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WWICS Bangalore

I would like to know abt anyone's experience with WWICS bangalore abt immigrating to canada and their post-landing services. Plz reply imm

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Do not use WWICS even if THEY pay YOU!
You will be treated like royalty until you pay them. After that they treat you like sh##! With the recent change by the consulate in the points criteria, they said they were going to have to "re-evaluate" and "re-calculate" (whatever the hell that means) my points and file my application again and wanted $900 for it! I didn't pay that amount but negotiated down to $300. I had to pay because I was stuck since I had already invested in their stinking services.
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We Got GreenCards in Barbados!!! DV2005 SA Region
I'm pleased to announce that our DV2005 process was a success. My husband and I received out immigrant visa stamps in our passports on Tuesday.

The hardest part of the experience was waiting in a room full of people to be called to the window. (It seems the embassy only issues 8 a.m. appointments so all immigrant and non-imigrant visa applicants were herded into a room at the same time.) We saw a lot of other people's heartbreak before it was our turn and that made us very nervous.

When we were finally called to the window, a very helpful agent went through our paper work, made adjustments to our forms to reflect my marriage and change of address... She was only interested in my paper work.. Hubby did not need education certificate or financial support documents. In fact, the only financial papers she took from me was my job letter. The only wanted my hubby's application form, his birth certificate, police record and a copy of our marriage certificate which I'd already provided. WE handed the few documents and she asked us to sit.

We lugged our bag full of documents back to our seats and waited for the next call... a few minutes later we were called by the consular agent, the same man who had rejected so many before... He took one look at my diploma, which read "bachelor of science in journalism" and proceeded to make funny comments about me becoming the next Woodward or Bernstein.

He took our fingerprints and said "congratulations, your visas are approved Return at 3 to pick up your passports." That was it. Not one question... we were so over prepared. The meticulously labled folders in our bag went unopened. We were too happy to care. It was a breeze. And I can't stop looking at the stamp in my passport..
After 5 years and several delays with an employment-based greencard process, it was ironic that this one came so easy. But we're happy and thankful. Very happy indeed. On Saturday we'll end our delayed honeymoon in Barbados and enter the US as permanent residents for the first time.

We can't wait. Thanks to the board we had our papers in order.

Thanks for all the support.
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CP Interview Experience DV2005 -Tokyo, Japan
I got up really early and went to the Embassy at 6:45 am (yes, it was TOO early). I was the first in line and even the security people (Tokyo Police officers) made some comments like "Aren't you little early for this?"

I waited till 7:45 or so with 15 more people in the line outside the emabassy. I went inside the property but we were asked to wait outside again till the security is ready to put us in the building.

Waited for another 20 min or so and they let us in. By now, we have about 25 people waiting in line. I went through the security and 2 nice employees gave each of us a paper to fill in (to write down: Name, Address in Japan, Address in US, Phone numbers).

One of the 2 employees gave me a clear folder with a small paper with the list of documents that we were supposed to bring. He asked me to put them in the order that this small paper listed.

They never asked for the appointment letter because they had a list of people on a printout that they are comparing with the interviewee that came through the security. (But that doesn't mean you don't need the appointment letter.

You should bring it just in case the list doesn't have your name for a mistake or something.)
I was asked to sit in the waiting area. My number was called to the window. I submitted all the papers. The officer gave me back the X-Ray photo but took the rest. She asked me to sit down again.

Then I was called to another window for finger printing. After that, I was asked to pay at the window $755. I paid with my credit card.
I waited again, and I was called for an interview.

She took the receipt for the visa fees. She asked me to swear that all documents are true. I said "Yes" with my right hand in the air. She asked me if I had a job lined up already and I told her that I am already working in the US. And the employment letter is included in the pile of documents.

She saw it asked what exactly I did. I explained.

She said, "I have authorized to issue your immigrant visa. Come back at 4 PM to pick up the passport with the visa." I was so happy and relieved...
It was in a way so simple but the time tested my patience and sanity. (I got the 1st NL in early June last year and got my 2nd package in early August, now the interview is done in September... Gosh, what a long journey.)

Little bit about me: - H1B holder - Has been working in US for 7 years - Employment based green card application has been under process for over 2 years. NOTHING had happened for that duration. (Now I will stop that.) - AS109XX was my case number (how close it was to be truly "cut off" from the DV2005!) - No saving... so I didn't bring my bank stament - I brought I-134 from a US friend

Good luck to you all!! K
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WWICS is a rip off
Yes I agree with Eran that WWICS is a rip off. I paid them upfront and the staff there does not even know what they are talking about. My lawyer over there knows nothing and does not advise me on anything. Every now and then, I call my lawyer and suggest him if I should do this paper work right now so that I don't waste time later on and he agrees with me. The problem is I have to ask him everything which I know through friends or on line resources but he does not suggest anything. They are all like that.
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Successful CP in London - Diversity Visa 2005
My wife is the principal applicant and we are srilankans living in the UK.

We had a successful CP on the wednesday and we got back our passports today.

We recieve 2nd NL about 3 weeks before the visa interview.Then we got an appointment for medical test with Nuffield healthe care screening on the 1st of this month.The medical test was ok and took about 3 hours.

We did not have the vaccicenation records but it was not a problem and we had to take two jabs for Tetenus and MMR.It cost us around 500 £ (350 £ for test + 160 £ for 2 jabs).

Our interview was on the 7th and the medical test results were sent to the US embassy directly. We got the Xrays by courier mail in two days , but these were not required for the visa interview.

We prepared all the documents in the order described in the 2NL.Also we had a set of photo copies for each original. We also had our bank statements for 12 months(both savings and currnet accounts), employement contracts to show we are working, service certificates from privious employees.

In addition we had our pay slips and an email sent by the embassy saying that we dont want police certificates from srilanka(these were not required).

Abouth the financial situation, we had about 8000 $ in savings and a property back in srilanka which was valued around 20K $.Also we had a simple letter from an uncle living in the us saying that he will support us in our initial period.

But no affidavit of support.
We had the deeds and valuation reports.

We went in to embassy well in advance and had to wait long time.The whole process took about 4 hours.It was a busy day with both immigrant and non-immigrant applicants in the queue. first we were called to an interview booth and our documents (both original and copies) were collected.

Then we were told to pay the visa fee and fill a form for passport return by a courier service.Then we wait about 2 hours and called in to another interview booth. The officer there was realy friendly and he had all our documents.The originals were returned to us after the inspection.

Then he asked my wife to correct a mistake made by us in the DS230 form. We had checked that my wife has no high school diplaoma or degree and the officer was kind enough to show us that by comparing my wife's education certificates.

Then he joked about my blood pressure which was little high on the medical test report(no wonder after all these months waiting). Then we took the oath and gave the finger prints.After that he explained about the visa and social security number.Then he said "welcome to the America", which was great to hear.

After that he asked us whether we have any question , which we say no and told us to pay for the courier service (10.50 £ for 2 passports).

Today after 2 days i got the passports back with visa and two sealed packets which we have to produce with xrays when entering the US.
so thats about it, i am really greatful to this forum for all the valuable information.

My advise is to prepare all the documents (translations and photo copies) in order so that the visa officers dont get confused. And if anyone have questions please feel free to post in this forum, i will try to answer them best to my knowledge.

Also i am planning to write a detailed descripton about settling down in US (which i could not find anywhere) when i get there.
So good luck to everyone.
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Do NOT use WWICS. They are a rip-off and you will regret it!
WWICS is a scam and they ripped me off. People continually come and go there and nobody knows who you are AFTER you pay the entire $3000 upfront. Customer service is non-existent and they treat you like dirt after they get their money. I finally hired an Immigration Attorney - WHICH IS WHAT YOU SHOULD DO ANYWAY BECAUSE THEY ARE ACCOUNTABLE TO THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT. Once I hired a Canadian Immigration Attorney did I finally got the assistance I needed. The clauses in WWICS contracts obligate them to do NOTHING for you but TAKE YOUR MONEY...plain and simple! THEY ARE ACCOUNTABLE TO NO ONE AND THEY DO NOT CARE! DO NOT USE THEM OR ELSE YOU WILL BE SORRY!
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CP @ New Delhi
I am going to go for a CP in Delhi. Can anyone give me any tips as to what to expect since I have never been to the Delhi Consulate
Thank you
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WWICS service
I would like to know if any of you had a bad experience with WWICS?
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Please do not deal with WWICS,canada. Their fees is very high but their service stinks. I had one of the worst experiences of my life with them. Trust me you dont want to have anything to do with them. I was anxious about applying for a greencard and was looking for well established company who have done the greencard process so many times that it had become a routine process for them. They messed it up so many times that INS returned my papers many times. When I asked them apply for my advance parole they delayed and dragged their leg on it and sent it to wrong center that I could not go to India for my own wedding.
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