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Business Visa - B1

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B1 Visa Rejected
Date : 30 Aug 09
Time : 12.00

1. Stood in Que for 15 mins.

2. Finger print done by 12.15

3. Interview call by 12.45

4. Visa Officer :
Why do you want to vist US ?

How much do you earn ?

How long have you been working with your organization ?

Tips :
1. Never take sealed envlopes. They will send you out of embasy to open it.

2. You may not get B1 visa if your experience is less than 4 years.

3. The Visa Officer will not ask you for any document. You need to push applicable documents with each question.

Please correct me if I am wrong.
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My experience for B1 visa
First off all thanks to all of them who posted there experience here promptly, which helped me a lot in getting the details about visa interview.

Let me let some thing what i observed regarding this is you have to be very specific with why ur going and the purpose should be very much transperent and should explain to officer in a short and clear pronounciation. Next is the supporting strong points are be very much attentive to there questions and try to convience the need of visa. No need to be very much afraid...its even not depends on the way u look or the way you pocess but the way you give answers with confidence will matters.

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interview experience on 2009/08/03
Interview date : Aug 3 2009, Mumbai
I have had F1 and H1 in the past and was applying for Business Visa this time
Interview Time : 7:45 am
VFS lounge facility availed, but not really worth it unless you want to keep mobile, etc in their locker. I think the next time I go for a Visa Interview (which may be 10 years from now) I will not avail of the VFS Lounge facility.. if it exists, that is!

Anyways here is how it all went ...
1) reached the consulate via the VFS bus around 8 am
2) stood in queue outside the consulate gate 20 mins
3) done with finger printing 8:50 am
4) atleast 300 people in the Interview hall. August is a lot of rush because of F1 visas
5) 10:20 I get called for the interview

VO: Why do you want to go to the US
me: I would like to meet some clients in the US plus I have lived in the US in the past, so would like to catch up with friends

VO: Whats your company name?

VO: How many employees?

VO: How much do you make?

VO: Do you have your tax returns?

VO: Your visa will be issued to you
me: thanks a lot.. have a good one!
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attending a conference
I am attending an international conference in San Diego California, will my company head need to fill up mY DS156 and DS157? tHANKS. Will I need to apply for B1? or B2 Visa?
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attending a conference
I am attending an international conference in San Diego California, will my company head need to fill up mY DS156 and DS157? tHANKS. Will I need to apply for B1? or B2 Visa?
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Interview on Tuesday
Hi. My company is sending me for a series of training in Las Vegas on the 30th but I have yet to be interviewed at the Embassy. I've been with the company for a month hence, they are shouldering everything. Am pretty nervous of the interview thats why i am flicking through here. So what advice could you give me to get my visa approved? Thanks.
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Hi friends i got visa B1
23 march 2009:
Scheduled time 9:30
Interview time: 11 AM
asked Questions:
1> why do u go?
2> what are ur clients?
3> Which company ur working?
4> Whts ur salary
5> since how long ur working in prewst company?

Thats it i got visa
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I Got B1 Visa
Hi Friends!

I got B1 Visa through first attempt. This forum is really helpful. thanks lot.
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B1 Visa Got

My experiene my help some people:

In December 2007 i attended H1b Interview my petetion returned to USICS.

Yesterday i attended for B1 Visa (BEP) i got visa,dont worry about previous H1b Visa Rejections.

Visa officer asked 2 questions:
1)How long been you are in present company?
2)What project iam working ?
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Hi All,

First of all thanks to immihelp and members who shared their experiences here.
My interview was scheduled at 12.30PM. I was there by 10.40 itself. I was allowed to stand in the queue by 11.45AM for checking (They check your Passport, HDFC receipt and Interview letter). After this is over and frisking, you are allowed inside. I was having my pen drive with me, but they allowed me to take it inside (My advice, Better DON'T take your pen drive with you). Once inside i was asked to sit down for few minutes and they guided me to an adjoining building. There i was asked to stand in a queue in front of Counter no.8. Here we have to produce our DS-156, DS-157, Passport and interview letter. It is here finger printing of all the fingers are taken. They put these documents in their folder and ask you to stand in the queue for Visa interview. There were 5 visa counters and around 15 of us were waiting. Each has to wait for his/her turn and go to any counter that is vacant. My visa officer was aged around 40. While i approached the counter he greeted me and i responded. I gave the doc folder to him and i was asked to place my left middle finger for scanning. Below are the questions that he asked me.
Q1: Why is you company named XXX. why not YYY or ZZZ?
Q2: Tell me about you project?
Q3: What is you role as a QA Team Lead?
Q4: What you will be doing there in US?
Q5: What is your Current Salary?
VO Asked for my Client Invitation letter. Looked at it and asked
Q6: How did you get this letter?

Thats it. He told me my visa is approved and i will get it within a week.

My Tips: Be Confident. Be Cool. Present yourself well and Have faith in God. Good Luck !!!
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