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L1B individual Hyderabad
Visa Interview

Hello Good morning
VO: Good morning, Please provide me the passports of all three of you.

VO to my spouse: Place four fingers of your right hand on the scanner.

VO to me: Place your left hand four fingers on the scanner please.

VO: Who is your Visa petitioner?
VO: How long have you worked for them?
VO: Was it continuous?
VO: What state will you be going to?
VO: Oh nice, I have lived there too it can get pretty cold.

VO: What will your salary be in the US?
VO: What is your specialisation?

VO: Give me a moment I'm processing.

VO To my kid:

How old are you?
Are you excited?
What are you excited about the most? My kid, ice skating in the snow.
VO: well you can also sledge :) I get a lot of that most kids are excited about snow.

VO: Congratulations your visas have been approved. Safe travels. I am keeping your passports and you shall get them back once stamped!

Note: No questions asked to Spouse :)

Thank you office, Have a great daiy!
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Time for getting passport back after approval
For those who attended L1 interview in Chennai in the month of Mar'24, how much it takes to get your passport back after interview & approval?

Is CEAC site is showing correct status for your application?
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Expereince and Learning in L1 & L2 Visa
The process for Dropbox visa applications changed on December 29, 2023. Despite the US Visa schedule website still offering the Dropbox option, be aware that it may not be available anymore. Always confirm current procedures before scheduling your appointment.

Under the new process, I underwent both biometric and face-to-face interviews. I included my wife and son under my profile for scheduling convenience. Navigating the US Visa scheduling site presented challenges, so patience was crucial for a successful outcome.

Our biometric appointment was on Feb 29th, 2023, in Chennai. Despite some hectic moments at the centre, the process was straightforward and took about 3 hours. Ensuring a perfect match of name details between the passport and DS-160 is crucial for smooth processing. Once that's sorted, the biometric process is smooth sailing.

Our face-to-face interview with the counsellor was on March 18th in Hyderabad. It was a busy day at the consulate, and the verification, queueing, and interview took about 3 hours. Remember, the consulate is strict about electronic and metal items, so only bring papers and files.

You don't need a huge stack of files for the face-to-face interview. The counsellor will verify information from your petition file and ask relevant questions. Ensure your answers match the petition details. Key documents like passport, DS-160 confirmation, and any specific additional documents requested should suffice.

Questions Asked by the Counsellor to the main applicant (Me) :
Who is your Visa sponsor
Role name that I am going to take up
Highest Degree details
Which State I am going in for
What is the CTC in US
Explain the Role
Questions Asked by Counsellor to the dependent (My Wife) :
Which City you are going to Live in ?
Show me the Wedding Certificate and Birth Certificate of my Child.
Finally, the ***al words came out that your Visa is approved for all 3 of us and you will receive your passport in a Week’s time, however we received the passport in the Chennai on the 4th day itself.
The timeline for the whole process is Jan 18th I got my petition approved -> Feb 14th appeared for drop box which was denied - > Re-appeared for biometric on Feb 29th - > Visa got approved on March 18th -> Received passport on March 22nd
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L1 Blanket and L2 Visa Approved, 14 March OFC and 15 March Consulate Interview.
Big thanks for this forum; it gave me confidence to answer any kind of question. Sharing my experience as below.
We (me and my spouse) reached Chennai on the 13th late night and took Ola from the airport to the hotel. Note: Chennai drivers ask for an extra 100 rupees; keep cash handy in case.

OFC Appointment:
The next day, March 14th, we had an OFC appointment at 12.30pm. Around 11.30 am, I was trying to book Ola or Uber, but none of them were available. So we tried to look for an auto outside of the hotel. One auto driver approached us. We got into the auto and asked for a charge, and he said, "400 to/from and 100 to wait." We said you didn't need to wait, but he didn't listen. We had to pay 500 for a 5-minute distance. It was huge scam.
OFC was quite smooth; they asked for two sets of I-129S, I-797 (first page), DS-160 confirmation page, and passport.
Please do not carry bags, smart watches, etc.; they will ask them to keep them in the locker.
After OFC, we went down to take photos; they're not needed, but we took them for safer side.

Consulate Interview:

We had a consulate interview at 8.30 am; we booked an auto from the hotel and reached around 7.45 am. There were huge lines in front of us. A security person checked our appointment letter and let us in. After security checking, the person sitting at the table will ask you to sort two sets of I-129S, I-797 (first page), DS-160 confirmation page, and passport and will put a rubber band around them. Then you need to enter another building. They will ask you to submit fraud and detection fees. Please create a demand draft in favor of "US Consulate General, Chennai." ($500) This worked for me. After DD submission, you need to visit another window, where a person will verify everything After this final leg, the consulate interview, there was a huge line in front of us. After almost 1/2 hour of waiting, our turn came.

Me: Good morning
Officer: Good morning.

Officer: How many years have you been working for this organization?
Me: 5 years, but I have a decade of experience in specialized knowledge. (important to highlight)

Officer: Your salary in the US?
Me: Answered

Officer: What would be your position in the US?
Me: Answered

Officer: Could you please explain your specialized knowledge?
Me: Answered

Officer: Tell me about your project. what you will be doing? Why can't it be done from here?
Me: Answered.

Then he asked questions to my husband.
Officer: Sir, are you currently working?
He answered

Officer: Would you continue the same in the US?
Husband: Yes

Officer: Your Visa Approved!!
We were out of the consulate building by 9.30 a.m.

Some useful notes:
1. Be honest.
2. Be calm and listen to questions carefully.
3. Do not carry any electronic devices, keys, etc.. Keep your phones at hotel only.
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L1B Blanket Visa approved
Biometric at VAC : 13 March 2024. I would not add much to what is already described by other members. I was in and out of biometrics in 20 mins.

Visa interview: 14 March 2024.
Stayed 300 mtrs near to consulate. Walked to the interview at 8.30 AM(Despite interview time being 10.00 AM). Was let inside by the security standing on the road.

Next was physical security like airports. No electronics allowed.

Next step was a person helping arrange and verify the documents as per the list. (We have to arrange the documents as per laminated fliers provided).

Next in line was submission of fees in form of DD provided by my organization. Note that DD and CC are preferred mode of payments. The cashier was not happy with one person providing cash.

There was a huge queue for the interview as elderly and people with children were allowed on priority. Was in queue for 1 hour. It helped me positively to calm down my nerves.

A new window opened up and I was fortunately called earlier. Below were the questions.

You work for which Org?

What will be you US salary?
Xxxxxx dollars per annum

How long you have been with this organization?
Xx years

What department you work for?

What does your project do? What is your Specialization?Will it be a maintainance project? (All in one breath)
Answered accordingly.

Again Will it be a maintainance project? Will you implement?
Answered. Highlighted that I was responsible for development as well.

VO: Pause for some 20 secs. Your VISA is approved.
Place your hands on scanner.

Handed me the set of stamped i129s and I797.

I was out in next 5 minutes.

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L1A Blanket and L2 Visa Approved - OFC on 29th Feb and interview on 01 March
Hi - this forum is extremely helpful and must recommended to calm down your nervousness in preparation. It’s my give back time on my experience.

Earlier I had travelled to US on L1A individual in 2017 and returned to India due to extension denial in US in 2020. This time applied for L1A Blanket.

OFC: It’s pretty straight forward as many others already mentioned. I had correction and carried both old and new confirmation pages.

Here comes main day… I went with spouse and kids and below questions from VO madam. It’s just like conversation.

What is visa type ?
Who are others accompanying you ?
Which company?
How many years of managerial experience?
Do you have reportees ? How many direct and indirect ?
Do you handle budget ?
How much budget ?
To my wife: what’s highest qualification ?

Then she stamped petition and returned a copy and said Your visas approved. Within a week I got stamped passports home delivered.

Preparation about yourself and be truthful and natural in answering. This brings confidence to you. (Don’t memorise them) key to choose right words and it’s awesome experience. Thank you !
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L1A Blanket Approved
Hello all today we would like to share our experience regarding our L1A Blanket visa interview that was scheduled on 4th March 2024 at Chennai US consulate. Well our biometrics was scheduled on the 21st of February and there was a gap of almost 12 days for our Visa interview. We are from Hyderabad and we reached Chennai a day before for both our OFC and VAC interviews. We stayed at The Belstead hotel and it was around a kilometre for both the OFC appointment centre as well as the VAC. Would like to share our experiences on this forum since these experiences really helped as a lot in our visa journey as well.

Our biometrics was on the 21st of February at 1:00 p.m. Indian standard time and we reach there around 12:30 p.m. as soon as we reached, there was a huge line ahead of US and security was sending people based on the time slots. Biometric appointment is really hassle free and would just take around 10 to 15 minutes overall, provided you carry the below relevant documents on that day.

1. DS 160 confirmation page of primary as well as any dependents. People get confused weather to carry the entire ds160 or just the confirmation page, you just need to carry the confirmation page.
2. One Appointment confirmation page would be required for all the primary and dependent applicants. You don't need to carry 3 sets of documents just one copy of appointment confirmation page for all the applicants (3 people in our case) would suffice.
3. Original passport of primary and dependent applicants. The name mentioned in your DS 160 and other details would be cross check with your passport details and only then would be allowed further. So make sure there are no mistakes in your Ds 160 and those match with your passport.
4. You do not need to carry any photographs as the biometrics officer would take one at the time of the OFC appointment. If your kid is also accompanying his picture would also be taken and no need to bring any copies of his photos. My kid was 10 years old and 4 and half feet in height so even though we carried his photographs the biometrics officer took his photo as they'd take for any adults.

Note: If you are kid is not accompanying you then you should bring his photographs. No fingerprint will be taken for kids below 16 years of age. Even if the accompany you for the OFC interview their fingerprints would not be taken and would be waived off.

You may want to wear a professional attire as this photo would be printed on your visa application, if your visa is approved. This entire process took around 15 minutes.

Please note that you would be requested to turn off any electronic devices including your mobile phones and smart watches.

The entire biometric team is not from the US government but is outsourced to a third party company in India, so don't expect any Americans at the OFC appointment.

So we took our return flight to Hyderabad on the same day and reached Chennai back on the 03 March for our Visa interview.

4th march was the D-day and we could not sleep the prior night, no matter how much ever tired I was travelling all the way from Hyderabad to Chennai. We straight at the same hotel and our visa appointment was scheduled at 10:00 a.m. we reached the consulate by 9:45 a.m. and there was a huge line in front of us. People who are scheduled at 11:00 a.m. slot were also being sent inside. I was expecting the security to only allow people based on there slots but to my surprise they were allowing 11:00 am slot candidates as well.

There is a person outside the consulate who would check your appointment date and time and allow you inside. Once we are in front of the gate, we will be allowed to go inside in batches and there would be a security where you will be checked thoroughly. This would be similar to an airport security where you will have to put all your belongings in a tray, including the blazer that you are wearing. Once your through the security, you will be allowed to go inside where there is person who who will check documents specially for L1 Visa types. The person will help you put the require documents in order and put a rubber band around it. The required forms would be two copies of I 129 s, two copies of i797 first page, DD for the anti fraud fee, and passports of all primary and dependents. Then you are allowed to join the q and enter into a separate building where the actual visa interviews would happen. All other visa types wood join the q but L1 applicants need to go to a counter where your DD would be collected and give us a receipt in lieu of the same. The anti fraud fee would be around 500 USD and an additional 4500 USD if your company falls under public law 113 and 114 (this is needed if your US employer employs more than 50 people in the United States and if 50% of them are in non-immigrant category).

He would then ask me to join another counter where another person would collect the documents, check some details in his computer and give us back those documents and then would ask us to join in the interview queue.

The line was very huge and be ended up waiting for almost 30 minutes before hour turn came in front of the visa officer. Since many people were there the air conditioning was not sufficient enough and everyone started sweating. I was in my blazers and it was more suffocating for me. Nevertheless I was more concentrated on my interview that was yet to take place. There were two people standing in front of me one was applying for a H1 and another was a l1b applicant. The visa officer asked questions to the H1 holder and he answered them swiftly and in about 3 minutes he was as to give us fingerprints and then a visa was approved. The person in front of me who was l1b applicant was also asked few questions on where he was working how long he was working what is his technical specialisation etc and he was also approved a visa in about 3 minutes. Finally came our turn where I was as the below questions:

As soon as we reach the counter :

We: good morning officer
VO: morning
We handed over the documents and passports to the visa officer. Remember these were put in this rubber band and we handed over as is.

VO: how long have you been working for your company?
Me: I am working for xxxxx company for 5 years and 3 months now.

VO: what would be your designation in the US?
Me: my designation would be manager.

VO: how many direct and indirect reports do you have?
Me: officer I have 5 direct reports, 2 of them are already in the US, 2 in Mexico and 1 in India. I have 25 indirect reports.

VO: out of these direct reports do you have any managers who report you?
Me: yes officer, out of these 5 people, I have 2 people who are managers and another 2 who are deputy managers.

VO: what is the designation of the person home you report into in the US?
Me: I report in to an AVP ( Associate Vice President).

VO : Is this your wife and child? (Looking at them)
Me: Yes, Ma'am.

VO: please put your left hand four fingers on the scanner. (This is when you know that your visa is approved :) )
Me: I placed them

VO: (to my wife): please put your right hand four fingers for me please.
My wife : She placed and had to retry the second time for a successful recognition.

VO: (The Golden Words) Your visa is approved.

She then stamped the I129S forms(one will be retained and the other stamped one will be given to you).

She also keep the stamped I129Ssafe as this would be required at the time of port of entry in the US.

Me, my wife and kid : Thank you Ma'am. You have a great day ahead. Returned her a smile and came outside.

Note: I have observed many applicants asking the VO for the passport pick up time frame and place of pick up etc as soon as they are approved. Remember guys it is you who are filling the DS 160 or if you are taking anyone's help to fill the DS 160 make sure you understand that it is clearly mentioned at The end of the DS 160 application, at the time of payment page, you will explicitly mention your passport pick up address or courier. It would be dump on yourself to ask the visa officer this question about your passport pick up and the timeline.

I also understand many would comment to not call the visa officer sir/ma'am. That is okay has long as you give respect they don't mind. Have seen visa officers calling the applicants respectfully "Sir" at the end of the questions. As long as there is mutual respect given and taken the student be a problem.

If you are going to any Visa interview especially for managerial visa like L1A, remember to maintain a proper attire. It is advisable to wear a blazer for your interview. H1b and L1B applicants are not required to wear a blazer but it would always look professional, if worn. First impression is the best impression guys. We saw a person wearing a hoodie and coming for a interview, he still got approved though. Point here is that he may have multiple other supporting factors which override his attire. So if you are applying for the first time, dress professionally.

No electronic device would be allowed inside so book your cabs/autos whatever from your hotel room and note down the OTP etc and put your phones inside your hotel room. You can carry your wallet and water bottle. The security would also ask you to put your what about your outside but if you have a kid a accompanying, they would allow it. There is water facility available inside the visa application centre if you are thirsty, you can go have some water there.

One major tip would be to maintain your calm and listen to the questions properly and respond. Do not panic, give answers fully and not in one word answers wherever possible. Be truthful. Read these forums, experiences, learn from these and you only have ONE SHOT at this, so give your 100%. I understand you can always reapply but that will raise a concern in VO's mind as to why you were rejected earlier.

No supporting documents will be checked guys. Always better to carry, but 99% of the time, those will never be checked. Hope this interview experience helps someone somewhere in someway ;)

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L1B - Blanket. 20th Feb. Vancouver, Canada.
Thank you very much to this forum; it has been really helpful.

I am located in Canada, but it seems that only individuals who have had interviews in India have shared their reviews on this platform, so far.

Yesterday, I had an interview in Vancouver, and I would like to share my experience.

My appointment was scheduled for 8:45 AM, but I arrived at the interview location at 8:15 AM, finding a long queue already formed.

Step 1: The front staff collected my DS-160 confirmation page, photo, and passport. They had a list of candidates names and verified our name.

Step 2: I was directed to the 2nd floor for the security check. The security staff was thorough in their inspection.

Step 3: After passing the security check, on the same floor, a lady verified my presence in Canada by examining my work permit.

Step 4: Next, four supporting staff members, seated beside each other, verified our details in the system and organized our documents based on visa type. They bundled all the documents together using rubber bands.

Step 5: Anti-fraud fee payment. This took place on the 20th floor. My organization provided me with a check, which I handed over to the team. They issued me a confirmation receipt, which was then included in the bundle of documents.

Step 6: Biometric process.

Step 7: Interview. The officer appeared to be quite experienced. Rather than a formal interview, it felt more like a discussion. Here are the questions posed and my responses:

Officer: Are you here on an L1 A visa?
My Answer: No, Sir, I'm here on an L1B visa.

Officer: How long have you been with your current organization in Canada?
My Answer: Sir, it's been close to a year and a half.

Officer: Which location are you traveling to in the United States?
My Answer: I provided the location name as requested.

Officer: What do you mean by "specialization skills"?
My Answer: Specialization skills refer to unique competencies. In the context of my L1B visa, my organization possesses specialized skills that are not readily available in the market. I've been involved in the design and development of these specialized frameworks as a developer.

Officer: What is your total compensation package?
My Answer: I provided the details of the compensation offered by my organization.

Officer: Perfect, your visa has been approved. Enjoy your time in the United States.
My Answer: Thank you sir, Please take care.
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L1A 15th Feb Biometrics and 16th Feb Interview - Fresh Application - Family - 4 members - Chennai
This forum helped me a lot for preparing myself for the interview, hence wanted to give back my experience to this forum.

L1A 15th Feb Biometrics and 16th Feb Interview - Fresh Application - Family - 4 members - Chennai

Accommodation: I booked "The Kings Grand" hotel near to both VAC and Consulate, good for 2 days. 14th Check-in, 16th Checkout

Myself "L1A", wife and two kids "L2"

Biometrics VAC - 15th Feb 2024

Appointment was at 12PM, Hotel security called auto, auto guy asked for 100 rupees, we reached VAC by 11A. We didn't had US passport size photos for kids. I observed photo shop inside the building, at basement. So I asked security guy (who was checking & verifying appointment timings and allowing inside the building) that, "we want take photos for kids please let us inside now?". security allowed inside. went inside the building, enquired about the need to take photos for kids. Shop owner said to go to first VAC and complete biometrics. Then we saw direction board near the shop for VAC, went to 1st floor, then another security told to move to 2nd floor. Security asked us to switch off phones, next counter asked passports and DS-160 forms verified the details by comparing both, luckily I didn't have any corrections(all DS-160 filled by myself), so sealed the DS-160 forms, if they ask any correction don't worry, you can get it corrected in the same shop at basement where photoshop is there, then we to moved to the next counter. Next counter guy verified passports and DS forms and applied sticker each passports. then we moved to next counter where there were multiple lines heading VAC Biometric counters. Helper guy asked us split us into two, me & daughter and wife & son to make biometric process faster. we both went different counters. First they took kid photo and next mine. if kid is not cooperating for photo then they might ask for us passport photo. Counter guy ask kid and your DOB just for confirmation, ask for finger prints. After this they told us Biometrics done, you can leave. Then we went to photo shop at basement, they were charging 300 rupees for each person for US passport photos for 6 copies. People were taking photos incase consoler might ask for photos at interview time. so we paid 1200 rupees and took photos. Then we out of building by 11:40a. Biometric process was done in just 10 mins. photo shop took 30min time for 4 members. Then called auto guy to drop back to hotel, paid 100 rupees.
Same day evening, we went to consulate premises by walk, to just get familiar with the location. had light dinner and slept early to wake early, so kept alarm 6AM.

Consulate Interview - 10AM,16th Feb 2024

Me and wife wakeup before 6AM without before alarm bell ;)
All got ready by 8A but interview was 10A, as per interview experiences I read in this site they were mentioned to reach consulate by 10mins before the appointment time to avoid standing in the long queues on the footpath outside building. My wife was feeling nervous, she wanted go to asap finish the interview process quickly. She didn't listen to me that I explained her we have wait for 2 hours on the pedestrian footpath, no place to sit outside the building, kids cant stand for 2 hours outside. So finally we decided to go at 8A, hotel security guys called auto, reached consulate in 5mins. There were only 20 people waiting outside, I asked them there appointment timings, they said 8:30A, 9A, 9:30A etc.. there were no one from 10A slot people apart from us ;). Then I just stand in the queue holding the passports and documents, family was standing way and watching me. one guy was checking appointment doc and allowing as per time slots. when my turn came, he asked me my slot time, I said 10A, then he asked how many family members?, said 4 members family, two kids, then luckily asked me to wait for 2 mins, told me to call family to come and join me. after they came, he told me go inside. one more guy was verifying stickered passports which were stickered at VAC, then we moved to physical security checkup, electronics gadgets not allowed. we just carried water half liter Bislery bottle and good biscuits just in case kids feel hungry (we didn't had anything for breakfast). after this we moved inside and told to sit, after 10 mins asked to moved to another building where interviews were taking place. one helping lady asked us stand in the queues leading to the counters. There were around 20 counters I think. helper lady was telling that, two queues available, one for regional languages(Tamil, Telegu, Hindi) for elder people (dependent VISA application) another for English.

Our turn came in just 10 mins after standing in the queue.

Me: Good Morning Officer
VO: give me passports

Officer was checking and verifying the docs and looking into the computer screen for 2 mins

After 2 mins wait,

VO: 1. Which place you going in USA?
Me: Answered ZZZ city in YYY state

pause for 30 sec, looking into computer and typing

VO: 2. What VISA are you applying for?
Me: Answered L1 A Managerial

pause for 30 sec, looking into computer and typing

VO: 3. What is your role going to be?
Me: Answered my title in onshore office

pause for 30 sec, looking into computer and typing

VO: 4. What will be the duration of your Stay?
Me: Answered X years

pause for 30 sec, looking into computer and typing

VO: 5. How long you are with your current company?
Me: Answered X years

pause for 30 sec, looking into computer and typing

VO: 6. What will be your salary in US?
Me: Answered X dollars

pause for 30 sec, looking into computer and typing

VO to Wife: 7. Are you going to work in US?
Wife: Answered

VO: Asked me to put my right hand fingers on the scanner, it didn't work/match, asked to put left hand, it worked.
Then asked wife to put left hand fingers. He put elastic band on our 4 passports together, kept with him.
VO didn't ask for i-129, DS-160 forms.

Finally golden words,
VO said your VISA approved, you will receive passport's shortly.

We are out of consulate building by 9A ;)
I think, because of family and two kids consulate entrance security allowed us go inside by 8:30A
Not sure they allow everyone like this or not.

We were so happy! feeling like over the clouds. I was unable to believe that my VISA interview completed by so easily. I was feeling so lucky. I was prepared for many questions by going through this site. But this site helped me with many doubts I had initially about interview process, questions, answers, timings, dressing, preparation, accommodation etc.

Thanks to All VISA interview experience contributors to this site!!!!

Beware of outside building auto driver scammers, once you come out, they look at you, if you feeling happy, then they start talk to like your best buddy friends, start wishing you and tell some non-sense like you happy - we are happy for you, make us happy, just give 1000 rupees will drop you to Hotel ;) just 1000 rupees for 500meter away hotel ???? then we moved away from them, all this dram happens when you come with family.

Then another auto guy agreed to come for 100 rupees, dropped us to hotel.
We immediately checked out the hotel by 9:40A, reached Bengaluru by 4P.

If you reading this means, you preparing for L1 VISA, I wish you all best!!!
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L1B to L1A to EB1C
I wanted to check if this can be done.

My situation :

My initial L1B was filed in Feb 2018 , I got an RFE in June 2018. Finally visa was approved in Nov' 2019 and finally came to USA on L1b visa in Feb 2020. I know, that is a very long time.

But during Sept18 I was promoted and was given additional responsibilities (of a manager) along with my specialized skill. So I had people reporting me from Nov'18 to Feb'2020 (when I actually promoted ). I had both technical and managerial role during that one year.

Now my company is filing L1B to L1A conversion since I was again promoted last year and have been on a managerial role for last year and my current l1b is expiring in dec 24.

If my L1A is approved , will I be eligible for filing GC under EB1C ?
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