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venk1234     09/28/2019 04:36 AM

Which Visa you are applying?
L1A for Managerial.

company name

less than 90K

work for client ?

How many Indirect reportees?
more than 10 (Instead of saying digit,I could have said like 10 and I have authority and Budget to hire more )

How many direct in US?
less than 10 (Instead of saying digit,I could have said like 10 and I have authority and Budget to hire more )

How many indirect in US?
No (I feel this is where interviewer thought that I am like a track Lead and not a manager)

We have very narrow chances to approve this visa , we can't approve your Visa

Make sure you maintain same hierarchy in India and in US.

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anja008     09/28/2019 01:12 AM

I have received RFE for my L1B individual Visa filed under premium processing. May i know what level of details or supporting documents are required to prove specialization. I had already submitted all awards, appreciation emails, trainings, certificates, internal PPTs, presentations done by me. Now I am confused what else can be added??? Any suggestions would be helpful

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tsaditya     09/27/2019 23:27 PM

I had responded to RFE and saw that it was approved on USCIS site. Can i go ahead and book an visa appointment using the I129 receipt no WACXXXXXX or do i need to wait for the approval notice.

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ashwininagargoje786     09/27/2019 23:13 PM

I applied L1A at premium processing

I got RFE

I see one of team memeber from USA has left org and that causes change in team structure

Should I go ahead and file amendment or just keep as it is ?

The person was direct reportee to me and he was project manager
Kindly help

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kvaz     09/26/2019 07:28 AM


When we apply for L1 A Blanket Visa-- We have I729 and Supporting docs like Org Structure/Offer Letter.
My question is, Do Attorney submit these docs before hands to given US consulate? Want to understand if US Consular knows the case in advance or comes to know only when we attend the interview and provide petition.

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goutham968     09/26/2019 05:29 AM

Today, My L1B Blanket visa got approved at Chennai, In my case I have 2 times B1 got rejected in Jan, 2019 and Feb 2019.

Questions :-
VO - Which visa are you applying for?
ME - Applied for L1B Blanket

VO - What are you going to do in US?
ME - To develop and design *********

VO - What will you are salary in US ?
ME - ***K per annum

VO - Will you be working for client?

VO - Visa is approved
ME - Thank you

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ajaysamby     09/25/2019 00:49 AM

Hi All,

Yesterday(24th September, I along with my wife and two kids) appeared for L1 visa interview at the Mumbai Consulate. Visa interview went well. I was told by VO that my visa is approved and I will receive my passport in 2-3 days. No 221(g) was given to me.

Today(25th Sep) I checked my visa status on CEAC website(https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker) and my status was "Administrative Processing".

I am surprised why status is Administrative Processing when VO clearly said that my visa is approved.

It would be great if someone can share experience related with admin processing after visa approval by VO.

This uncertainty is driving me nuts.

Many thanks in advance.

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Consult86     09/25/2019 05:45 AM

Hi All,

I am unsure if this topic has been covered before but here goes.

My firm, a global management consulting firm, applied for an L1A Blanket visa for me. I have spent over 3 years with the firm and got a promotion but as is the case with all consulting firms, I do not have direct reports and do not manage a budget. My role in my previous career, ironically, had both requirements but as a consultant I do not. However, my immigration lawyers felt it was the right visa to apply for and not L1B.

My interview was in August and my application was rejected. At first i thought there was something wrong with the way i gave the interview, but with time i started to feel the visa they applied for was incorrect given my role.

My firm has now agreed to apply through individual and will commence the process shortly. Before i invest any further time, I was hoping to get a few answers from this seasoned audience on the following:

1. Should i apply for L1B individual or stick with L1A itself
2. For those management consultants in the audience who have successfully applied through L1A, could they please share their experience in terms of application and what all details they shared while building the application
3. In general, is there any further documentation that you should share while filing an individual petition
4. If you do get an RFE, what additional documents do you share with USCIS

Looking forward to hearing your responses. Thanks.

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ms009     09/25/2019 05:02 AM

Hi. Can anybody please help me with the time between date of filing to date of interview?
My company has just started with the internal process. Whenever they would file from that day how long will it take to get an interview date


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manoharahp     09/24/2019 14:44 PM

L1B extension files on Jan/04/2019 and converted to PP on sep 16 2019. No response received yet and my 240 period after I94 expiry is coming to end on Oct 2nd 2019.Anyone faced this situation?

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