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PIO minor - New York
Just want to share my experience with you. I applied in person on 11/12 at C&K in New York and it was sent to the consulate on 11/13 (per the tracking). I am traveling to India on Dec 10th. After reading some of the blogs over here, I got nervous and decided to go to the consulate in person to check the status (I live less than 5 minutes walk from the consulate).
Experience at the consulate -
I got there at 8:45 on 11/28, there were about 8 people in line before me (all for emergency visa as their grandmothers either died or was very sick...what a coincidence :) ).
Due to some confusion, I ended up waiting for a hour for a person to speak to me about PIO issue, so I spoke to another lady processing emergency visa. Within 5 minutes a very sweet young lady came to the window to assist me. I gave her my daughters passport number (very important to have to be able to track) and I explained to her that I needed to travel to India soon.I was hesitant to tell her about my sick grand mother (though that is the true reason), before I could give her any reason for coming there, she check the status and told me that it was already approved and that it will be sent to C&K shortly. I asked if she could give it to me, and she asked me to come at 4PM. I went back at 4PM and my daughters passport was ready to be picked up.
What great service, the staff there are very polite and put up a lot with most of the applicants.

Good luck to you, happy holidays and safe travels

A happy PIO customer
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PIO@SF 11/03 is approved !!!
PIO@SF 11/03 is approved !!! Very Happy
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I would like to know if anyone who got their PIO approved from washington DC who has applied
from 20th oct to 1st Nov. The CKGS tracking website is down since couple of days. I would be happy
to know the status of the applications during the above period.

Ravi Alla
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PIO Houston Approval Trend
It seems like in Houston Applications submitted to Consulate on Nov 6th are mostly approved, the next batch after that is Nov 12 which is pending.
The batch before Nov 6 was Oct 31 which has been mostly approved.
To me it indicates CKGS makes delivery to consulate once a week and picks up once a week or another hypothesis is that the data update of submission and pickup to and from Consulate happens only once a week.
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Need help
We have applied for our 2 year old son's PIO card, in first week of Nov to Houston. The CKGS website shows that they have sent the application to Indian consulate on 19th. We have tickets booked to India next week, Dec 3rd. How many times, we call CKGS, we are getting the same response that once the application is with the embassy, they can't track any thing.

Is there any thing possible, if we go in person to Houston? Is the applicant need to be there? Can any one please help me with this. We are really under great confusion.
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Received my PIO today. (After rescheduling flight once )

Here are detail:

Application Reached CKGS office : 10/28
Application Reached Embassy : 11/9
approved Application received: 11/26

CKGS tacking website is of no use. They have not sent any email after receiving my documents. CKGS call center people don't knw what is happening in CKGS office.

My Tracking id was: USAN70481514, it might helps you to calculate your status.
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PIO@SF 11/03
My date is 11/03, I see from tracking is upto 11/30 they approved it. Please post to the forum if any applications are getting approved. I am checking every hour immihelp and CKGS website as my travel date is less than a week
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PIO @ Chicago - smooth experience
I recently applied for PIO card for my 2 month old son and I received it in less than 2 weeks. I had smooth experience except for hold-time on CKGS helpline and conflicting instructions on the forms!!

Application sen tby FEDEX ground - 11/3
Application received by CKGS - 11/5
Application Sent to Embassy - 11/6
Application received from Embassy - 11/17
PIO sent by FEDEX - 11/20
PIO received by me - 11/21

I prepared two separate sets of everything for easy sorting. These two sets were submitted with my son's original US passport, two additional photographs and money order for USD 220 (I did not send any return service envelope). The two sets contained:

1. Checklist (on top of each set)
2. PIO Application form
      a. Photograph pasted on 1st Page
      b. Child thumb print in the rectangle on Page # 1 abd Two prints on Page # 3.
      c. Notarize parents signatures on Page 3
      d. Left BLANK wherever not applicable
3. CKGS Declaration (Notarized). CKGS helpline agent did not ask me to notarize this but I did following experiences of some users on this forum.
4. CKGS order form
5. Parental authorization form (Notarized for Parents signature)
6. Copy of child's US passport (First 4 Pages, and Page 25,26,27)
7. Original Birth certificate issues by county clerk
8. Copy of Both parents' Indian Passports ( both are Indian citizen)
     a. First 4 and last 4 pages
     b. US visa pges with entry-exit seal
9. Copy of parents' Marriage certificate
10. Copy of Both parents' US drivers license indicating current US address
11. Copy of utility bill

Note: You may have to watch out for these things depending on your case:
1. CKGS helpline agent told me it is not necessary to submit Disclaimer form and hence I didn't submit. (CHICAGO)
2. Our permanent address in India is same as on our passports and hence no additional address proof required for India address
3. Spouse names have been updated in Passports and child's birth certificate has names of both parents as they appear on the passports.
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Submitted by CKGS on 10/30 to consulate
Got confirmation email about approval and dispatch today
Looks like they are clearing the backlog really.
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I am kind of stuck at the final step for my infant son's new PIO card. Below is the trail of my application status and it looks like they created the shipping label yesterday. However when I checked the shipping label yesterday, it looks like they have put in wrong zip code and destination is showing up as some place in VA instead of my place in MA.

I called CKGS customer service this morning and they picked up the phone after 45 minutes of wait. They admitted the mistake and said they are escalating it to dispatch team. But other than that, there is no way to track what is going on with this escalation or correction.

I also talked to Fedex and they confirmed that the address is correct but zip code is wrong. So it is going to head to the wrong city as they said they cannot correct the zip code. The best Fedex can do is to hold it for me at their NY center and I can pick up from there.

I am thinking that it would have been better to let it reach Fedex and ask them to hold rather then calling CKGS help desk to correct it. My tickets are booked for Thursday and I think I have to visit NYC tomorrow to get this sorted out either by visiting CKGS or Fedex depending on status of package at that time.

Any other suggestions to get this sorted out in a faster/easier way?

Passport sent by post/courier number xxxxxxxxxxxx 11/24/2014
Your application has been collected from the Embassy/Consulate and is being sorted. Your application will be ready for collection from our Application Centre within one business day. 11/21/2014
Your application has been submitted at The Indian Embassy/Consulate for further processing. 11/06/2014
Your application is in process. Your tracking id is USANxxxxxxxx 11/05/2014
Your application has been received and will be submitted subject to verification. 11/05/2014
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