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Archana Byalal     05/20/2019 06:28 AM

Hi ,

Can anyone please provide tips on L1B interview questions?

-Dress Code
-Guidelines to prepare who is unmarried
-Interview questions etc..

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xiaoli2014     05/19/2019 09:45 AM

My L1B individual 129 was approved by USICS, I scheduled my interview.
About the interview, I will bring below materials. Please help review whether I missed something.
1. DS-160 confirmed page
2. Interview appointment page
3. Passport
4. Original Form I-797 approval notice
5. Resume
6. Offer
7. Degree original file
8. Transcript original file
9. My three months most recent paystubs
10. Visa fee payment receipt
11. Photos

I am looking for your comments.

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saru.pv     05/17/2019 22:17 PM

Thanks to this forum & the contributors for sharing their experience.

Here is my experience

1. Who is your petitioner?
2. Are you applying for L1A Individual Visa
3. How many direct reportees you have
4. Which state you are going to travel
5. How long you are going to stay
6. How long you been stayed in US in your previous visit
7. In which visa you travelled earlier
8. is it Blanket or individual
9. Are you going to work in client place
10. Who is your client
11. What is your salary at onsite
12. Do you have hire and fire authority
13. How long you have been with your company
14. What is your designation?
15. To whom you report at onsite
16. To whom does he (my manager) report to
  Question to my Spouse
17. Mam, how long you have been married
18. What is your highest qualification?
Question to my children’s
19. How old are you

When the VO started asking the questions to my dependents, I was bit relaxed & I thought its done but VO again started questions for me
20. What are you going to do for your client

After 1 minute of silence the Golden word came “Your Visa is approved “

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Breadwinner     05/17/2019 00:08 AM

I attended Chennai Consulate on May 15 for the interview.

Questions asked:-

1. Are you applying for L1A? I said "yes"
2. Is petitioner (pointing to my previous L1A visa) same? - I said "yes" and then the officer started striking out my present visa which is still valid for another month or so.
3. How long you have been working with the petitioner ? I said "ten years"
4. What is your job title in the United States? I said "....Manager"
5. Which state you will be working?
6. What are your core job responsibilities?

The officer then stamped the 3 document sets and then said "your visa is approved" - much to my relief.

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SRKSRK     05/16/2019 08:45 AM

Hi All,
Could anyone update me on about L1A- Individual Visa approval success rates.
Now a days I see in forum the most type of Visa getting approved are either L1A blanket or L1B blanket.
I'm not seeing any updates for L1A individual especially. Please share your thoughts as I am attending my L1A individual interview in near future. Thanks all.

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selvarajmit     05/15/2019 13:48 PM

Questions asked
1. How long have been working in xxxxx ?
2. Are you going to xxxx in USA ?
3. Are you going to stay for xxxx years ?
4. Please explain me what you will be doing in US in non-technical term ?
5. Why they selected you for this work ?
6. What will be your the salary in US ?

To my spouse
7. How long have you been married ?
8. What is the age of your child ?
9. What is your highest qualification

After a min of silence the VO said your visa is approved and handed over two copies of I-129S form with approved seal on it.

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bbasu     05/15/2019 06:52 AM

The experiences shared on this site were helpful in guiding me through the process. Hope my experience is useful to the community as well.

I had my biometric appointment on 10th May in Mumbai. I reached half an hour late because of standstill traffic due to an accident on the WEH. I was worried I might not be let in, so I called the call center (got the number from the appointment portal) and the executive told me to speak to the staff at the VAC, and that usually such requests are accepted. Luckily, no one at the VAC asked any questions about me being late, and once I reached, I was done with the process in all of 10 mins.

My consulate appointment was today, 15th May, at 8:30 AM. I reached at 8 AM and found that there were multiple queues - one for 8:15 appointment, another for 8:30 appointment, and finally, behind a sort of barricade, people with other time slots waited. There didn't seem to be much merit in arriving half an hour early. Each queue moved exactly at the appointment time. The following steps followed:
- Passport and DS-160 verification
- Security check

Since I was applying for a L1-B blanket, I was asked to step aside from the main queue and arrange my documents in a particular order (I-727, I-129, DD (if available), DS-160, passport). This was a bit chaotic for me - there was one person barking out instructions, no other staff to assist. When I handed over the documents, he handed some back, only to demand something back again (he had handed back one of the I-727 copies by mistake, if I remember correctly). All of this while there was a fan running at full speed nearby and keeping the documents from flying was proving to be a challenge! My recommendation would be to keep those documents in order beforehand; I believe this is standard practice, and it would help you save some time.

FYI all of the above happen in non-air conditioned areas. Only after this you enter the main visa application building, which is air conditioned.

Next came the Fraud prevention fee payment and the fingerprint verification - routine.

Finally you join the line for the interview. I probably had a 20 min wait before my turn.

[VO]: Your petitioner is ... *mispronounced the name of my company*
[Me]: Told her the name of the company

[VO]: So the company must be into data analytics?
[Me]: <told her the exact nature of work that the firm is involved in - single sentence>

[VO]: Have you been to the US before on a similar visa?
[Me]: No

[VO]: So this is the first time you're applying for a L1 visa?
[Me]: Yes

[VO]: Have you been to the US before?
[Me]: Yes, <mentioned when - this was on a B1/B2>

[VO]: For how many days?
[Me]: <mentioned number of days>

[VO]: Which city will you be going to?
[Me]: <mentioned city, state>

[VO]: What will your salary be?
[Me]: <mentioned annual salary, and the fact that accommodation was also provided for>

[VO]: How long have you been working with this company?
[Me]: <mentioned duration - under 3 years for reference>

[VO]: Could you please tell me what work you will be doing in US?
[Me]: <This is an expected question, so I had a prepared answer>

I was cut-off mid-way with another question.

[VO]: Okay, but what will you specifically do in these projects?
[Me]: <I was caught off-guard because I thought I was explaining just that, but I recovered quickly and explained in one crisp sentences that I am a part of abc team, and will be working with stakeholder1 and stakeholder2 to define the workflow of project xyz>

[VO]: And no one else in your team can do this?
[Me]: No. I have x members in my team each with their own areas of specialization. The technology is proprietary to the firm, so an outsider would require significant training.

2 minutes of silence while she typed on the keyboard and chatted with her colleague (speaker was muted). She started stamping the three sets of documents, and eventually un-muted the speaker.

[VO]: Your petition is approved. <Handed me 2 copies> Please keep one copy and provide the other copy to your HR. Have a nice day!

In hindsight, I feel like the interviewer intended to throw me off-guard and to dig through the rehearsed answer and test the validity of my claims. Sign of an expert interviewer, I guess. These are the situations you want to prepare for. I feel like I could have given a better answer in different circumstances, but I suppose the answer I gave held up, so can't complain.

I also think that the company you work for (possibly the industry?) and the US salary play a significant role in the process.

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Abhijit D     05/15/2019 06:09 AM

Hello Folks,

My L1B got approved, as some one said earlier the Bio Metrics can be done some time before appointment time.

VO:: What's your Higest Qualifications?
VO: What is the name of your company?
VO:: How long you have been working?
VO:: What type of project will you be working on?
VO:: How you worked on similar project earlier?
VO:: Salary in USA , and work location, Client Site or Company Site?
VO:: I am approving your Visa
No questions where asked to dependents.

NOTE:: I am working for a Mechanical product based company.

Thanks for all those who have posted here earlier, it helps to get known about the type of questions and procedure.

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Avantika17     05/15/2019 02:17 AM

Hi guys,

My visa interview was on 13th May, and it was a pretty bad experience overall. There was a separate queue for L1B/A blanket applicants, which was moving excruciatingly slowly, while B1/B2 and other applicants were sent along. It also gets extremely hot and humid, as they take you to the AC building only in the end, so the wait was super frustrating for all of us.

Coming to the interview, the VO asked 3-4 questions on my role, company, salary, assignment duration and handed out a rejection. He never came to the specialization question at all, and I was super well prepared and confident during the interview.

A lot of people facing this would be too dejected to come and narrate the experience here, but it's a reality that it is super tough. The VOs keep having discussions among themselves and there is no way of determining what can go in your favour and what can't. Good luck to all those applying!

To others who have faced this, is there any point in appealing the decision or trying for the L1 individual visa at all?

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OptimusPrimeL1A     05/14/2019 17:54 PM

Hey All ,

First - a shout-out and kudos to this forum ... and all the active participants - it truly is a blessing for visa aspirants to get an insider look of how the interviews actually go and prepare accordingly .

My L1A Blanket got approved on 13th May at chennai location . I would not be explaining about the Biometrics since its a very simple process . Only tip here would be - no need to strictly be on time for this one since they allow early comers in too . Go half hour early and get it over with in 15 mins at the max

Over to Consulate Interview :

Got Delayed by a 1.5 hours since too much of a wait period . Had slot at 11 am but ended up near the VO around 1 pm :( . Tip here : If going to Chennai and you intend to wear a coat/Jacket - have a few handkerchiefs handy as its really humid and hot . The wait period till you get into the second building is excruciating . All staff in there is very courteous and friendly though .


VO : Can i have your docs pls
Me : Hello , how are you doing ? (Handed docs over and VO responded to the greetings) - TIP : Start the conversation on a positive note

VO : How long with ABC (Top IT MNC)company ?
Me : 2.3 yrs to be precise with overall 11.5 years IT exp

VO : How Many Direct Reportees in US ?
Me : 4 direct - Team leads

VO : US Designation ?

VO : US Salary ?
Me : 1xx,xxx$/yr (Above 120 K)

VO : Work Location ?

VO : Client Name ?

VO : Previous US visit ?
Me : Had an L1B Blanket and was in US for 5 yrs (They had this info and also the client name with them - this surprised me :) )

A minute of Silence where VO thoroughly looked at both mine and Wife's Passport

No Questions to Dependent !

Started Stamping 3 sets - "Your visa is Approved" and the usual line - Keep this copy , give this copy to HR

KEY Takeaways : Folks - i feel salary is a major factor coupled with your prior US visits if any . Your confidence while talking to the VO is important too . Number of years with current employer needs to be high - THIS Is not TRUE (mine was 2.3 yrs)

Hope this Helps .. All the Very best Guys !

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