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Parents Visitor Visa
Last year I applied visitor visa for my parents, and I got an appointment for September 2024, I noticed the appointment is for 2 visits to 2 different places. Now I forgot my password to log in to my portal visa page, I reset but it doesn't work.

If anyone faces this kind of issue, please let me know.

Thank you
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security questions
I am not able to log in with security questions which gave while creating profile. is anybody there who can help in this case
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B1 Visa - 2nd attempt Approved- Chennai Consulate
Hi everyone, I have attended my first interview on 17th Sep 2019 in Chennai Consulate & rejected
A young lady interviewed me

Me : Good morning Mam
VO : Good morning

VO : Why you are going US?
Me : I was little bit nervous and said I am going for business meetings & have manufacturing build happening in the location

VO : Typing the screen and asked Where in US
Me : Wyoming

VO: Again repeated the same question
Me: I missed to mention state name and mentioned it

VO : Previous travel experience?
Me : Thailand

VO : Is it for business?
Me : No, It's for tourism

VO: Why can't you do it Online
Me : I am needed for hands on in the **** stream for input collections and then will return back & update on the program

VO : How much exp in present company?
Me : 3 months

VO : Handed over 214(b) and my passport to me.

Today(5/9/23) appeared for 2nd attempt in Same Chennai Consulate. This time a middle aged white man.

Me: Good morning Officer
VO : Very Good morning

VO :Pass me your passport
Me: Here you go officer

VO: Where you going to US
Me : I said company name, city and state name which is mentioned same in DS 160

VO : Why you are going to US?
Me : I started with my designation & explained in detail and included keyword like business meetings, discussion with Director & VP & Managers of the program. This matched the info provided in DS 160

VO : What is your designation
Me : Senior design engineer ( I thought he would reject since I am not Manager level)

VO : Why you are selected to go US and looked my eye for answers.
Me : I saw his eyes directly & informed Since I am the only person looking after the System from India location & hence I am needed and called there to discuss about the future program with me.

VO : Do anyone accompany with you to US?
Me : No officer, I am going alone

VO : How many years in current company?
Me : 4+ years in current company and have total 12 years exp

VO : Again asked about the designation
Me : Senior Design Enginner

VO : Place your fingerprint and your Visa is approved
Me : Thanks a lot officer and placed my fingerprints on the scanner
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Scheduled appointment for VISA renewal - failed
I have applied for renewal of my US VISA (B1/B2). I am the primary applicant and my wife is the second applicant in my application. I have scheduled an appointment for documents drop box at Hyderabad today i.e. 22-Aug-2023 at 10:45 AM at HiTech city metro station. As I proceed to the counter to submit the documents the counter person say that only my appointment is visible while my wife's appointment is not visible. She has verified with her supervisor also but couldn't do any thing. Having no other option I have submitted my documents along with the passport and returned. I have raised this issue with VISA appointments support team in India and the outcome is awaited
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Visa status stuck in "Application received" for 3 weeks
My mother had her biometrics appointment for her B1 visa on January 24th and her interview on January 25th, 2023. It has been 3 weeks and the CEAC website shows "Application received" and LastUpdated on January 24th, 2023. She had her interview at the Hyderabad consulate. Has anyone experienced such abnormal delays? This is a very worrisome time for us since we need to plan her travel to the USA soon. Any leads or help would greatly be appreciated.
I have tried calling VFS multiple times, but the only response we get is "Application is under processing". Please provide any experience you may have heard.

Thank you!
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Need assistance for applying to F1 with previous record of B1
So, I had previously applied for a B1 visa through my previous employer for a client visit. The visa was approved and I was given a visa for 3 months. Unfornutaley, I didn't get to travel that time because the client changed their mind later. The validity of my B1 visa has already expired now.

Now, I want to apply for an F1 visa for my postgraduate studies.
Will there be any chance of my F1 visa rejection because of my previous B1 visa which was approved but I didn't travel to the USA that time?

Please give me some insights on this and possible questions that the consular might ask regarding this. Will be a big help. Thanks.
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Interview waiver form for a 3 years old daughter
Dear all,
Could anyone help me with this query, me and my wife both have a valid USA b1/b2 VISA, now I have applied for my daughter who is 3 years old and she is suppose to be eligible for interview waiver program.
I have completed ds 160 and also paid appointment fees and selected appointment date, now the question is How am I support to drop off the application without interview waiver form, I do not know how and from where I will get this form. I tried to search internet, even contacted the support team they are not answering me at all. And even for the email no response at all.

THanks and regards.
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I want to extend my Parents Visa, and what reason is appropriate for USCIS ?
And If I apply online , it is going to cost 370 +85 = 455 per person, and if you apply paper application 370 + 85*2 = 540.
Is my understanding correct? Can you please share your experiences.

Thanks in advance.
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Traffic violation on form DS-160 for H1B stamping? Have you ever been convicted or arrested for any crime or offense ?
HI I got 3 traffic citation on same day in PA state, I am a residence of MD state.
1) Speeding at 100mph in 65mph zone.
2) Driving in left lane on limited highway
3) Careless driving

I had to pay the FINE simply. Cops didn't arrest me, no fingerprint, they didn't ask me to appear to the court. But I contested the citation by reporting PLEAD NOT GUILTY on the ticket.

Cops and my lawyer received the hearing date from court. Cops and my lawyer came to an arrangement before the trial started. So during the summary trial Cops changed the citations to the below citation and then judge pleaded me guilty for these.

1) 75 § 3362 : Exceed 65 OR 70 MPH For All Vehicles By 15MPH
2) 75 § 3313 D1: Driving in Right Lane
3) 75 § 3111 §§ A: Obedience to Traffic Control Devices

I paid the fine and attended online driver improvement program. No License suspension, no arrest, no fingerprinting.

Now for the question on DS-160 there is a question: Have you ever been convicted or arrested for any crime or offense, even though subject or pardon, amnesty or other similar action?

What should I pick as answer: YES or NO
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Need Assistance on B1 to H1B
Hi Team,

I had a B1 visa with which I went to US couple times on client visits. Later with the B1 visa I went to US on 2013 and within 6 months I got my status changed from B1 Visa to F1 Student visa and continued to do my Masters and after the 1st term, I moved to a different state and different college.

I studied Master's there for a term to 2 terms and later due to mental health issues and financial issues, I couldn't continue to do my Master's, however stayed back there Out of Status as I couldn't pay the tuition fees.

I was there presumably Out of Status in US for 1.5 Years and later in 2017, I came back to India for good and none questioned my return back to India.
Also, during my entire stay in the US while I was Out of Status, none questioned me nor was I ever questioned on my status.

In couple month's time, it will be 5 years since I came back from US to India and want to know if I can apply for H1B visa in the near future, maybe in a year's time or come to US on Business Visa as I have a tie up with a company in US with my startup in India.

Kindly help me / suggest if I can travel to the US again.
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