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Maitreyi- ()     09/20/2007 04:30 AM

I've booked a flat with Aditya Builders & let me share, with you that my experience with them is enriching. Service extended to us was extremely good.

Why bad comments are given by people is a big question, I don't want to cause offense to anyone but may be this is to defame the Builder for no reason. Hence I would strongly suggest talking to Builder directly in case of any skepticism whatsoever.

I fully trust this brand.

Maitreyi, Mumbai

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Makarand- ()     09/19/2007 08:07 AM

I'm Makarand. I've booked a flat with Aditya Builders 3 years back. I've seen many properties all over Pune, but the service extended by Aditya Builders is incredibly great. Ever since my booking till date, my satisfaction level has only increased.

Truly, it is always good to purchase only from such an experienced Builder who has a history. Good people, Good service, Good contruction is what is Aditya Builders made up of.

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Nikita- ()     09/19/2007 07:56 AM

We have booked a flat with Aditya Builders recently. We must state that our experience here was very good. The dealings were very clear. We highly appreciate the service provided by their executives & their willingness to solve queries, if any.

It gives us immense satisfaction that we bought from such a trustworthy Builder & would also recommend this Builder to all.

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Manasi- ()     09/19/2007 07:39 AM

Dear friends,

I'm a proud owner of a flat in one of the esteemed projects by Aditya Builders. Excellent service, absolutely clear & transparent dealings is how I would like to describe this brand. Right from booking of my flat till possession & even today after 3 months of taking possession, I've had an enriching experience with Aditya Builders. I'm so satisfied with their customer service that I'm certainly looking forward for purchasing my next property with them.

Also, I highly recommend to my friends, relatives to go ahead with a proerty with Aditya Builders. I've full trust in this brand.



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Andy- ()     06/28/2007 06:46 AM

We had bought into the commercial projects of Aditya Shagun at Bavdhan in November 2005. The sales representatives promised possession in 6 months time at time of booking, but in the agreement wrote a date of 31.03.2007. It has been three months since the agreed date, but the complex is still not complete, and is refusing to pay interest charges on the amount paid to him. Moreover, he is asking all occupants to pay interest on delayed payments of a few weeks.

Further,the agreement is drafted totally to favour the builder, even that he can increase the rates after booking. He has hiked the maintenance charges without consultation.

The list of outstanding issues with Aditya Shagun is endless. The best way to avoid headaches and wastage of time is to avoid these builders at all times.

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sona- ()     05/16/2007 10:40 AM

We bought a row house in the project called sunshine villa, Pune. Sanjay Mirchandani who owns the Mirchandani group sold the house with all rosy pictures. He promised three gardens in the society. Out of which one he has converted into a barren solid ground, not of any use to the residents. Please note that he charged the residents extra 1 lakh for this garden. Now he bluntly refuses to make the garden. The other garden is now told to be the municipal land which will go for the road. The worse part is that he is making the boundary of the corner row houses as the main society boundary exposing them to the main road and causing a major security hazard to the owner and to the whole society. Please beware when buying the property with Mirchandani Builders. You may be the next victim.

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Rezma- ()     04/17/2007 05:11 AM

I bought a flat with Mirchandani Builders whose possession is in Dec 07. The builder asked if we want any changes in the flat we should tell him now. I asked them for an extra electrical point in the flat. The builder gave me cost sheet for that which said Rs 2000 for a plug point and Rs 10000 (ten thousand) for supervision charge for making that plug point. I questioned the builder about the supervision charges, but he refused to give me any justification for charging Rs 10000 as supervision charge and nature of supervision in adding a new plug point in the house. He only says it is a policy and is confidential, but he refuses to show me where this policy is written. I went to the builder’s office and demanded to meet the director Mr Sanjay Mirchandani, who was in office but refused to meet us even after we waited for hours. Obviously, he was least bothered and interested in seeing customers after he got his money. His marketing person met us, but only argued, answered no questions, showed his arrogant attitude, and threatened to carry out no work in our flat. It is a sad state of affairs how rampant unfair practices are and the builders in the city act like goons and take customers for a ride. They are only interested only in the money and after that they try dirty tricks and unfair practices. People, please be very careful in dealing with builders and protect your rights as a customer and demand information as per the right to information.

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Ramu- ()     03/08/2007 21:06 PM

Amli brook apartments are good apartments.

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Manish Rane- ()     03/02/2007 11:54 AM

I bought a flat in Aditya Garden, everything was smooth except alteration. As promised they are suppose to do all internal alteration but they are not willing to do. People managing the site are highly unprofessional and not willing to coperate. They have only one answer.. it is not possible. Intially they said flat is getting constructed using vastu but toilet is facing east-west, even they are not ready to change the direction of comod.

Not very good experience with this builder.

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Sonali- ()     01/13/2007 01:23 AM


I am sorry some people did not have so good experience with Aditya Builders.

We on the other hand had a very good experience with them. Towards the end of 2005 we booked a Row house in Aditya Breeze Park. I would like to mention here the booking process was very organised. We had the registration done in about 4 days after finalizing the deal. The builder gave us all the receipts on time. The builder's title paper were also very clear which helped us getting home loan from a nationalized bank without any issues.

We also got the possession of the Row House on the said date. The onsite staff is also helpful.

Overall we had a great experience with Aditya Builders.


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