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I am glad to purchase my insurance from INSUBUY and I really like the services.
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Renewal Patriot America
Quick question,

I am leaning towards buying Patriot America for my mother who is visiting for 2 months. In case her stay gets extended, can you renew the policy. The website says, the policy can be renewed for minimum 5 days if you have initial policy for 3 months> So does that mean, I can renew the policy if my initial policy is for 2 months.

Please advice.


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My parents are here on green card. Where can I get insurance for them? THey both are above 70 yrs and do not have any major illnesses.
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Too much trouble with ICICI visitors medical insurance
I want to let everyone know about the scam(s) being run by most of the Medical Insurance Company's in India especially for parents holding Visitor Visa's.

My parents visited US 3 months back and I have done good amount of research and after inquiring about various plan details got medical insurance from ICICI.
My parents paid around $1400.00 for 6 months.

The policy's name it self mentions Cash Less claim policy meaning
no payments/approvals required at the time of service and their US tie up United Health Care would take care of all the charges.

Unfortunately, my father had developed Heart Symptoms and on the advise of a family Doctor living remotely had to contact ICICI for finding out about any specific group to be visited.

We were told that, I need to pay the consultation charges and if it is more than deductible of $100.00, need to file for Claim.
I was ready for that but asked about any diagnostic tests prescribed, they had suggested the same pay and claim policy.
I argued with them about policy details and the ICICI representative was suggesting the same.
Later, I was told to visit a Doctor and send them Prescription for tests so that they would pre-approval.
At this point , I was pretty sure nothing is going to work out with this policy and it is a scam.
But still sent them all the test details.
ICICI never responded even after 2 weeks and kept on dragging requesting the same documents over and over.
Most ridiculous part was they operate without a Toll Free number and every time we need to keep on updating every representative.
Thank god with advise from my family Doctor, I sent my parents within a week.
After reaching India, my father was undergoing tests and one day suddenly developed severe Heart stroke and was rushed to hospital and got operated.
He is safe and stable now and is recovering.
Meanwhile, ICICI did come back after 4 weeks with a pre-approval, with $ 800.00 limit.
They dont have any pre-negotiated rates with any hospital in USA.
I asked how about United Health Care tie up.
They answered that United Health Care is just a payment agency for ICICI in USA. It seems that we can't really use United Health Care PPO network, and there is no direct payment and there are not network negotiated fees. This is so misleading.
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Request for insurance info detail

Me and my wife are expected to travel to US on 23rd of July, hence we would like to have a travel insurance and immediate insurance on arrival (i.e. before my company processes an insurance for me and my wife).

Please let me know who could give the best for us as it would need to cover pregnancy as well. (my wife is in her 34th week now)

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How about lab/blood works?
Hello Narendra

I am planning to get the $100K($100 deductible) patriot insurance for my in-laws, who will be visiting us later this week. I was wondering, does the 'compherensive coverage plan' from patriot, covers the following:

1. Rgular/annual medical checkup
2. Lab work / Blood work for the item #1

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Insurance for Pre-existing health conditions

My parents and aunt are planning to visit us in July for about 3.5 months.
My aunt (aged 70 years) recently recovered from a skin disease in India. The doctor has advised her to take some precautions for ensuring that it does not flare up again. In this case,can this be covered under any insurance? (as I understand, this would be considered as a Pre existing health condition).

Also, my father has diabetes, in case we need to visit the doctor here(to get a prescription for insulin injections which he takes daily), will that be covered under any insurance? (or, will this be considered as a pre existing condition as well)

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Stay away from Bajaj Allianz Insurance!
This is nothing but a scam and they will turn your life upside down. I have one relative and 1 friend who both got swindled by non-payment of benefits and claims. Stay away and buy Insurance from a company based in America.
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Hygenia vs first health
Narendara, For my satisfacation I tried calling a doctor office to get a sense on Hygenia vs first health. They could not recognize Hygenia . The reason I was looking for Hygenia as atlas america covers the pre exisiting upto $15k in case of an onset. The doctor did recognize the first health but the moment I said visitor insurance she backed up a bit. Any comments
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Experience with United India Insurance

My parents are coming in June and we are thinking about buying the plan from United Indian insurance who has tieup with Coris. Can anyone provide some feedback about this insurance?
Pros? Cons?

I couldnt find the claim process or network doctors anywhere on both sites so I am bit confused.

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