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I am Extremely shocked after reading all of this stuff. I am upset that someone could be so evil and I am angry that I fell for his lies. I have worked as an auditor AND now I am working in forensic basically, I catch people like him! It's a shame that I'm constantly looking for "bad people" at work, but for some reason thought that nothing bad could actually happen to ME and My family. Paul basically has now created travel agencies with different names, instead of M&J. He's using three other names now. He took $2600 of my parent's money and he kept sending us unconfirmed iteneriaries. He said everything would be fine and I called him and asked "how could everything be fine when I talked to China airlines and they said these tickets are unconfirmed." He said, "don't worry, I will confirm them." Basically three days before my dad and brother were supposed to leave from India, I asked paul if he could refund our money so I could get the tickets from somewhere else and he said "sure, no problem." He sent us a check and it bounced...sent another one...and it bounced. Now we have come to find out that he is in the custody of San Francisco police! I hope we could get our money back, but it's not looking good. I can't believe our OWN Indian people could be so bad...I thought we were supposed to consider eachother family...I guess not!
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I must have been too naive
I booked a couple of tickets through them in 2002. The tickets turned out to be ok, and I travelled, unlike some folks getting bogus tickets.

My return trip changed, and I couldn't postpone my tickets and had it cancelled. I had a one way ticket back and I cancelled that too.

Once I got back, I took the unused tickets to M&K and Debbie collected them and said their fairfield office does the cancellation and I'd get a check back.

For the past 3 years, I've been trying to locate these folks, spoke to Manny a few times and he always collects my address and says he'll get back. I heard nothing ..... and now I hear that these guys are in jail for duping a lot of others like me!
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M & K travel
I was a victim of M & K travel recently. I booked 4 tickets for travel to India on Jan 27th 2006 on Lufthansa.Manny told me they accept only check. So I sent them a check for $5113.00 on Jan 6th and they cashed the check the very next day. They would block these tickets in Lufthansa each day with a new confirmation number as the old ones would cancel out.When I called them after they cashed the check to see when they would make my reservation Paul and Manny were so rude to me , they didnot give me any answer and hang up the phone on me. I contacted them quite a few times to ask why they are not making reservations yet as they cashed the check and they would give me no answer . Finally Paul and his son Manny didnot make any reservation for us on Lufthansa , what I realized is they were double booking reservations and in that process would bump someone off to accomadate me or vice-versa. But when I contacted Lufthsnsa, what they said is, the agent didnot purchase any tickets , they just blocked the reservation. I was going for a family emergency and couldnot afford to loose time . So I tried calling them lot of time as my trip date was getting closer to check the status of my reservation and I had no response from them on phone or email. Finally a couple of days before my traval date, when I didnot have reservations on Lufthansa, and when I didnot get any response from them either my phone or email I contacted the Fairfield police and then came to know that this guy Paul was arrested on Jan 20th 2006 for cheating lot of travellers and I had no hope to get tickets. So I had to immediately in a day contact another travel agent and make reservation at a higher price for my travel. I went to India and came back, but these guys really messed up my trip and also created such a hassle before my travel that I can never forget. These guys have no values, as I was mentionign to them that please dont mess up my reservation as I have an emergency to go to and cannot afford to miss, but still they cheated. These guys are a bunch of "CHEATS".

If I read these postings on this site before I wouldn't have fallen trap to this. Now that I am back from India I am looking at how to recover my $5113.00 back.

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M&K Travel Victim
I am the latest victim of the M & K Travel. I booked three ticket through them and sent a check on 5th January 2006 for $4135.00 and never got the tickets or reservation confiramtion. If I would have seen this site before booking my ticket I would have not been victim these crooked people.

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M&K Travel
Help, I bought 8 airline tickets back on jun of 2005 for the 14 of December, last
minute Paul calls me tells me tickets are no good, he say china airline cancelled my
tickets due to someone else bumpme, well guess what he lie I call china airline they say he never reserve our tickets or he never paid for it, but he took our money, well finally he calls me tells me the flight leaves later the next day, I call him back I am piss I told him I want plane tickets for the same day,after a long argument he finaly issue tickets for later 10 hours later, but now I dont have transportation so I have to stay in a hotel in South San Francisco, so I told him he needs to pay for hotel, which he does 2 rooms there is six of us going the week of 14 of december, and the other 2 on the 19 of december, well the check he gave me for the rooms bounced not good, I pay $10 dollar fee plus the $200 for the check. finally we arrive in Manila,me not knowing what realling is going on, so he did the same thing to my sister in -law and her boyfriend they were 1 day late as well.
well we are all in manila lets have fun lets forget about everything.
wellllll coming back is another story, we have no tickets they are no good, I call philippines airline they told me he did not paid, so we are stock in manila I call him many times trying to tell him to get us tikets, so many times, finally he told me use my credit card to buy tickets, I am not going to buy you tickets,can you belive this guy I am stuck here with my family and 2 little girls and he tells me used your credit card, like if I am a bank or something I spend over $700 dollars on calls from manila to fairfield, CA to get my tickets, anyway after 4 long days of waiting and arguing with this guy, i had no choise but to use my saving from my bank to get 8 tickets another $7800 dollars in which I have all receipts to get back home.
I am home now,I got in coctact with mr Sanchez from San Francisco and I am going to try to get my money, there is another part in which he use my credit card to purchase someone else tickets, which he return that money.But still a crime.


[email protected]
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M&K Travel Criminal Investigation
If you are a victim of M and K Travel please let Carlos know about that. DON'T DELAY. Today Carlos had contacted me as I am a victim of m and k travel. Below are the contact information for Mr. Carlos

  Lieutenant of Investigations
  Bureau of Criminal Investigation
  San Francisco District Attorney's Office
  732 Brannan Street, 2nd Floor
  San Francisco, CA 94103
  email: [email protected]

On Nov 18 2004, I paid $2506 to Debie by cheque to get two round trip ticket. They haven't issued any ticket and also there is no refund from them. They are ...... , U know ...

After about 8 month I finally got my money back from Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation (TCRC), a nonprofit organization created to
review claims and administer the Travel Consumer Restitution Fund to

Please refer to to get further detail about the corporation.

I was in touch with Shirley and she had helped me a lot to get the refund. Actually she had advised me to contact TCRC
   Shirley Edwards
   Investigator/ Auditor
   CA Dept. of Justice
   Office of the Attorney General
   Consumer/ Travel Section
   300 South Spring Street, #1702
   Los Angeles, CA 90013

   [email protected]
   (213) 576-4981 telephone
   (213) 897-7605 fax

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M and K

You will not get paper tickets from them. If you ask for it, they will say, it will cost another 50$ or 100$ and you send'll never see that money back too...

I have not seen my money for over a year. I paid them last year 1500$ to goto India for wedding and was told e-tickets and went through atrauma..Finally had to book new tickets.

The california department of justice is running a case against him. Please inform them and make this case stronger...the more stronger the case...the more chances we will get justice
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M & K Fraud
I have purchased tickets to travel to India in December 2005, and they have issued me etickets. I just called the airlines and they said you cannot travel with e tickets all the way to India. I have to have paper ticket to travel otherwise it is worthless.If anyone knows how to get paper tickets please let me know. Post message on this. I will check and get back to you.
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M & K Travel Fraud
Oh My God!!! I just can't believe that Paul Randhawa had cheated with these many people. I'm also one of the victims now. My flight was on Nov. 14, 2005. Many sent me a virtual itinerary via e-mail and mailed sent me the same papers in the mail. He told me that there is an e-ticket number on the papers and I will get my boarding pass with that number from the airport. I went to the airport but they didnt let me get on the flight. The told me that my name was there in the computer but I was suppose to have the paper tickets. When I tried calling M & K Travel, their phones were disconnected. I tried calling all of their offices but all of them were disconnected. I never knew that they had done this to others too. I got to know of it when I filed a complaint to the city police. They called me and told me that Paul Randhawa, his wife, and his son had been arrested. I was so shocked that our own people can do this. This is just so messed up. I really really hope that I will get my money back. It's almost closer to $2500. And I hope the same for others too who have been victims of M & K Travel.
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M and K Travel Fraud - latest 11/15/05
Looks like these crooks are out on bail and running the business again. Please alert your family and friends not to fall in to their trap. Please spread the word by contacting your local Indian communities.
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