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GWIN_123     07/17/2019 08:50 AM

Could you pls review my scenario and update?
I moved into Canada from USA last July and I am on Canada payroll for the last 12 months. However In order to get my wife's canadian open work permit, we had to cross the border once and we did that last
November with my H1 (as I had few months left in my H1).. Will I be completing the 1 year requirement this July or November?


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ashish9989     07/16/2019 05:42 AM

First of all kudos to this platform and it's member to provide a diverse views and reviews about visa interview experiences.
My Visa appointment along with my wife was scheduled at 15th July,2019 at Chennai, India at 10:45 AM. I reached location half an hour prior to appointment.
I paid visa interview fees which is $500 at consulate and arranged the document as first 8 pages of form 129C and first page of I797.
There was a long queue at consulate and it took us almost 3 hours to reach to interview slot.

Finally when i got to interview counter, following questions were asked :-

I greeted officer: Good afternoon officer,
She replied back : Good afternoon.

Q: I see you are applying for blanket petition, which visa category you are applying for ?
A: L1b Blanket

Q: Can you hand me your passport

Q: Could you provide me the passport of your persons travelling along with you ?
sure, i handed over my wife's passport

Q: could you provide me the papers ?

Q: who is your petitioner ?
A: told

Q: What is your current designation ?
A : told

Q: what is your salary in US ?
A: told

Q: what is your specialization ?
A: I developed TIER 1 platform named as XXX,
consulate cut me in between, she asked what is TIER 1 ?
A: Explained

Q: What will you do there ?
A: explained in layman terms with a short example.

Q: (to my wife) How long you have been married ?
A: told

Q: Could you show your marriage certificate ?
A : sure

Q: Could you show me your marriage photographs ?
A: sure.

Consulate approved Visa.

Points to note:
Consulars are smart enough, be prepared to explain your specialization and work to do here and in US in very layman term and keep a short example ready.
Be very confident, crisp and to the point.keep clothing to formal/semi formal.

Caution: Avoid extra information, prepare well to boost your confidence, dress decently if not great (avoid accessories such as cap, shades, fency T-Shirts), do not justify your case justify the work you have done and will do there.

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Bimmer     07/15/2019 01:29 AM

Hello everyone. Could you please let me know if anyone has applied for L1A Individual in premium. if so
what is the current timelines for processing ?
is RFE given to all the cases as mentioned in the earlier posts ?
Anyone got approval without RFE ?

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slinger     07/14/2019 02:50 AM

Thanks to everyone who is contributing to this forum and goodluck to all those who are appearing for the interviews.

OFC- June 21st 8am.
Me, wife and my 3yo kid went there around 7.30 am. There is absolutely no parking nearby, there we couple of open slots behind the ofc building. We parked there and went to the ofc centre around 7.55 am. Normal security checks- mobiles phones are allowed and finished our formalities and back by 8.20 am.
Interview- July 10th 10 am.
Same as OFC, no parking nearby. We have to park on the side roads, but it can be completely occupied by the cars picking up students from church park school. So I parked nearby the saravana bhavan hotel -padmavathi road and took a auto from there. We reached there around 9.40am there were two queues one for 9.45 am and another for 10.00am. We lined up in 10.00 am queue, and they let people with kids at 9.45 am. Just keep your DS-160 and appointment forms for checking. and there is a mobile deposit counter. Bags are not allowed to be deposited here. Once we entered the consulate, a Indian representative asked people what type of visa. For L1, he asked us to keep three copies of I797,I-129s separately. And Demand draft for 500USD. If you dont have DD, you can still pay them by Credit card inside.He then stapled the three copies and asked us to enter the other building. There our DD is verified and also biometric is done. After that we were asked to go directly to a counter without any queue. Having a little kid helps to skip most of the queue:-)

In our counter, just before us two guys got their L1 approved. I have to tell more than 50% of ppl appearing on that day was for L1.

VO: good morning
Me: Thanks. Good morning. How are you
VO;Fine. how long are you working for the company
Me:19 years.
VO:which location are you travelling
Me:Mentioned the location
VO:Did you already have a L1 visa
VO: When did u come back
Me:July 2015
VO: You remained with same company after that
VO:What is your salary
Me: Mentioned the salary
VO: what is your specilisation
Me:Explained in few words
VO:How would you achieve that
Me:Explained in few lines . (Tried to mention what was there in my petition)

All this time she was writing something
To my wife: How many kids you have
Wife: One.
then she stamped the seal and said "your visa is approved. i hope you know the process. Keep one copy for you, handover one to the HR".

My wife and kids passport are received at the bluedart center as of today-14th. Im waiting for mine.

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Dmath28     07/13/2019 05:37 AM

Hello everyone! wanted to check- have any of you heard of cases where an L1B individual application was rejected post an RFE? Wanted to understand the chances of visa approval for L1B individual after an RFE.

Thanks so much in advance!

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OP4589     07/12/2019 07:52 AM


I would like to thank members of this forum for sharing their experiences and answering questions. This helped me immensely in preparing for the interview.

I had my interview on the 8th of July, below is my experience.

Approached the consulate 10 min before the appointment time (10:00 AM)
There are multiple parallel queues, ask around for the right one and join along.
Standard security check. (NO PHONES, analog watches are okay)
One Indian personnel will ask you sort the documents in the prescribed order.
Pay the fraud detection fee at Counter 14.
There will be a biometric verification of your fingerprints at another counter.
After which join the line for the actual interview, again some official will assign you to a specific counter.
Wait before the counter till it’s your turn.

1. Who is your petitioner? A: My L1 Petitioner is xxxx Inc, My employer in the US is yyyy Inc. He wasn’t getting me. Explained yyyy and <Indian Employeer> are wholly owned subsidiaries of xxxx Inc.
2. Where are you going? A: XXXXX.
3. Salary and Title? A: Answered accordingly(Title in the US)
4. Pointed at I-129S specialized knowledge checkbox and asked what’s my specialization? A: Kept the answer very brief, talking about company-specific things and avoiding the technical jargon.
5. How many years of experience? A: Over n years.
6. How many Members of your team? A: n members
7. (Follow up question) Why are they only sending you and not the others? A: Stressed on the exclusivity of my skills and knowledge. (Never mention you are part of group immigrating, focus on why you and you alone)
8. (Question to wife) How Long have you been married?
9. (Question to wife) Do you have any kids?

The VO started continuously typing half way along with the interview. Towards the end, He stamped the I-129S, gave me two copies. Asking to submit one copy to the HR in India and the other during immigration clearance.

Points to Note:
1. VO listens to you keenly with eye contact initially, that’s your best opportunity to make your mark. Sound confident, be poised and maintain eye contact.
2. Never try to go around in circles trying to answer a question, from the 25 mins I spent watching others, most of them if not all, the visa application was rejected when the applicant was desperately trying to explain the purpose/their skills. DON’T BE VAGUE!
3. Each case is unique, rejection rates are merely anecdotal, with so many applicants, some are bound to get rejected. The VO will question until he/she is satisfied.
4. Try fitting your purpose and specialization in not more than 3 lines.

Understand the type of visa you are applying for, L1B is for specialized knowledge professional. The applicant should possess the skills and knowledge specific to the company, which is not easily available elsewhere in the job market.

All the best to everyone attending the interviews.

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Pooja Rao     07/12/2019 04:31 AM

Can anyone share the L1-B INDIVIDUAL experience in MUMBAI Consulate?
Mine is scheduled in Sept.

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newuserhere_1234     07/12/2019 01:24 AM

July 11 was my interview. Experience as below.

Me : good morning
VO : your passports and documents please
handed over the same
VO : which visa have you applied for
ME : L1B visa
VO: which company
ME : answered
VO : which place in US will you be working
ME: answered
all the while she was constantly typing something on the computer
VO you salary ?
Me : Answered
VO : what will be your designation ?
ME : answered
  VO kept typing again
VO : what is your specialization
ME : answered
VO : why do you this is special
ME: answered about the proprietary product, tools etc
VO : so is XXX a programming language
ME : explained about the tool XXX
VO : okay... (kept on typing for sometime) everything looked positive until now and i thought visa may be approved
Sorry , you visa is not clearly approvable .. please apply in appropriate category . handed over the blue slip 221g. ( i was shocked)

I saw 1 person with L1 individual petition getting approved and few other ppl with blue slip out of the 2 were L1 Blanket category...
My understanding is that the rejection rate is very high for blanket category..

Be confident in your answers and hope for the best.


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rahul99666     07/12/2019 01:11 AM

Hi All,

I attended interview for visa stamping on 11 July. Following are the questions asked after going to the counter.

1)<Looking at the papers> How long have you been with <Company name>?
2) Who's your client?
3) Have long have you been supporting <Client name>?
4) Which place are you going?
5) What's your Specialization?

<Looking further at my documents>, He said that my visa is not clearly approvable as L1B visa is for very narrow and my skillsets doesn't fit into the specialization for L1B.

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[email protected]     07/11/2019 05:39 AM

Hi Group,

My L1A (Blanket) got rejected on 9th July.

Questions asked:

1) Designation
2) How long have u been working for my Company
3) Which client
4) How long have u been supporting for this client
5) Number of Direct & Indirect reportees

This is not an issue with your experience or your skills but its clearly not approvable. Sorry sir.

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