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Business Visa - B1

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B1 Visa rejected
The VO asked just four questions and rejected my visa. He didnt even look into my documents.

Whats the pupose of your visit ?
Ans: Im going to Us to attend a training in XXXXXXXX
Which company are u working in now?
Ans:XXX company
Who was your previous emplyer ?
ANs: ABC company
How long have you worked for your present employer?
Ans: 1.5 months.
Are you married?
Ans: NO

Thats it. Not even a single look into my documents and my visa is rejected.
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hi All

My name Bobby my company had selected for VOIP Training in US my Interview was on 10 NOV 2008
I got Rejected i don't know why that was the Question that they asked me

Q 1 Reason of VISIT ?

A : Business Training

Q 2 Which Company u work for ?

A: My company name

Q 3 how many Employee are there in ur Company ?

A i said 250 aproximate

Q 4 that is the first time ur visitng to US


Q 5 any other Country u have visited ?

A : no

then she said curently ur not aplicable for the visa how ever u can aply in future , how soon i can aply for the new appointment as my company is asking for the new appointment plz Reply Fast and Let me know why i got rejected
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B1 Visa Rejection
ME: Good Morning.
VO: Good Morning.
VO: you are goin us today
ME: yeah
VO: where are you going?
me: we have office in chicago, first I will go chicago then we will meet
vo: which client?
me: XXXXXX...
vo: XXXXXX?????
vo: system is slow, let me check....
me: okkkk..
vo: what will you do there?
me: I explained him.
vo: they dont have this skill set to do your work?
me: client want to do offshore environment so they have shorlisted our
organization, and our organization has nominated me for this role.
vo: ok, thats fine...
vo: for how long will you stay there?
me: around 3 months.
vo: fine.
vo: where do you stay there?
me: we have booked hotel in chicago.
vo: where do you stay?
me: mumbai.
vo: are you married?
me: yes
vo: how long you married?
me: 1 year.
vo: how long are you working with this organization?
me: 4 years.
vo: thats great same organization 4 years...
In my conversation, I didnt find any thing which lead to rejection of my VISA.
but I dont know what is the exact reason behind for my VISA rejection?
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B1 Visa documents
Do we need to carry any other documents oother than DS156, DS157, invitation letter for B1 visa? Do we need to carry educational certificates?
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Easy to get a visa
I must thank this website for all the information provided. It really helps. I had the interview in morning today at 8.00 and it went so much easier and faster.

First my Background:
I run a small company with turnover of around 50 lacs. Been to Japan last year on technical training. No other visas.
I applied for a B1 visa to attend a conference.

I came an hour early and to my surprise there were around 50 people already there. The guards opened the gates at 7.30 and let only the people with appointment between 7 and 8 am. Then it was waiting in queue for form and photograph check, then security check ( To my surprise everybody carried mobiles but had to leave them at security counter itself)
Then the fingerprinting formalities and then came the agonising wait in queues as the consulars didn't come before 8.45 am.

The interview was very smooh. Questions asked:

1)Why are you going to USA
2)What was your company's profit last year
3)Which all places have you travelled earlier outside india and why.

I gave straight forward answers in one liners and she said that my visa is granted.

It was so simple. No documents asked for and no grilling at all though i carried more than 5 kgs of documents to support.

My advice:
Speak clear and definitive.
speak with confidence.
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B1 Interview at Chennai
I saw this site yesterday only. I had my B1 Visa interview today morning at 10:30. It happend sharp at 10:30. I reached 1 hour before the interview. My company was into the Business Executive Program(BEP), So the queue was seperate and was small. Interview goes like this:-
Me:- Good Morning Mam
VFO:- Good Morning, How are you
Me:- Doing good Mam
VFO:- What is your gross salary?
Me:- XXX lacs per annum Mam
VFO:- What are you doing?
Me:- Our company is into XXX business and I am into this project
VFO:- Thank You, Your passport will be couriered to your address within 2-3 days.
Me:- Thank you so much Mam.

Dress code is not that important is what I feel. I went without any tie, was wearing a sports shoes. Greet the officer with a pleasant smile, your job is half done. Btw, I saw 2 rejections today in the same line, But dont know exactly what is the reason.
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Received 10 year multiple entry business VISA @ Mumbai Consulate
My VISA interview was scheduled at 8.30 AM and I entered into consulate at 9.15 AM. After fingerprining and other formalities , officer called my token number at 10.30. Before I continue sharing my experience on what happened after that , I would like to give you some background , I work in xxx company in Pune ( Branch Office) , my company is head quatered in Bangalore and our travel manager operates from Chennai Branch office ( as most of the cases in Bangalore are handled by Chennai consulate). As such as I received my HDFC receipts from Chennai thru courier which I had submitted to VFS application center in Pune and then they were handed over to VISA officer along with DS-156 and DS-157 at interview counter along with my passport before my token number was announced. So here it goes
VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning Office
VO: Where do u stay ?
Me: Pune
VO: Where do you work
VO: What is your designation ?
Me: Project Manager
VO: What are your responsbilites ?
Me: Business Development , Techno commercial execution of projects
VO: Where is your office ?
Me: XXXX, Pune
VO: Then how come your receipt is from Chennai ?
Me: ( Completely taken aback by this question , thouht for a moment and answered) becuase my copnay head quarters is in Bangalore and Travel Manager is in Chennai
VO: But you should have bought HDFC receipt in Pune itself
Me: ( under pressure now as I tought he is having doubt on my case, decided to fight by telling the truth) , Accroding to our company process any body who travles outside India has to process his VISA thru our Travel Manager in Chennai , I did the same thing , he bought the HDFC receipt and couriered it to me. I am not authorized to change compny processes and I believe in following the processes ratther than changing them. I hope that you also resepct the processes ?
VO: Smiles and says YES I do ( in fact he had no option left)
VO: What is your educational qualification
VO: What is your salary
Me: XXX Rs/Annum
VO: What is your experience
Me: xxx Years
VO: Have you been to any other country
Me: Yes to Italy in 2000,2002,2003,2004
VO: Typed something
VO: Smiles and says "CONGRATULATIONS" your VISA is granted
Me: Thanks and have a nice day ahead
VO: Thanks buddy
The interview lasted for 10 minutes and I had lost it in first few minutes ( due to HDFC receipt from Chennai)but eventually got it.
Verdict: Never ever buy HDFC receipt from any region which is outside the territory of Consulate you are trying to apply for VISA.
This web site helped me a lot to prepare for the interview questions. And all the best for you all who wish to apply for Business VISA.
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B1 approved at Chennai
First, a big thank you to everyone who posted their experiences here. I learnt a lot about questions asked during the interview from this forum. Thank you guys.
The VO asked me only 4 questions.
What is your company into?
What is your current salary?
What is the product you are going to be trained on all about?
Who is your client?
And that was it. No other questions and absolutely no documents other than the visa app forms were checked. Remember to stay calm. The building is designed to creep you out I think :) Greet the VO with a smile and look at the VO while answering. Carry your documents, dress well (dainty but not over the top). A word of advice. Discuss at length with your colleagues who've been through interviews to get an idea of what documents are needed and make sure you have them. Don't overprepare or you may end up confusing yourself. Know yourself, the company you work for and the reason for the visit.
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B1 approved
I am thankful to this forum which helped me a lot to prepare for the visa interview. My visit to US was to appear for the interview for one organization's India location. So I was a bit nervous.
My interview was in Mumbai at 8.15 AM. I reached there at 7.30 am. My turn came at 8.55 am. My interview went on for 5 minutes.

Me: Good monring Ma'm.
VO: Good morning!Why you want to visit USA?
Me: To appear for the interview for ABC's India locations.
VO: What business does ABC have?
VO: How much experience you have in this field?
Me: 5 years
VO: What are your qualifications?
VO: Are you employed currently?
Me: Yes
VO: Which organization?
VO: How long?
Me: 6 months
VO: Why do you want to change the job this early?
Me: For additional responsibilities and global exposure.
VO: What is your current salary?
VO: How much ABC is offering you?
Me: This is yet to be discussed. I am through with initial rounds of interview. Salary will be decided after meeting with senior management.
VO: Do you have the invitation letter?
Me: Yes
VO: Please show me.
I gave the letter.
VO: How long you will be staying in US?
Me: 4 days
VO: OK. Your visa is approved. Good luck for interview.
Me: Thank you very much Ma'm!

I would like to share this with you: Be confident and know what your docuements say and tell the truth.
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B1B2 -FOR 10 YEARS ;-)
i would like to share my exp on B1 visa interview..

my interview time schedule @ 11.30 am, i reached around 10:30 am .. nobody in the Q . so i went inside after two tight security check. then asusual documents check . etc . then helpers directed me to VO counter. In that Q only 3 people B4 me. all 3 got visa within 10 min .
Next is my turn. I prayed all set of gods

VO : Hello Sir
ME : Hello sir, good morning
Vo : goodmorning
me : H r u ?
Vo : Iam fine . H R U ?
ME : Fine too
Vo : How long u working in xxx company ?
Me : x Years x months
Vo : GR8
Vo : who is ur client ?
Me : xxxxxxxxx
Vo : What is your project all about ?
me : xxxxxxxxx (Dont elaborate bla bla )
Vo : How many people are coming with you for attending this meeting ?
Me : one
Vo : Who ?
Me : Its me
Vo : R u sure ?
Me : Yes
Vo : Laugh hahahhahahahahah

Then i got my visa for next 10 years , my interview takes hardly 2 min . so Be bold . Relax while standing in Q .I came out @ 11 am.. with Big smile.. so be prepare your self .b4 attending the interview .Thanks to this site to express my exp the v best
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