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SRKSRK     03/17/2019 02:39 AM

Hi All,
Could any one suggest which type of visa is best to proces either L1A Individual Premium or normal process through Chennai consulate.

Last year the type of visa ( L1A blanket) processed for me got rejected at Chennai consulate and now the employer have initiated L1A individual Normal process again this year. Currently submitted documents are getting reviewed by attorney at company level.

Shall I ask for premium conversion? If not also how long will be the time take in normal process and what is the success possibility in normal process.

Please suggest with your valid comments. Thanks in advance.

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confusedsoul     03/14/2019 07:27 AM


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sairam@1     03/14/2019 06:49 AM

Hello All,

Today I had my L1A Blanket Interview and not approved, would like to share my experience,

I went with my family, submitted triplates of I-129S, 797 and Ds 160 appointment receipt with my passport.

Vo asked 6 questions i answered them all,

1. What is your company name?

2. Why do you travel to USA and your job duties there?
Explained the reason for my transfer and my roles, duties.

3. What is your Salary?

4. What is your office location?

5. Will you work in client location or anywhere else?
I mentioned my location would be my parent company because its product base company not in client location.

6. How many direct report you have?
I mentioned its 3.

After All, VO issued form 221g saying your visa is not clearly approvable, i'm completely shocked and disappointed because - all my documents in terms of total experience, current company experience in India location, all are upto the mark including my US proposed salary. But i'm not sure what went wrong for the rejection.
VO not taken some time to verify my letters from my company/attorney (the letter to support the petition, G 28, or org charts or any other documents which i carried).
He not looked at my I-129S and nor asked any questions to my spouse. He only viewed Ds 160 online in the system, asked above mentioned questions and keep typing!
Finally he said not cleary approvable.

I believe more than documents, talents we carry it also depends on some luck. My discussion was only went for 5 minutes, how the decision made by VO in that 5 minutes.(also dont know if it was already decided).

:-( Now what i should do next!

Is there something can turn positive with the help of company after receiving 221g ?
Do I need to go for individual petition, what is the success rate for individual petition?
Do I need to ask my company to process for Individual petition?

I'm trying to recover from this incident to make myself more stronger.

Thank You everyone for the support and suggestions provided in this forum.

All the best for others......

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avyukt     03/13/2019 15:59 PM

1. what is your salary?
2. how many years in the company?
3. work location?
4. How many times have you travelled to US (i have B1 visa)
5. What is your job title?
6. What are your daily duties?
7. Do you have a team (i am a individual contributor)

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meet4485     03/13/2019 06:37 AM

My Company has filed my L1A Individual visa on 1st May 2018 and i receive my Status tracking number on 30th May 2018 .. After that i receive RFE on 1st Oct to which i have responded on by 17th Dec and till now i didn't receive any update on my VISA .

Please guide me how much time usually it take to update the status after RFE. In Next for 1 week i will complete 93 days since response to RFE submitted.

Thanks in Advance ..

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kumaru5     03/13/2019 05:24 AM

Hi All,

My company has Filed L1A individual case in August 2018 and received REF in Jan 2019.

USCIS has asked below questions in REF.

1) Employment contracts/ personnel related documents which he executed—to show his ability to hire/fire;

2) Training records;

3) Internal company documents which show his assignment as the manager (Project Delivery Manager);

As our company is filing L1A first time, we don't have any standard temple to submit answers to above questions. If any one is on the same page, can you please send me the templates you or your company has used to below email id, it will help us a lot.


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smarthere     03/12/2019 11:10 AM

Will Amex credit card be accepted in the the US Consulate office at Chennai for paying US visa anti-fraud fees?

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Venuma     03/12/2019 08:51 AM

Hi All,

I recently gave my L1-A Individual Interview in Hyderabad Location and wanted to share my experience with all of you. I would like to start by thanking the Forum for helping me prepare for the interview in a confident manner. Kudos to all of you.

I attended the interview with my Family Wife and Daughter and it really helped. The VO was asking lot of questions to the guys who are infront of me. She interviewed three candidates and rejected all of them. My wife got really nervous looking at the way the VO was asking questions.

When my turn came i went ahead and wished her and she responded by wishing back and talking to my daughter in a playful way. The entire atmosphere changed as she started talking to my daughter.

Questions Asked to me :

Q) How many years have you worked with your employer ?
Q) What is your highest Qualification ?
Q) What are you going to do in the US ?
Q) How many people report to you ?

Questions Asked to my wife :

Q) Since How long are you married ?

Questions Asked to my Daughter:

Q) Whats your name ?
Q) Who is your Dad ?
Q) Who is your mom ?

And then she said my case is approved :)

I some how felt that after the first two questions the VO is convinced as she did not even hear the later responses properly.

One key take away is that to be confident and start the interview in a right way. All the candidates in front of me started in in a wrong way and that carried on till they completed the interview. I feel that small things like wishing the VO, making a conversation (About any topic like weather etc) will help the candidates immensely.

Thanks & Regards,

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MiDe2911     03/09/2019 21:19 PM

Hello All,

I have a L1B visa (with Employer A valid until 2020) and I am currently employed in the US. Can anyone advise me of the below:
1. Is there an option for me to convert my L1B visa to L2 visa as a dependent to my spouse who is on L1B visa (with Employer B valid until 2022) while I am working in the US.
2. How long will the process to convert from L1B to L2 usually take. Can I continue to work on L1B status until then.
3. Can I apply for L2 change of status and EAD in parallel.
4. What happens to my L1B visa when my L2 change of status is approved.
5. Are there any chances for my L2 visa request to get rejected.

Thanks in advance.

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sairam@1     03/08/2019 13:38 PM


Would like to know what is the L1B means in the passport backside part of barcode sticker?
During biometrics in VAC, officer pasted this sticker after the finger prints scanning.

I applied for L1A blanket but the sticker contains "L1B" what does it really mean is that something related to Visa type or it is just alphabet "B" mentioning it is L1 Blanket Visa

Thank You.

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