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Bad experience with Aditya builders, Pune
I booked a flat in Aditya's Breeze Park. I have lots of experiences to share (mostly bad; and a few good).

All told, it's too late for me. I'd never recommend this builder to any one I know. And if you have already done, so. I have a list of DOs and DONTs, before you land into a soup. I have learnt a lot, at the cost of money, time and piece of mind. I'd not like anyone else to suffer the same way.

I wish I should have read this site before I made a deal with Aditya Builders (AB).
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Jairaj Construction & Aditya Builders
Oh My friends !

I had booked flat in the same Jair COnstructions Ridhi Sidhi Project in August 2006, This Guy told me that his project is approved and etc etc. He is going to start construction by ocotber and the same time he will do the formalities of agreement, after sevaral follo up he told me that the plans are not approved and it can happen anytime,

The bulder doesn't have a sense of talking to customers and talks in very arogent language.

Finally I canacleed by booking on 26th Novemebr and got my money back.

Just four days back I booked a flat with Aditya builders in there Garden View scheme (as I had a feed back from my freinds in Pune that he is one of the best and reputed builders in Pune) but after reading articles here I am in dought about the same. I hope every thing goes well
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Kumar Builders Pune
Brought a house from Kumar Builders. Very professional service. Although they are slightly more expensive than most builders, they do a great job. NRIs should necessarily buy from only the best builders to avoid getting cheated.
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JAIRAJ CONSRUCTIONS - PUNE (Riddhi Siddhi Paradise) another cheat builder

I booked a flat on March 2006 at Jairaj Constructions' "Riddi Siddi Paradise", Dhayari, Pune. It is located next to Manas Construction, 500 meters from Dhayari Phata.

They were supposed to start construction in April and flat would be ready by May 2007. Flat was supposed to be registered in Apri 2006. But the builder Mr. Ramesh Gurnene and Associates (it seems to be a family business comprising brothers) repeatedly delyed it month after months and now its Nov 2006 and they are saying that I need to pay 20% of the money without registration. And that too the money should be in Cash!!! What a call!!

By waiting for his flat, I have lost a big fortune. The rates have soaredby600/- per sql feet and now I dont have the money for a new flat at the new rate. It seems that, the builder has not asked for the new rate from me, but asked for this - 20% advance without any receipt and that too saying that the plans are not yet approved and contruction and registratio could take another 6-7 months. Otherwise cancel the booking and take back the money.

If they had any genuine problem, they could have told me before booking so that I could have got another flat in March-2006 rate. But I dont think this builder can be trusted.

Hence, lets BLACKLIST this construction company - JAIRAJ CONSTRUCTIONS and its project RIDDI SIDDHI PARADISE, DHAYARI, PUNE.

Finally, I came out by cancelling the booking and got the booking money refund.

Thanks and Regards,
Ritesh Chakravarty
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Aditya Builders story
I am another unfortunate person cheated by Aditya builders. I too booked an apartment in Aditya Breeze Park and payed an advance. Six months later I was told that there were issues in sactioning and I will be getting the money back. I suggested that they could keep the advance for as long as they wished and give me the apartment once it was sanctioned, but the cheats just sent me the cheque by mail. They knew that they were about to get the sanction and they knew the rates had gone up tremendously in the area. So instead of honoring the contract, they just sent the money back and reopened booking. I know these guys have business to take care of, but this is definitely not the way to do it, not at the cost of customer. There has to be a serious concern about customer satisfaction which is seriously lacking in Aditya Builders.

Please if anyone is considering buying a house from Adtiya builders, take a minute and think again. It might not be a very pleasant experience.

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Aditya builders unreliable
I had booked an apartment in Aditua Breeeze Pune in January 2006. Aditya did not give me any receipt. They told me they would do the registration by Feb end. However, in March they told me there were some problems with sancetions and asked me to cancel the booking. I did not cancel for about a month and told them they were contractually obligated to give me an apartment at the contracted rate. However, in May I agreed to cancellation after a couple of my friends in Pune confirmed sancetion issues in the city.

The builder is not transparent. Stay clear of this builder.
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TAXI GUYS- Worst guys in PA
Hi Guys,

 This should be the scary story for all the housewives and dependents who have come to USA. I am on L2 Visa and here with hubby.For a week, i planned to take Learner's permit.So was hardly preparing for that.One day, me and my friend who is also on dependent visa,planned to call the TAXI wala to drop us to the PennDot(Pennsylvania Driver's License).We called him up around 1.30 pm.For more than 15 minutes we are looking for the guy outside and we were not able to find him.At 1.35 we called him and reminded him. He was yelling that he is there before the house only and still we couldnt see him.By that time,since my apartment is near by i went to take my purse.Taxi came and asked her to get it and started yelling at her saying "Are you deaf,dumb,blind.."etc for no reasons.It seems he was waiting for more than 20 minutes outside.And telling us that we're lying.

Pity her, on her birthday.After finishing his stories, she asked him to wait for few minutes while i come.Again he was frustated and said "where the hell is your friend"..How could he say that??? Turning the car very rashely ,he was waiting for me.I dont know any of these stories because i was not there and came to know after she said.

We came to know that he is such a racist guy.and dont like Indians. But he was not african to do that.He looked white.We got dropped and asked him to go.

Actually we got down near our husbands office.They were in such a bad situation kinda meetings,busy and all and not even had time to drop us.It was rainy and windy day.We thought of walking back to home as we dont have any vehicle with us.But we seemed to lost the way and came back to the office.One of the collegue helped us and we got back home.

You would need to know the name of the Taxis who does this.ITS QUICK CALL TAXI here in PA.So i request all of you to be careful with those guys.
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Bad Experience with Aditya builders, Pune
I had also booked a 3 BHK flat in Breeze Park in Aug @ Rs 1450 per sq ft, he has not given me any receipt of the same, I was given the same assurance as given in mail below.
I was regularly checking with the builder about the registration, but every time I was given one or the other excuse for not doing the same. Last time I called him (last month) he said we are cancelling all the bookings as there is some problem in sanction. I told him clearly it is not my problem if you do booking without getting the land or plan sanctioned.
Later I sent one of my relatives to the site for booking. The site officer said booking will start in month of April again...!!!
I have not cancelled my booking till date. If there are more people who are being cheated by this builder, it is my request to get together and take some action in this regard. It would be of some relief if we can avoid such things, at least in future!!!
Amit Tak

I booked 3 BHK flat in Nov 2005 in Aditya Builder's Breeze Park project near Baner. At the time of booking rate was Rs 1500/sqft. I gave the booking amount of Rs 50,000/- for which he did not give any receipt and told me that registration is due in couple of weeks so will give all the receipts at that time. In Dec 2005 when I asked about registration he said it will take some more time , in Jan 2006 he said they are facing some sanction problem with the project so it will take some more time. In February he gave the same answer and said , registration can not be done take back your money now, when asked to give written explantion he refused to give that.
In this 4 months gap rates in surrounding area went up by 500 to 600/sqft. Finally he mentioned you can retain the money with us but when the project will open again you will have to give new rate. This is direct cheating by builder. Finally i took the money back as i had no time and energy to fight against him and booked flat elsewhere. He returned money without any interst and used my money for 4 months.

So my suggestion is please so not go for Aditya Builder at all, he is a big cheater. Please fwd this message to more and more ppl who are interested in buying proprty in pune.
Kaustubh Joshi
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Similar experience with telemarketers
I am also having similar experience with telemarketers.
I live in Bellevue in Washington state and even though I put my phone number in do not call registery I get 2 phone calls from a lady saying she is calling from fire fighters association and she is not even giving me chance to talk!!!
Then she rudely says to me 'how much you want to give 35 dollars or 50 dollars' and I am saying I can't decide like this without my husband since he will have to pay. So she says give 10 dollars then and she is insisting for 5 minutes. Finally, I am feeling stupid to say no because she says it is for good cause and I have to agree for 10 dollars.
Then she calls again saying the same story and this time I told her I already agreed to 10 dollars contribution so she says 'it is for good cause what will you give 35 or 40'; then I tell her I need to think but she goes on annoying me.

My friends say I should just say no thank you in the beginning and bang the phone down but I don't want to be rude to somebody doing their job. Another friend says not to agree to anything over phone and just say 'I cannot make agreements over phone like this'.
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Beware of Telemarketers
Please be very careful of what you agree to when a telemarketer calls you up at home...
it is best to tell them politely (but firmly) 'thanks, but I am not interested, good bye' and hang up the phone immediately...

They are usually so persuasive that they will offer you some really good deal and make it sound like you will be a fool to refuse...then somewhere down the line, you well get an unexpected bill for the same!

It happened that a newspaper called me and offered 4 weeks of free newspapers and they also said after 4 weeks they will call again and offer me to take up a subscription or discontinue. I agreed and not only did they not send any free papers for the 4 weeks, they did not even call me to ask for subscribing and now they have started sending me bills saying I owe them for so many weeks of the subsscription!

this is not so serious as what happened to a friend to whom some credit card company mailed a credit card without ordering one! Imagine if that had gone to teh wrong hands (this was sent to an old address), somebody could have activated it and used it to spoil his credit...

So please remember that telemarketers are the worst people in america and you should not entertain them at all..
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