in the same situation as me to share their experience with me. Thank you.
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I-130 Approved F4 U.S. citizen filing for brother
I petitioned for my younger brother in year 2005. In April 2019 he got letter that petition filed has been approved. Meanwhile he submitted all necessary documentation and by Dec 2019 that documentation also got approved subsequently & since then he & his family has been waiting by NVC to schedule their interview at U.S. Embassy, Islamabad.
Now in October 2021 he sent an email to NVC that his eldest child is going to turn 21 age very soon. In response to this NVC replied the following:-
“We previously reviewed your petition and we determined that the applicant child *(Miss X)* appears to be eligible for the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) benefit.
Please note that our determination is not final. A consular officer makes the final determination at the applicant's interview.
If you want to request that we expedite this case, please provide us with more information. Please send your request with the supporting documentation (such as medical records, a letter from a medical doctor, or deployment orders) to [email protected].”
Now we don’t know what kind of (CSPA)! supporting documentation they require to expedite the immigrant visa interview appointment at U.S Embassy? Please help
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Help please
A friend of mine has an update online status. 17 months ago that says

‘Case approval was certified by USCIS.

‘We certified the approval of your form I-360, petition for amerasian widow(er) or special immigrant. And send it to the appropriate appellate office.

That office will send you a final decision.

(Does this mean an approval of the case)


She filled I485, I360 and 765 all together. Has 3 prima factia and work and travel as well sending now for 3th renewal. (Filled everything in summer 2019)

Thank you in advance
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Waiting for F21 interview date
Hello Everyone, anyone waiting to hear from US embassy in Kathmandu regarding immigrant visa? my case is F21- Spouse of permanent resident and have been waiting from mid- 2019. Case is documentary qualified from NVC in March 2021.
Please share your experiences
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Family based Green Card - for parent - NVC Invoice Number - what is it?
Hello all,

Thank you for looking at the question here.
I am US Citizen and have filed for Green Card for my father.
I-130 is approved.
I received email from NVC with subject being 'BMBxxxxxxxxxx: Introduction to Document Collection' in September this year.
What I am not able to find is NVC Invoice Number, how will I receive it and when will I receive?

What is next step? I know I need to pay fees but it needs Invoice Number and I don't have it yet I think.

I would really appreciate if someone can help share their experience and/or expertise.

Thank you,
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