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Waiting time between biometric and EAD

Hi all, Today my sponsor emailed me saying that they were terminating my visa because I am currently seeking permanent residency in the US and...

Biometric notice

Good news, today I received my appointment notice for my biometric after 133 days - PD 07/10 Brooklyn filler. Do you know how long after the ap...


Hi Everyone, I have started the I-944 form and I am struggling a little. Has anyone gone through the process yet? Just to sum-up my si...

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Reply to: Green card received (Dallas field office)

Congrats!!! The IO seemed so nice. I just have one question about your visa violation? What was the cause if you don’t mind me asking? Basical...


Once you have a SSN, the number is unique to you forever. If you leave the country and come back or even change status, you will have the same o...

Reply to: Question regarding I-485 Ready to schedule for interview

Hey! How long before receiving your combo card did you do your biometric? Thanks

Reply to: Newark- NJ PD July 2020

Thank you! Did your status for your I-756 and I-131 change as well? I think you will be receiving your combo card in the next few days if they...

Reply to: Newark- NJ PD July 2020

Hey, when did you do your biometric and how much time between your bio and your change of status? Thank you

Reply to: Biometrics Appointment

PD 07/10 - Brooklyn filler and I received my appointment notice on Friday. It should be your turn soon. Good luck

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