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L1B Individual Approved Chennai
Thanks all the users of immihelp, It was really helpful for me to get a clear cut ideas throughout the process of my visa

Petition type : L1B Individual
Processing Mode : Premium

Time Lines

Petition filed with USCIS : 29-Aug-2019
RFE Received : 09-Sep-2019
RFE Responded : 08-Nov-2019
Case Approved : 21-Nov-2019
I-797B Received : 10-Dec-2019

Biometrics at Chennai : 06-Jan-2020 / 09:15 (You can get there early as well)
Consulate Interview : 07-Jan-2020 / 09:15 (Just reach 15 minutes before the appointment time, No waiting areas near the consulate)

Administrative Processing : 07-Jan-2020
Issued : 08-Jan-2020
Passport has left the consulate and is ready for deliver : 09-Jan-2020
Passport ready for pickup : 10-Jan-2020

Consular officer was a lady

Me : Good Morning Mam !!
VO : Good Morning Sir, How are you doing?. Just had over your passport

Me : Here is it mam
VO : This is for H1B Right??

Me : No Mam, This is for L1B (Individual). Do you want to see the I-797 ??
VO : Ha Okay, This is for L1B. Not required.

VO : SO where will you be travelling to US?
Me : Spring Texas

VO : For how long are you with your organization
Me : To be precise, 2 Years and 4 months.

VO : What is your proposed salary is US?
Me : It is XXXXXX USD per year

VO : How long is your intent of stay in US?
Me : 2 Years

VO : What will you be doing in US?
Me : Explained my specialization in one sentence.

VO : Sir, your visa is approved. Have a great time in US
Me : Thank you mam, Thanks a lot

All the time VO vas typing. Just had some general questions. I hope that for individual application there is no much of scrutinization in US consulate since it was already approved by USCIS. One important note is b genuine in DS-160 and there should not be any mismatch between DS-160 & form 129

I will be travelling next week to US. Prayers and hope that everyone gets the VISA in whichever category you are looking.

If you have any queries, I am always ready to help.
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L1 A Blanket 9th Jan 2020 - Approved
This forum has been extremely useful while preparing for the interview as it covers all possible questions. Ensure to read as many experiences on site since there is a lot to learn and practice through these questions.

Read your documents at-least 10 times and practice the questions.
Wear smile and answer questions in simple English and confidently.
Keep calm, do not stress yourself. Give it your best shot so ensure to stay fresh and active.

My Bio-metric and visa interview was on the same day in Chennai at 8 and 10:45 resp.

Bio-metrics was 10 minutes work and was out by 8:10. You can carry your cellphones along as it would be easy to book cab and all.
Went back to the hotel to relax for a while before the interview.

Visa interview :
Do not go early since they do not allow before the scheduled time and it is tough to wait on the road. Reach only 15-20 minutes in advance.
Do not carry mobiles, people were struggling to keep in locker, carry documents in transparent folder and ensuring it is well organized.
I was with my wife and once we got in had to go through the security check.
In the next area, my wife was asked to sit and since I was the primary applicant, I was asked to sort your documents - 3 sets of I-129S, I-797, Demand draft (Write name and passport at the back) and appointment confirmation letter which was stamped at Bio-metrics.
There will be a person who checks your documents sequence, passport & DD, puts them in a rubber band and ask you move to next building on the right which the main interview building.
In the next queue, had to submit the DD in counter 14. Ensure to collect receipts and then move to 15 or 16 for bio-metric validation for all applicants.
Finally, it is the interview queue. Mostly you will be able to hear the other interviews but its better to stay relax and refresh your bullet points.
Below is the conversation which at-least went for 10-15 minutes.

VO - Can I have the passport and documents
Me - Gave the passport and set of documents in rubber-band.

VO - Who is your petitioner?
Me - Answered

VO - How long you have been working with current company?
Me - 9.5 Years

VO - Have you ever applied for L1 before?

VO - Who will be your client?

VO - Exact location location where you will be travelling?

VO - Expected salary in US?

VO - How many direct reportees in US?
Answered 5 as per Org Chart.

VO - At what level will be direct reportees?
Answered as per their designation

VO - What is their educational background?
All are university graduates, mostly Bachelors in technology

VO - Do they have direct reportees?
Answered as since our delivery works as onshore offshore model, they have team in India whom they handle and manage the work.

VO - How many people in total will you manage including offshore?
Answered 30

VO - Whom would you report to and his designation?
Answered - follow up question was on 2 level hierarchy

VO - What is the process to hire and fire people in your organization?
Explained the process.

To my wife - What is your highest level of education?
She Answered

She took a long time typing something on the computer and then separates the set and says visa is approved. Big relief on hearing that. I would again reinforce be clear with what you say and should be inline with the documents submitted. Practice and having mock interviews is the key.
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Question related to L1B blanket visa interview
Please guide me what is the best way to answer questions like this in visa interview:

"If your team size is x, why are you chosen to go to USA. Why can't others go?"

Please provide your suggestions. I have also prepared one answer, but don't know if there are any red flags in it. My answer is: I am working with the team for 2.5 years. Other team members joined later than me and some of them have already left the team. So there is no one in my team with this much experience and expertise on this particular tool as me.
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L1-A Blanket - Approved 01/06/2019
Firstly, thanks to all the folks who have contributed to this forum. Extremely helpful. I've been following this forum for more than 3-4 months since my company was processing for my L1-A and this forum has been of great support.

My Profile:
Senior Management Professional with a Fortune 500 IT Services Company with 15 years of experience in various management positions inclusive of 10 years of onsite (USA) experience.

Was on the same day (6th) at 8:00AM - and Chennai VAC was swift. I went in by 7:45, was asked to wait in a line, and sharply by 8:00 I was at the window scanning my fingerprints and by 8:15 - I was out.

Pro Tip:
1) They allow cellphones (as long as you don't operate it / keep it silent)
2) If your biometrics and interview are on the same day, and you got time to kill - do not go to the consulate. Chill out at a good restaurant, eat some nice food have their filter coffee.

Appointment was at 10:45AM, so I arrived by 10:30. Waited in line for about 20-25 minutes before being let in. L1 visa applicants are required to arrange their documents in an order specified there, and the designated support personnel would help verify and keep it in order for next steps. (I-129S three copies, I-797 three copies, DD (if you're carrying) and passport.

Once done, they direct you to a window to verify your fingerprints/biometrics again. Easy 5 minute process. Then you move into cashier window for submitting the payments (DD or cards). Please make sure you get the receipts.

Enter long queues. Firstly, hated the experience of having to listen to public interviews, you could hear almost every interview at every counter in the hall. Heard and saw lot of rejections for all kinds of visas.

My experience:
Q: State your name please.
 - stated -

Q: Who's your petitioner?
 - stated -

Q: How many years have you been with this company?
 - stated -

Q: What visa are you applying for?

Q: Have you been on an L1 before?
  Yes, had an L1-B before.

Q: Do you still have an L1-B valid?

Q: When was the last time you visited US?

Q: Was it on L1-B?
    Q: How many months were you there?
       6 months.

Q: How many reportees?
   In US?
      Q: Yes.
        - stated -

Q: What do they do?
 - stated -

Q: What's their job title?
 - stated - (mix of managers, analysts and consultants)
    Q: How many reportees do they have?
          Q: Why don't they have direct reportees?
               Our company operates in a onsite offshore model, so we essentially have leads/managers onshore, and work with offshore team to get the delivery done.

Q: How many reportees in India?
 - stated -

Q: What do they do?
 - stated - (mix of developers, analysts, sr. developers and leads)

Q: Who do you report to and who do they report to (chain of command up until CEO)?
 - stated - (she kept asking who do they report to until I reached CEO, and was also asking how the responsibility is split)

Q: Single or married?

Q: Why is your wife not here with you?
   Personal Reasons.

Q: What would be your salary in US?
 - stated - (>$120k)

Your visa is approved. Three stamped I-129s, she kept one, and handed two over to me.

Pro Tips:
1) Firstly, dress well, and wear a smile.
2) Use simple english and assertive language to answer questions.
3) Practice your questions (tons of experiences in this forum to go through)
4) Cellphones are obviously not allowed inside, but there is a counter outside that safeguards cellphones. So, maybe give it a try? (I didn't carry one)
5) Wishing you the best!
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Reschedule US visa in canada
my l1 visa expre on Mar 2020, but i have not get appointment date with in this period so i booked available date on May 07 2020. I am looking Feb or Mar 05 2020 ottawa CA. I am checking and try to reschedule the mentioned date, please advice on this, am i doing correctly?
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Canada US visa (L1)
currently booked on May 2020 Canada us visa can i get earlier date Feb or March?
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L1B Blanket 30th Dec 2019 Chennai - Rejected
Sharing my L1B Blanket Visa experience. I took help from this forum to prepare for my Visa Interview. Unfortunately the visa was denied by saying "Not Clearly Approvable".

I prepared a lot for the interview, Guess i was not lucky that day.

Interview location - Chennai.

My Biometric round was on 27th Dec 2019 @10:30 AM, I reached the VAC office around 08:45 AM and they let me in and by 09:15 AM I was back at my room after completing the Biometic process.

30th Dec 2019 was my actual Visa Interview, My appointment was at 10:15 AM, Seems due to some "Technical Error" none of the candidates who had appointments starting from 09:15 AM waiting outside, They started letting people inside starting 10:30 AM who's appointment was 09:15 AM.

I was inside by 11:15 - 11:30 AM.

I guess before you enter the building the security will collect your phone etc as i saw a collection center, But i did not carry anything so i moved forward.

My passport was scanned and i was let inside the building.

Security check was completed withing 2 minutes.

The Staff was kind enough to assist me in arranging my documents for L1B Blanket.
3 sets of I29S, 3 sets I797, DD for Fraud Prevention and detection fees and DS-160 Confirmation page.

For folks confused with the "Fraud Prevention and detection fees", I prepared a DD for $505 due to the exchange rate was not stable, The actual fees is $500, So my DD was for 36,000 Rs INR. The DD i took was in INR and NOT USD.

After the documentation arrangement, I was asked to go to the next building.

The staff at the cash counter was asking me when did they let you in ? He collected my Passport and DD and provided me the Fee receipt for the "Fraud Prevention and detection fees"

I was asked to now stand in the queue for the Visa Interview.

I was not bothered about others rejections as every ones scenario is different, I did not want to discourage my self.

After 20 minutes the staff asked me to go to counter number XYZ.

A lady was being interviewed and she was given a rejection slip. Now i was asked to come next.

Time was around 12:20 PM - 12:30 PM

Below is the conversation between me and the VO:

Me: Good Afternoon Officer.
VO: Hi, Can i have your documents please ?
Handed over my Passport, I29S, I797 3 sets which were arranged.

VO: How long have been working for XYZ Company ?
ME: 2 Years and 11 Months.

VO – What is your Salary In US ?
Me – I answered it as XYZ USD and I mentioned “Apologies it is ABC USD”, (I mentioned my salary $2000 extra by mistake).

VO – What is your current salary ?
Me – It is XYZ INR Annual.

VO – What is your work location ?
Me – Irving Texas

VO – What will you do in the US ?
Me – I will be providing break fix and debugging support on XYZ, ABC products and (Was Stopped by the VO).
VO – Interrupted me and asked me, Did you develop the product ?
Me – I have not developed the product.

VO – Confirmed with me if you will be supporting the product ?
Me –Yes I will be supporting the product.

VO – Which all regions would be supporting ?
Me – Primarily North America customers.

VO – What is your designation in the US ?
Me – Support Engineer

VO – So your Job role is exactly the same as what you are currently performing here ?
Me – That is correct.

VO - Are you from a developer background ?
Me - No, I am not from a developer background ?

VO – Asked me again about the product I will be supporting ?
Me – Explained I will be debugging and providing break fix support on the products XYZ, ABC products developed by my company and sold to the customers.

VO - Nothing against you or the company you work for. He explained me something was not right about my L1B petition filed which I could not understand. This is how the L1B process is, Your visa is not approved. He provided me a Letter with the file number and section numbers which contains my reason for rejection. The letter is a generic rejection form.

I would like to know from others if you can judge what could have gone wrong here ?
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L1 B renewal for full validity visa
Hello all,

Seeking advice or suggestion on my L1 B renewal.

I-129 valid till date : 01- March -2021

I-94 and Blanket petition valid till date : 11 - November - 2021

L1 B Visa valid till date : 22 - November - 2023

when should I apply for renewal and Is it blanket renewal or individual petition renewal.

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L1B individual Visa Interview question
Hi All, My L1B individual petition is approved 3 days back and now waiting for I-797 to schedule my visa interview. Is there any probability of rejection during Visa interview since petition is already approved by USCIS? Any recent experience or feedback will be appreciated, though I will keep myself fully ready for interview :)
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L1B Blanket
In DS 160, I specified annual salary instead of month salary
I am done biometrics ,Now iam not able change that
Is any problem of this
Please suggest me how to move forward

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