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MandK Fraud
I'm a recent victim of this crook. Please spread the word and we
could do something collectively to stop this fraud. I request all the victims to come forward and we could contact "California Department of Justice's" as a group and submit our complaint.

Note: Please call San Francisco District Attorney's office @ (415) 553-1752 and talk to Consumer Fraud division. They are collecting all the victims information to interrogate this cheat.


Note to all victims: Please send me an e-mail at [email protected] with your name and e-mail address.
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I am glad justice will be served
I booked a ticket in May 2004 for India. I had a change in plans and had to cancel it out. I called them up and was told that I would be charged x amount as that is what Cathay charges. I called up cathay, and turns out they charge less. I called up again, spoke with Paul and believe me - he treated me like sh**. He was p**sed as I spoke with Cathay about it. I could not imagine being spoken to like that, despite being a customer. That day on, none of my friends kept their business with M&K.

I hope this guy and his buddies get thrown behind bars for quite sometime.

Santa Clara
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Paul Randhawa and M and K travel
i just read about Paul's arrest. This is great news. This guy and his wife promised me tickets to India and after i had payed them I didnot receive tickets till the day before my departure. On calling them, they charged me an extra 400 dollars as they had qouted the wrong price!!!!!!
i hope this lowest of the low never gets out of prison
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M and K Travel agency defrauded me with their scheme
Good news! As of November 7th 2005 at last the owners of MandK travel have been booked for fraud and grand theft of customrs. Just type 'MandK travel fraud' in any search engine like Google and you will see a host of other victims just like me.
 I was defrauded in July 2004 when 'Debbie' Randhawa quoted me a Singapore Airlines round trip flight to Kochi India for $1150. Their scheme is to discourage the customers from paying by credit card by adding an outrageous credit card surcharge of $100 on top of the flight price. Customers fall for this scheme as they, including me, end up agreeing to pay cash or cashiers check. When the payment in cash is made, there is no paper trail that way. Also their offices are always empty; they only open the door to grab your money. As soon as they get hold of the cash/check they exit the office immediately giving an excuse such as 'oh, I have to do an errand...' That is also a way to avoid witnesses since there is noone beside the person collecting the money; and the paying customer. You would think that there would be a receptionist, and a couple of other travel agents. Wrong! The posters inside the office is just a front or a make believe travel agency. It really is not a travel agency! They got me that way, and I never got my ticket. They are the most professional crooks you can meet as they will even smile at you after taking your money; and after you ask them for a refund many weeks later for nonexistent flight tickets. They are liars since they say they have booked the ticket; when in fact after checking with the airlines no booking was ever made. I was lucky to have enough money in my bank to be able to buy a second flight ticket to India from a legitimate travel agent. I also heard from a fellow victim of how M and K travel even scammed a poor UC Berkeley student who had saved her money for two years from her restaurant job to travel to India to visit her village/family. She also paid cash and never got her flight ticket. She went to a nearby travel agent to cry and explain her sad situation. MandK travel and the Randhawa family prey on defrauding South Indian immigrants since they figure that they will not complain due to language barriers; and because many of them are NRI workers on a visa and do not want to cause trouble. Stay away!
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M&K Travel Agents are arrested
I bougt 3 tickets to fly by Singapore Airlines. But never received valid tickets or refund.

Singapore Airlines sales office called him, and he said the same thing - don't bother me anymore, I will talk to my customers.

When we called he would talk about trust and even goes to the extent that Singapore Airlines people don't know anything.

Man, these folks deserve jail - I am not sure I will get my money (about 3K). I have decided to do everything to see them stay in jail.
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M & K Travel is a cheater and Paul Randhawa is a fraud
The company M and K Travel Services, INC took money ($3304) from me for plane tickets that were not delivered.
I purchased four Lufthansa airline tickets from M and K Travel for final destination Delhi, India on July 30th
Manny sent me a virtual itinerary via email for the four tickets. I called Lufthansa the rep told me that there is no reservation on the ticket numbers I was given by Manny. I called Manny explaining what Lufthansa told me. Then he started abusing me. He told me that I do not travel much and do not know how the wholesale reservation works. He said problem with me is that I do not trust people. He told me that Lufthansa rep also does not know what they are doing. He said just go to airport and everything would be fine. He also told me that not to call him and waste his time. Then I again called Lufthansa after a week and explained them what Manny told me that it is under wholesale ticketing and it will not show up on the regular reservation system. The rep told me that this is not true then I told her could she talk to my travel agent over the phone in a conference call, she agreed. Then I called Manny and asked him if he could join a conference call with Lufthansa rep over the phone. He said he does s not wants to talk and do not wants to waste his time and then he hung up. One of my friend and colleague Amar Ramdas who also bought tickets from M & K travel was supposed to travel on July 23rd. He showed up at the airport on 23rd and he was shocked to find out that there was no reservation for him or his family. He immediately called me and told the whole story. I got alarmed and started searching for alternative reservation. My wife and me spent next 3 days to find new tickets. Finally we found tickets via Singapore witch were not at all suitable for my family and me. I also had to take a day off from my office work. I called Manny of July 27th and asked him to explain what happened with Amar. He said he does not know, Paul his boss knows about it. He said my reservations are OK and if I were not satisfied he would refund my money. I said OK refund my money and he told me that it will take 4 to 6 weeks and he might deduct $250 penalty on each tickets.
It has been more than three months and they have not refunded my money, I have called them several times and every time they make some excecuse. Later I came to know that there are only three guys running the show Father, Mother and son. All three of them are milking money out of victims like me. There multiple offices is just a front to show that it is a big company. It seems like they have a way to circumvent the legal system. So let us plan to do something different. Please e-mail me if you are one of the victims.
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victim of Paul Randhawa and M & K Travel
Fellow victims of M & K and its president Paul Randhawa and his spouse Debbie. The president of so called fraud agency is contesting for city council failfield. Please click this link for all the details
He stole my money worth close to $2,800 dollars and not givent the ticket or money back. It is been 4 months since.
He has political support and promise to fight crime in his constituency.
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M and K Travels are a big cheater!!!
I too had bad experience with them, in fact i took him to a small claims court. I'm ready to file a case against him, email me [email protected].

The details of my case are at:
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Beware of thugh
If any travel agent dupes ... Call or go online at Better Business Bureau, Call the Office of Consumer Affairs and Call the Office of Attorney General ...

All these thugs will come to your home ... requesting you to not report their scams
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M & K victims
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