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L1B to L1A to EB1C
I wanted to check if this can be done.

My situation :

My initial L1B was filed in Feb 2018 , I got an RFE in June 2018. Finally visa was approved in Nov' 2019 and finally came to USA on L1b visa in Feb 2020. I know, that is a very long time.

But during Sept18 I was promoted and was given additional responsibilities (of a manager) along with my specialized skill. So I had people reporting me from Nov'18 to Feb'2020 (when I actually promoted ). I had both technical and managerial role during that one year.

Now my company is filing L1B to L1A conversion since I was again promoted last year and have been on a managerial role for last year and my current l1b is expiring in dec 24.

If my L1A is approved , will I be eligible for filing GC under EB1C ?
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L1A Blanket , Chennai , Feb 2, 2024
Thanks to this forum and it has been immensely helpful. Will summarize my experience

Biometric, you only need to go at the time of appointment as they let you in ahead of others in queue. Consular appointment make it 30-45 min before as multiple slots are clubbed together. For ex when I went 9:30 to 10:30 slots were clubbed

The wait was long and its a bit worse than how it was 6-7 yrs back. Once you make it to the visa officer to me he asked below questions

1. company I work for
2. Total yrs of exp in the org
3. New role in Us
4. No of ppl reporting to me directly & indirectly
5. Salary in US
6. To my wife, reg her highest degree
7. To my son, his age

Keep contributing to this forum as its very very helpful
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Chennai - L1B Blanket - 7 Feb 2024
A big thank you to this forum as by reading posts here, I could totally visualize how's my experience gonna be and it matched perfectly.

Sharing my experience here. Any questions are welcome.

We (Spouse and I) had our biometric scheduled at Chennai VAC on 6th Feb. As everybody else shared, it was a smooth process. We reached there an hour before our appointment and they allowed. Phones were switched off but they didn't allow smart watch even if we switched it off so please don't wear any smart watch that day. Just do as they ask and you would be out in no time. If you have any changes in DS-160 and want new DS-160 application ID to be attached with appointment, make sure you get that done here itself. Also make sure that your DS-160 is stamped before you leave the premises.

Now comes the D-day. We had our appointment at 10 AM in the morning on 7th Feb. We tried to get some good sleep but it was obvious that we both had hard time sleeping. We were rushing for interview even in our dreams. Haha! We woke up at 6 AM. Got ready, had good breakfast (very important). I had a strong black coffee to keep myself wide awake. As phones were not allowed. We booked a cab from room itself, noted down cab number, OTP, driver's number etc on notepad and got the cab from hotel's pickup. We reached for interview at 9:30 (we aimed for reaching early but then things happen. Try reaching early)

Many cab drivers in Chennai refuse to start the ride if the payment mode is not cash, even if it's cash, they ask for some extra money on top of what's shown on app so please keep some buffer time in case you need to book another cab due to this reason.

Upon reaching there, on footpath itself they checked our appointment letter and let us in from barricades. Then we joined queue for security scan. After security, there was a person sitting with a table, he gave us a laminated printout mentioning all the documents needed to be arranged in the order - Two sets of first eight pages of I-29S, two sets of I-797, DS-160 of primary applicant, DD and passports for both the applicants. We arranged documents and he stapled those and put a rubber band.
We were then moved to another building, there they didn't scan the bags again. We joined the queue and at the end of the queue, there was a counter for submitting Fraud Detection and Prevention Fees. There were chairs in front of the counter, they asked my spouse to sit there while I joined the queue for paying the fees via DD. I am sharing few things from my personal experience here-
1. Please make a DD if possible. Your day would be easier. It takes hardly 15 mins to get a DD from any private bank.
2. I was very confused as what should be the name of payee on DD as official websites are also mentioning different names at different places. Finally I went ahead with - 'US Consulate General, Chennai' and it worked.
3. Make sure the date is not stamped beyond the point where there are marks to cut the sides of DD. My colleagues DD got rejected because of this reason.
4. If you're planning on paying by credit card, make sure international transactions are enabled. It's very important because you won't be carrying your phone so you can't enable it there. If you don't enable it before hand then withdrawing cash remains the only option. Credit card for a person ahead of me was declined and he was strongly arguing that he just used credit card night before. When the lady at the counter asked if he enabled international transactions, look on his face was heartbreaking. Please don't make this mistake.
5. The person on the counter would staple one copy of the receipt with your documents. Retain your copy and click a photograph once you reach your place. Mostly it won't be used in future but the receipt would get erased in some days (it's the kind of receipt that you get for PoS transaction or at supermarket) so it's better to keep one photo, just in case, it's needed later.

Now, after this, they asked both of us to go to a counter where a person checked documents details and made some entries on computer. We were finally asked to wait for the interview. There weren't much people that time. There was an elderly person before us and then came my turn.

It would be same window as you'd see at the VAC and other counters. There would be a speaker at your left and finger print scanner at your right. There would be a place in the center from where you can pass documents.

I greeted the officer with a smile - "Good Morning, Officer."
He greeted back with a Good Morning

I gave my documents and he sorted them for his convinience and asked - "How much is your experience in current company?"
I answered - "My experience in current company is 2.5 years but I have been working on my specialized knowledge for close to eight years." (It's important to highlight it)

He asked - "Please explain your specialized knowledge." I couldn't hear properly so he repeated.

I started explaining and noticed that he stamped my application in the middle of my answer. Towards the end of my answer, he signaled me to stop and asked me to place my left hand's four fingers on scanner and then asked my spouse to do the same. He then said that our visa is approved and we should retain the copy of stamped I-29S form as it would be checked at port of entry. We were thrilled but had to behave civilized until we were out of the building.

Now, few things to mention as per my experience-

1. I noticed that everybody working there were very very compassionate and helping. They understand what people feel on the day of interview so they were trying their best to make it as smooth for us as possible.
2. People working there care for your documents more than you do. They make sure to place everything in order at every window.
3. While we were waiting for our turn, there was a couple probably in their mid 50s, interviewing for tourist visa in Hindi. The translator and officer there, were very patient and compassionate with them. The elderly person in the interview queue before me, was trying to pay for passport delivery fee to officer and officer was so patiently explaining him that he need to pay it to courier person at the time of delivery. These incidents gave me the confidence and eased my nervousness. I was assured that people are not here to give us a hard time, they're here to make this process easier for us.
4. At one point, while answering my second question, I thought that I should take a pause else my answer will seem scripted so I took a brief pause and that time, I noticed that the officer was trying to give me confidence to go ahead through his eyes. His eyes were so assuring that I am going good and I should continue.
5. As others said, dressing and confidence are important but being comfortable and at ease are also important. Though don't dress casual. Officers should feel that you're taking this seriously.
6. Try to explain your key highlights as part of beginning questions. Your visa officer should have all the information to make a decision. It's your job to give that information and not his job to extract it out from you.

We got a message today on 10th Feb that our passports are out for delivery.
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L1B Blanket 10 Jan 2024
Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences. Incredibly helpful. Had my interview today and wanted to give back to the community.

I had my consular interview at 8am today in Chennai. Had completed OFC earlier in Jan. Wore a simple white shirt and trousers to the interview and reached the consulate by 7.40. There is no facility to store any mobile or electronics there. I did not take my wallet, though have seen previous posts here mentioning that it is allowed. They dont allow phones inside.

As suggested by others, post initial screening of Appointment confirmation page and DS 160 by guards, they put the documents in this order - 2 sets of I-129S (first 8 pages), 2 sets of I-797 (first page only), DS-160, passport. I paid the anti fraud fee via draft.

Then there was a line to get to the consular officer. There were almost 50 odd people ahead of me. After waiting for 45 mins, I got a chance. 6 consular officers were interviewing candidates today.

When I joined the queue, the consular officer was grilling a girl from PwC for an L1A. She did not agree why an American cannot do the job so she denied her visa. Next was an F-1, approved. Next me.

Years spent at the firm?
What are you going to do? Why cant an American do it?
Do you code?

Some questions to other candidates: What do you specialize in? How many reportees do you have?

Approved. You'll get the passport in 5 days
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L1B Blanket - Chennai - Approved on 13 Nov, 2023
This forum helped me a lot for preparing myself for the interview, hence wanted to give back my experience to this forum.

VAC - 20th October 2023

My Bio-Metrics appointment was at 9:30 AM and I booked my appointment in Hyderabad. I have reached the center at 9 AM, after checking my original passport, DS 160 confirmation page and Appointment details they have let me in at 9 AM itself. I suggest reaching the center at least before 30 minutes, generally what I heard is they usually allow before your appointment timing if the crowd is less. After proceeding further, there was a security check and after that I was directed to a counter where they have verified my details once again and put a sticker on my passport which has a barcode and the delivery details. They have directed me not to remove the sticker until I receive my passport back after my Visa interview. After that I was directed to another counter and asked to wait in the queue. When my turn came, the person behind the counter have asked my full name for confirmation and clicked my photo and took my fingerprints. Once that is completed, they have stamped my DS 160 confirmation page and gave it back to me and told that I can leave for the day, and I should not be delayed to the Consular interview. The whole process took only 15 minutes, and I was out of the VAC center by 9:15 AM. There is no need to worry at all, staff in the VAC are very kind and helpful. They will guide you through the whole process.

Note: There is a place just outside of the VAC center to keep any of your belongings like mobile phones etc. They don't allow an electronic item inside the VAC center.

Consular Interview - 13th November 2023

For L1 B Blanket visa only Chennai Consulate processes L1B Blanket visas, hence I have attended the interview in Chennai. My appointment was at 8:30 AM and I have reached the consulate at 7:45 and asked the security guard if 8:30 slot people can join the queue, once they confirmed I have joined the queue. The first security guard only checked the appointment details and let me through. As I moved forward there was one person who verified the details by scanning the sticker on the back of our passport which was sticked during biometrics. Post that I was allowed to go inside and there was a security check. We are not allowed to carry anything except our documents. Not even keys are allowed. Wallet is allowed. I have kept all my belonging in hotel room and came to the interview location. My suggestion is to take the accommodation near to the consulate, just for safer side. Please note there are no shops, lockers available to keep your belongings.

After the Security check one of the staff members based on the type of visa helped us to arrange the documents in order and put a rubber band. Mandatory documents required for L1B Blanket are DS 160 confirmation page, 2 sets of I-129S (8 Pages), 2 sets of I-797, Original Passport. Carry other supporting documents as well. Once the documents are arranged i was directed to another building. There was a long queue, by looking at my Visa type, one of the staff members have asked me to cut the queue and proceed directly to the inside of the building.

Next, I was directed to a counter where we have to pay the fee for L1B and fraud prevention. It was total of $5000 ($4500+$500). The person asked for the documents, and I have handed over the documents which were already arranged. Preferred way of paying is DD. Please note if you are paying through cash, it might delay your process. One person before me was trying to pay with cash and the person accepting the payment did not accept it first and asked the person to wait for some time. Eventually he was called, and he accepted the payment in cash. But as per the staff suggestion they don't really recommend paying the fee with cash.

Next, I was directed to go to another counter, where they have verified our documents and details once again.

Final step, THE INTERVIEW. I was then moved into a queue where everyone was waiting for their turn to get into the actual queue of Visa interview. Based on the availability the staff members are asking us to stand in queue in front of the interview counters. Once we get into the actual queue there will be a minimum of 2 people Infront of us. Finally, my turn came, and I have handed over my documents with a smile on my face.

VO: Good morning.
Me: Good morning officer.

VO: You are with company XYZ?
Me: Answered

After almost 30 seconds. Started typing in the system.

VO: Have you travelled to US before?
Me: Answered

VO: What is your experience with current company?
Me: Answered

VO: What is your specialization?
Me: Answered

VO: Where are going to travel to?
Me: Answered

VO: What is your role going to be?
Me: Answered

VO: Your visa is approved, please place your left-hand fingers on the scanner. You will receive in 5 working days. VO retained the passport, stamped my I-129S and returned to me and told that I have to present this document at the port of entry in US.

Me: Sure, Thank you. Have a great day.

Staff told me that I can leave for the day, and I am out of the interview location by 8:30 AM.

Overall Timeline

20th October 2023: Bio-Metrics appointment.
13th November 2023: Consular Interview.
13th November 2023: CEAC Status - Approved.
14th November 2023: CEAC Status - Issued.
17th November 2023: Passport received through Blue Dart premium delivery.
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L1B blanket Chennai - Approved on 02 Nov, 2023
01 Nov, 2023: Biometric appointment -
It was a very smooth process. I reached the Biometric office 20 mins before my appointment time.
We must carry an Appointment page, DS-160 confirmation page and Passport. Nothing else is required.
They will take the photo and fingerprints.
It took only 5 mins to complete the process.

02 Nov, 2023: Visa Interview -
I reached 20 mins before my appointment time. We are not allowed to take any electronics items inside.
We must carry only document folder with us.
There was a person helping candidates to arrange documents for L1 visa and he put a rubber band on all the documents.
2 sets of I129S, I797 approval 1st page and current passport.
Then I paid anti-fraud fees at the next counter and received 2 receipts.
Next was the interview. Questions asked:
VO: Please give me your documents
Ans: Given
VO: What visa are you applying for?
Ans: L1B blanket
VO: Are you from XX company?
Ans: Yes
VO: How long you have been working here and designation?
Ans: Answered
VO: Why are you going to US?
Ans: Answered
VO: She again asked, why they are sending only you to US?
Ans: Answered

While answering I saw she was typing something and she put a stamp on I129 petition.

VO: What you will do in US?
Ans: Answered
VO: How many other people in the project? Are you the only architect?
Ans: Answered

Then she asked me to put my left hand 4 fingers for scan.
And said the golden words that “Your visa is approved”. And she put a date on the I129 stamp and told me to carry this while travelling to US.
She kept the passport and returned the stamped I129 copy.
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L1 B Blanket
I'm sharing my experience to help others get ready for the process.
If your organization has blanket approval, you need to go to Chennai VAC, which is important information you won't find on the internet.
For your hotel accommodation, I booked Taj Connemara. Don't book hotels very close to the consulate; they can be expensive. The hotel had a swimming pool, and my son enjoyed it.
When it comes to transportation, be careful with Chennai auto drivers; some of them might try to overcharge you. I suggest booking hotel cabs if you can afford it. If not, you can negotiate with the auto drivers. My OFC appointment was at 10:30 PM, but my auto driver dropped me at the interview location, so I had to hire another auto to get to the OFC location. It was my mistake!
During the OFC process, they will take your photograph, and you can ask them to update your latest DS 160 on your application if you've made last-minute changes. In my case, I had to update my DS 160 on the application.
Regarding documentation, your immigration attorney might give you a lot of documents, but on the interview day, you'll only need a few:
1. 2 copies of 129S
2. 2 copies of the first page of i797
3. Photographs of any minors.
4. Passports
Make sure to pay attention to the photograph dimensions and guide the photographer to take the right one. Don't fully trust them; make sure you approve the photograph before they print it. In my case, the photographer in Chennai didn't print the proper photograph, and the officer rejected it during the OFC. I had to go back to the studio and get it printed correctly.
Now, let me walk you through the interview day step by step:
1. I reached the consulate 40 minutes before my interview using an auto. There was no queue, and I entered easily.
2. At the first counter, the Visa officer asked me to provide the documents mentioned in the documentation section of my post, along with DS 160 submission confirmation for all applicants.
3. I had to go to another building to make a payment of $500. It was interesting because my corporate credit card and personal card didn't work. I had to use my CITI card, which finally worked. The payment guy wasn't very friendly, but I managed it.
4. I returned to my wife and asked her to help me organize the documents. I had a 4-kilogram package from my attorney. At this point, I was already nervous and anxious. I had to muster confidence and remind myself that I deserved the visa.
5. There is a separate queue for blanket applicants, and there was no line. My wife and I were instructed to go to counter #20. I found someone there and was told to go to #23.
6. The Visa officer was almost done with another family and called me. She was a friendly lady with a smile.
• VO: "Are you here for L1 or L1B?"
• Me: "I'm here for L1B specialized knowledge category."
7. The Visa officer asked about my specialization, and I explained it nicely.
• VO: "Who is your employer?"
• Me: I answered.
8. She inquired about my current designation and the duration of my employment with the company.
• VO: "What's your current designation?"
• Me: I answered.
• VO: "For how long have you been employed with this company?"
• Me: I said 3 years, with a total of 15 years of experience. (It's essential to highlight your experience.)
9. The Visa officer asked about my salary, and I mentioned my monthly salary as advised by my attorney.
• VO: "What's your salary per annum?"
• Me: I said it in the US number system as a yearly figure.
10. She asked if I would be training a team, and I explained that I would work as an individual contributor.
11. She turned to my wife and asked if she was working. My wife replied and even added that her decision depended on the interview outcome, which made the Visa officer laugh.
12. She asked about the age of our son, and by this time, she had already approved the visa. We were then asked to provide fingerprints.
13. The Visa officer told us that our visas were approved, and we thanked her.
Some suggestions based on my experience:
• For men, wear formal attire like a blue or gray pants with a white shirt. Don't wear a suit.
• For women, business casual attire with normal trousers and plain shirts or tops is appropriate.
• It's okay to be nervous, but prepare well in advance. Take deep breaths if you start feeling anxious. Feel free to contact me in the comments if you need assistance.
• I was in blue pant shirts, my favorite. I saw people in funky colors, red, green shirts where do they get the direction from. LOL
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L1 Blanket Functional Manager Approved Chennai - Nov 2
Hi All,

Wanted to give back to the community which has been very helpful. I had scheduled my biometric and Interview for the same day 830 Am and 11 AM.
We reached the Biometric place around 730 they were lining up 8 AM batch by then. They let us in by 8.10 and we were out by 830. Even though our interview was at 11 we went directly to the consulate and reached there at 845 and asked the Guard. They let us stand in the queue and let us in and we were inside by 9. Went through the regular process of arranging Documents I129 2 copies/ I797 first page two copies. DS 160 of primary applicant only and passports. Then they verified the documents and I was in front of the interviewer by 9:45.

The interview was very simple:

When did you return back from US.(I was on h1 B 2 years back)
What is your Title
What's your salary
Why did you return last time and why you are going back now
Which place you are going

That's it Visa was approved we were out by 10. I am a functional manager i was expecting a few questions about team budget etc but nothing was asked it was very simple.

Things I wanted to highlight were you can schedule both Bio and interview for same day Keep 2-3 hours of buffer. For the Visa interview, they will let you in early if you are there early go ahead and ask them. All the best.
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L1B Blanket - Interview Experience - Chennai - Oct 31 2023 - Approved
I have attended the L1B Blanket visa interview at Chennai on 10/31. Visa is approved.

Keep the documents in this order. These are only documents they asked. we need to keep original certs handy, incase if they ask.
I-129S (8 pages) - 2 sets
I-797B (1st page) - 2 sets
DD (incase if you are paying thru card, this is not required)
Passport (latest) - old passports not required, but you can keep them handy, incase if they ask.

Find below questions asked during the interview. It was a quick interview for me, lasted about 3 min.

1) What is the visa type L1A or L1B ?
2) Which location you are traveling to?
3) How long you are with current company?

4) How long you are going to stay in US?
5) What is that you are going to do in US ?
6) What is the salary ?
Then asked to place my left hand 4 fingers on the scanner and told me your VISA is approved and that I will receive the passport in a week. Asked to carry the endorsed I-129 during my travel.

Others questions I heard from different counters:

7) What is your team size
8) Why only you, why not someone else from your team ?
9) What is the end product and how is it used ?
10) Why can’t someone from US do this job ?
11) What is your specialization ?
12) Were you part of the development of this tool ?
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L1B Indvidual (Premium Processing) - New Delhi
Thanks to the community for helping and sharing the knowledge!

Let me share my experience which may help others.

Jun 16, 2023 - L1B Individual Petition filled
Jun 19, 2023 - RFE Received
Sep 07, 2023 - RFE Responded
Sep 20, 2023 - Case Approved

05 Oct 2023, - Biometric, New Delhi
09 Oct 2023, - Interview, New Delhi

My L1B blanket was denied back in Feb 2019 which was applied by my previous organization, though this time my new company had applied L1B Individual for me. As I know, the interview is less complex in the case of individual candidates, here is my interview experience and outcome.

Skipping the greeting part.

VO: You work for X company?
Me: Yes

VO: What do you do?
Me: Answered

VO: Your specialization?
Me: Answered in just two and three lines

VO: What will you do in the US?
Me: Answered

VO: How these job duties are different?
Me: Answered

VO: Why you are only going to perform this role?
Me: Answered

VO: Which location you are going to work in?
Me: Answered

VO: What will be your salary in the US?
Me: Answered

VO: What is your current designation?
Me: Answered

VO: Will it be the same in the US?
Me: Yes

VO: What will be the duration of your Stay?
Me: Answered

VO: Will you be working for any clients?
Me: Yes

VO: Which client?
Me: Answered

VO: Will you be working from the client's office?
Me: No, I will be working at the [my company] office.

VO: Why you will not be working at the client's office?
Me: This role is only intended to be performed from the [my company] office.

VO: Do you understand the eligibility for this visa classification?
Me: Yes, I do.

(after taking a long pause)

VO: How long you have been working for this company?
Me: 2 years

VO: In Total?
Me: 12 years

VO: What is your highest qualification?
Me: Answered

VO: Have you ever traveled to the US?
Me: No

(after taking a long pause)

VO: Are you sure, you did not travel to the US before?
Me: No, I have never been to the US.

Question to my spouse:

How long you have been married?
Do you know each other before marriage?
Where did you meet?

VO handed over a yellow slip 221(g) - Admin processing - No document required and kept our passports and a copy of i-797.

VO: We need additional time to take the decision on your case, putting it on admin processing, thank you.

It has been 3 days status still shows refused

Edit :


09 Oct: Refused
15 Oct: Admin Processing
15 Oct: Approved
16 Oct: Issued
17 Oct: Passport ready for pick up


If they are retaining your passport and giving you 221(g) then nothing to worry about they just need to cross-check some info or get it verified but they know that 99% VISA has to be granted to this candidate hence retaining the passport to avoid unnecessary delay.

If they have returned your passport with 221(g) then its either a big worry or a huge delay, Still be positive and share the document at the earliest if asked.

Thank you,
Good Luck
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